Prince Planet, Amazing 3, Gigantor, Marine Boy, Astroboy, Space Ace, Phantoma, Speed Racer, Tobor the 8th Man, Kimba the white lion, Ken the wolf boy, Princess Knight, Johnny Cypher in Glen6.jpg (10127 bytes)Dimension Zero, Gazula, Phantom Agents and The Samurai. You will find them all here. This site contains information, pictures and theme songs of Japanese anime that  I watched as a child in Melbourne, Australia in the 60’s. I was born in 1960.  My favourite, along with many other people who grew up in this era, was Prince Planet. I can still remember wearing a Vegemite lid around my neck with the letter P drawn on it. This anime has not been seen on Melbourne TV for over 30 years as well as many other great black and white animes such as ‘The Amazing 3’, ‘Gigantor’ and 'Space Ace'. After the introduction of colour TV in the mid 70’s in Melbourne, black and white cartoons were never to be seen again. A real pity! Colour anime such as ‘Kimba The White Lion’ and ‘Marine Boy’ were shown as recently as 1983 and 1988 respectively.
This site has been on the 'net since December 1997. It's amazing how many people out there are still interested in early anime. Watching such shows after 30 years gives enjoyment and brings back some great childhood memories. For my list of tapes go to Aji Babas Tape List (with lots of new rare stuff)


Thanks to my high school mate Steve McCredie who  supplied the information of Space Ace and Phantoma. He was only about 8 years old when he last saw these shows and still has a vivid memory of even the finest details of all the anime he watched as a child. At school he had what I believe to be a photographic memory. No wonder I sat next to him in class, particularly during tests. Also thanks to Andy Shepherd (email - for help with the production/voice character information and the official episode guides for Prince Planet and Princess Knight, Dave Sternberg for help with some of the character names and general information, Chris Hoare for information and pics on Phantom Agents, Kelly Lannan (email - for providing important production information on Phantom Agents, Astroboy, Gigantor, Princess Knight, Marine Boy, The Samurai and Johnny Cypher as well as helping with episode guides and pics and thanks to Mark Cannon who researched in the State Library for info on Phantom Agents and The Samurai.  Thanks to Steve Banes (email - for doing the banners.

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