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King kong / Tom Of T.H.U.M.B. was a JApanese production even though Rankin BAss and Videocraft International claimed credit for it.  Most of the Rankin BAss stuff was produced by their kingkong1.JPG (8621 bytes)ANI-MAGIC company actually in Japan.  It worked out cheaper and the end result was better anyway.
The half hour colour cartoon series was produced in 1966 and consisted of 2 episodes of King Kong separated by one Tom Of T.H.U.M.B.
King Kong followed the adventures of Professor Bond and his son Bobby, daughter Susan and King Kong a 50 feet Gorilla, ten times as big as a man.  The stories were based on Mondo Island in akongfamily.JPG (7372 bytes) prehistoric jungle with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals and evil villains who wanted to capture and exploit King Kong or exploit Captain.jpg (5427 bytes)the Islands resources for evil purposes.  CAptain Englehorn, a ships captain regularly visited the Island and always smoked a pipe.



tom thumb heading.JPG (6154 bytes)Tom was an average member of the U.S. Intelligence Maintenanceswingingjack2.JPG (8151 bytes) Department.  He was sweeping the floor when he fell down the stairs and whilst being helped by his faithful assistant Swinging Jack, an oriental Martial Arts expert, accidently turned on the shrinking lazer beam ray gun and both were miniatureised.   They gave their height to their Country, creating the Tiny Human Underground Military Bureau (T.H.U.M.B.)
M.a.d..jpg (4775 bytes)Tom's office and home was a filing cabinet.  The Chief used him when  regular sized men were too big for a job.  chief.JPG (7336 bytes)
The main enemy was MAD - Maladjusted Antisocial and Darn Mean, an organisation of Scientists trying to destroy the world for their own means. 



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