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She was like any typical young mother taking her child out for the day with one exception; She was Princess Dianara of the House of Tranquility. She lived within its secure walls most of her life, and only recently, due to circumstances out of her control, did she leave and seek respite on planet Earth. She grew up in the fourth largest city of the Moon Kingdom and knew all its charms and secrets; any visitor was in good hands if she showed them around. Dianara had traveled to Earth for some much needed rest. Earth was a beautiful blue planet with so many cultures, and it possessed a long and mysterious history.

She had focused all her thoughts upon the birth of her first child. Beryl's birth was a welcome distraction from the pain she suffered after her husband's disappearance and presumed death. She fought with everything she had to get her shattered life back together. She used this opportunity to get away from everything familiar and start afresh.

The Crown Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Lady Serenity, urged her closest friend to take a much deserved hiatus from Lunarian affairs and pamper herself.
She put on her favourite outfit: a flowing, charcoal grey skirt with a broad hem. She loved the floral motif that appeared to have been scattered over
its soft woollen fabric. The warm, figure hugging sky-blue top complemented her well proportioned figure. She placed a smoky grey shawl around her shoulders, and made a pillow of it. She sat upon the soft woollen blanket atop a large hill with her child in her arms, feeding at her milk laden breast. She named her first born child Beryl. The little princess drank with relish as her mother smiled lovingly down upon the baby girl, stroking the fine down of vermilion covering the sweet little head.

"My beautiful child; you are the light of the stars and the rhythm of the heavens. You are a special little girl, and one day, you'll fall in love. Perhaps
you'll marry a prince of Earth and fill his house with the laughter of your own children!" Dianara said, smiling whilst Beryl clung to her mother's finger
with her tiny hand.
She looked up, taking in the irresistible view. Dianara wished Callum were alive to see how beautiful his child was, and how much she took after him. He would stand proud with little Beryl in his arms, a faithful Senshi General to King Solaris and the Terran Senshi force. Solaris was the father of the young Prince Endymion.

Dianara shed a crystalline tear that trickled down her face as she remembered how he died; it was during the battle against the Obsidian - Nemesis, led by a being called Metalia. They attacked the outer planets and were eventually defeated. Her husband had been lost, fighting off Metalia's minions, whilst forcing them back through the time gate with the assistance of a young girl who was the princess of Pluto. The newly appointed guardian of time almost lost her life trying to save the planetary alliance of the newly formed Silver Millennium from its first major conflict against the forces of darkness.
There was a flash and explosion, and Sailor Pluto had lost consciousness. She had been carried to safety by Callum, who insisted he stay with her. He used his communicator to contact his fellow planetary generals to get them out, but a temporal mine exploded. This was the last Pluto saw of him.

"My child! ... You are the fruit of our love, and your father would be so proud of you ...oh little one, if only you could have known your father!" she
sighed, smiling at Beryl as she responded vocally in a series of sweet, incomprehensible sounds that were so endearing.

Dianara sighed and placed baby Beryl in her cradle. The day was growing more magnificent as the sun reached its zenith. Beryl giggled happily under the shade of a wise old tree. Dianara felt a sense of contentment fill her senses as she sat upon the colourful blanket. She sighed and drank from her flask of crystal spring water, then opened her favourite novel and began to read.

Unseen eyes looked down upon the beautiful young mother now lost in the narrative. Suddenly, for a fraction of a second, the sun was blotted out as a dark shape flickered across the page she read. Her raven black hair hung like a silk curtain down her back, and she pushed her fringe out of her eyes as she looked at Beryl, now holding a soft toy cat in her small hands. Dianara sat cross-legged and lost herself in a world of love and adventure. Occasionally, she tended to little Beryl. She oscillated between reading her book and working on her Moon Palace theme tapestry.

Suddenly, she heard the flapping of large wings overhead. The sun was high, and she thought about unpacking the noon meal. She closed her eyes, oblivious to the looming danger overhead. She heard the shrieks of the large bird, and wondered why its cries sounded so close. She heard baby Beryl's screams of terror. Instantly, her maternal instincts kicked in. She dropped the book, jumped to her feet, and was shocked and horrified to see the giant black bird that had taken Beryl out of her cradle. The talons of the rapacious black scavenger were wrapped around the child's head.

"Let her go, you accursed creature!" she screamed.
The bird taunted her, and its wings beat a frightening lull as the death drone chilled Dianara's heart to its core.
"I know you're no natural creature! You can't take my child! ... I shall kill you if you harm her!" Dianara screamed as tears streamed down her face.

There was only one thing she could do; she pulled out the heavy rose-gold chain with its powerful ruby crystal nestled between her breasts. She held it aloft and transformed.

"Red Crystal magic power transform!" She had transformed into Sailor Epsilon.

The bird's wings flapped rapidly as it soared with the baby still in its talons. The Senshi of Star Magic lifted her translucent ruby wand and sent a ball
of light at the bird. The bolt of energy forced the bird to scream in pain and drop the child. Sailor Epsilon flew upon an energy wave and caught her
daughter before she hit the ground. The bird then spoke with malicious intent.

"She is mine! Even if you've saved her life ... then know this! Beryl is destined to be the keystone of both your destruction and that of your precious
Silver Millennium! ... I am the messenger of the Obsidian overlords who will send an old friend to ensure Beryl fulfils her destiny!" The maniacal laughter of the hideous bird chilled Epsilon, and she launched an attack that turned the creature into a ball of fire. However, she knew now that nothing would ever be the same. How could she protect her child from the evil to come? She had to warn Serenity. Dianara held baby Beryl, who had settled in her mother's arms and fallen asleep. Dianara's hand brushed her daughter's soft, fine red hair and noticed, upon the baby's scalp, the unmistakable claw mark that symbolized the dark destiny that lay ahead for her daughter and the Moon Kingdom if nothing was done to prevent it.

The skies grew dark, and the sound of laughter echoed across the skies as a hooded figure sat upon what appeared to be a luminous cloud. The strange being lifted its finger and directed a red bolt of plasma at the old tree, disintegrating it instantly. Then, the hideous spectre with no face, only a pointed hood with silver orbs for eyes, spoke. Your interference won't be tolerated, Epsilon! I will see you don't get in our way!" The shapeless face seemed to grow more menacing as Sailor Epsilon lifted her ruby sceptre to defend herself and child. The menacing figure of darkness, sitting upon its metallic disk, hovered soundlessly above the ground.

"So that you know from whence the blade shall fall upon you, Lady Epsilon, I am known by my colleagues as Dr. Zero ... a name that is an approximation of my true designation, for there is no translation in your Silver Millennium languages ... Sailor Epsilon, remember my name, for I am about to render you as helpless as your infant child! I shall send you where you won't cause any trouble!" So saying, Zero's silver eyes sent a luminous, bright orange beam towards Sailor Epsilon. She cried out in pain and grew faint. She was about to drop Beryl when a thin girl in a short, sleeveless grey tunic caught Epsilon before she fell. Then, a second girl with dark hair in similar attire handed the child to a third woman.

She was Princess Soreia of the House of Theara. The Princess was studying with the Senshi cadets on the moon, and unbeknownst to the crown Princess Serenity, Soreia had betrayed them. Soreia agreed to raise Beryl as her aunt, and at an appointed time, Metalia, one of Zero's allies, would be responsible for training the young Princess Beryl as the successor to the throne of the Moon Kingdom. She would also see to Serenity and her people's destruction.

Princess Soreia was very beautiful; her flawless, alabaster skin and eyes as black as onyx gave her a haunting beauty that stopped men in their tracks, making them take a second look. The thick, wavy tumble of ebony generously draped her voluptuous figure, and as she moved, it swam about her curvaceous hips. The fine bones of her face indicated her high birth. She possessed all the charm and style that signified royal status. She wore a burgundy velvet gown with its plunging neckline trimmed in white ruffled silk much like that of the broad hem that hung a little above her silver high heels. The princess wore a white rose in her hair and a silver cord about her slim waist.

She took the crying Beryl into her arms and cooed over the child. Meanwhile, Dianara had been transformed into a six month old baby girl. The young, adolescent girl in grey laughed as Dianara cried in sync with Beryl.

Suddenly, Dianara became aware of a swirling vortex that spun so fast she could see the stars fall like cherry blossoms in spring. She heard a burst of chilling laughter and a most amazing sight met her eyes. It was a small golden bat, and it was leading her towards a light where a frightening figure stood waiting. Something told her to trust this phantasm of occult power and mystery.

"Who are you?" Dianara asked, now in a disembodied state.

"I am known as Ogan-Bat, but I am better known to my friends as Phantoma of Atlantari ... Please, trust me princess. Do not let my appearance frighten, or mislead you. I am your guardian and friend of the Celestial Senshi who you will eventually be working with. My return is imminent and very much required as the major endgame is in sight ... I will send you a messenger, and she and her family will assist you in the future ... farewell for now, Epsilon!"
The muscular figure resembled a cross between a solidly built armoured warrior and a skeleton with a crystal skull. He wore a dark cloak and held a power staff with a miniature crystal skull. He was indeed terrifying, but the love and light radiating from Phantoma was unmistakable as she surrendered to the rush of the temporal aperture. She lost all sense of who and what she was.

Naru woke with a start, her heart beating rapidly; she sat up in bed and felt something heavy against her chest. The stone was beautiful, and she had always worn it. Her mother said it was in a crystal case in her crib when they brought her home from the hospital after she was born. Naru now remembered. She shook all over as information overload shot up her spine, and a blinding orange flash exploded behind her eyes. Suddenly, she remembered it all. She now knew who she really was. She began to sob profusely.

"My beautiful baby; she was the one Sailor Moon defeated and sent to the Dark Kingdom! ... My baby girl was cursed to be an evil minion of Metalia and her overlord Dr. Zero!" Naru wrapped her arms about her bare legs and tucked her head behind her knees as her tumble of beautiful red hair formed a curtain that spilled over her back and down her face and cascaded over her legs. Naru continued to weep uncontrollably, and this was how her mother found her.

"Naru! ... are you alright?" her mother asked, a little unsure and afraid of what had brought her daughter to this state.

"I couldn't stop them! I was powerless! Beryl, forgive me little one!" Naru sobbed as she flew into her frightened mother's arms.

"Gomen Nasai, Mother ... I know you're afraid for me, but I'll be okay ... I just have to sort things out in my mind about a dream I had!" Naru said, groping for the most convenient explanation that would placate her mother who looked very much relieved it was a dream Naru was upset about.

"I'll put on some coffee dear, and your father is cooking breakfast today. I'm going to the gynecologist for an ultrasound to see how your new little sister is coming along." Her mother felt better discussing a subject they both enjoyed, and she wiped away her daughter's tears and hugged her tightly before letting Naru put on her robe and rush downstairs.

*Usagi and the guys must know I'm one of them too! ... I dreamt about fighting those creatures that disguised themselves as humans, and they were slimy, freaky, and hideous! I'm Sailor Epsilon! ... the news has been filled with stories of new Senshi appearing all over the world! ... I've not paid too much attention to the news lately, but now I must!* she mused as she kissed her dad on the cheek. She sat upon the stool and held the hot cup of percolated coffee in her hands.

"Mom, I'm calling Usagi ... I'll take the phone into the study!" she called as she picked up the cordless phone and left the kitchen.

"Usagi! I've something to tell you! ... I must see you and I mean its urgent! ... No, I'm not in trouble at school, and no, Umino and I aren't fighting
... It's something that is ever, majorly serious, you know ... It's something far more important, Usa-chan! ... It's a dream about the past, the Silver
Millennium ... You know that Senshi that has been appearing and helping you guys fight the Araknitopa Alliance? ... No! I'll explain how I know who they are Usagi! ... just let me finish already! ... Gomen Nasai... but I'm she ... yes, I'm Sailor Epsilon! ... Usagi? ... Usa-chan! ... I'm coming over now!"
Naru put down the receiver, then rushed upstairs and showered. She dressed and flew out the door, heading for Usagi's campus apartment. The Senshi were all present, including Magenta Dawn and others she had never met. Luna and Artemis greeted her at Usagi's entrance and warmly welcomed her as she stepped inside and into a new adventure where all the rules had changed.

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