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  As a tribute to the late Sir Harry Secombe I asked for visitors to my Goon Show web pages to send in their votes and comments for their favourite Goon Show (with a Neddie Seagoon theme).
Detailed below are extracts from some of the emails I received.

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1) The Terror of Bexhill-on-Sea - first Goon Show I ever heard, laughed so hard my sides hurt (that's not laughing, that's croup, call a doctor!)
2) The Treasure in the Lake - all because of a bald mountain that wasn't fully grown yet.
3) The Histories of Pliny the Elder - because I lost my copy and have yet to hear again the explosion called 'Bang!'
4) Wings Over Dagenham -
5) Napoleon's Piano - because I've never heard of you, sir!

What else can I say? I'll miss Sir Harry. The show was like a good friend to me. Perhaps God will be happy to let them conduct Goon Shows in Heaven. And give them material that never falls flat, and audiences that are smart enough to join in the fun. Plus have everything that we can only imagine down here gets acted out up there.
Raymund Perez
The Canal
The Sleeping Prince
The Muffimied Priest
Rommels Treasure
Ill met by Goonlight
Wages of Fear/Fear of Wages
The Policy

No Neddie, no Goon Show......
Neddie was the ultimate Goon, not only since he played this part in the show, but simply because he played it so well and contributed so much humour to the show. No-one else could have played such a serious,sad AND SIMULTANEOUSLY hysterically funny role in which the audience was invited to laugh its way thru the trials and travails of this indomitable, unshakable, ever optimistic, patriotic IDIOT. All the other characters came and went, had their fixed slots and added to the effect, but Neddie was always there having to deal with all of them. I can almost imagine Neddie calling to us from the next world via leather speaking trumpet, arousing and reminding us of the absurdity that is the Human Race. Who else can do this job today, as well, or at all?
Hello Folks, ca-a-a-a-allllllling folks!
Leah & Peter Zinn
The Great Tuscan Salami Scandal - I hope this is the right one - at the time there was a musicians' strike, so in place of the Ray Ellington Quartet, Sir Harry got his own slot introducing listeners' requests - one of the best, I reckon. (I hope it's this show - it's one of the ones towards the end of the 6th series anyway)
Seagoon MCC - He was, after all, the man who won the war! (Although all Goon Shows are centred around Neddie, this one seems to be more so - if you get my drift)
Mad Dan Eccles
My favourite goon show is definitely Napoleon's Piano. It's got loads of great bits, but the best one is the unfolding the map, without doubt one of the best extended gags they ever did.
James Smith
I enjoyed listeneing to the Goon shows years ago and my favourite show would defernitely be "The nasty affair at the Burami Oasis".
Of the three goons thay were all fantastic and I don't have preference of any particular one.
Stephen Anderson
1: Scradje. Ned Seagoon leads an expedition to the North Pole to find fresh Scradje deposits to prevent boots from exploding. Is there nothing this man won't do?
2: Lurgi Strikes Britain. Pretty much the Goon Show archetype, at least of the 'Grytpype swindless Neddie' variety which would crop up again and again. And of course it's got Lurgi in it.
3: Six Charlies In Search Of An Author. Brilliantly inventive, utterly insane yet makes perfect sense within its own twisted version of logic. As soon as Ned's typewriter comes into play, anything at all goes.
4: The Scarlet Capsule. Parody was what the Goons exelled at, and their Quatermass lampoon was no exception. Not really a Neddie show as such though, since everybody has a distinct role to play.
5: Through The Sound Barrier In An Airing Cupboard or Ten Thousand Fathoms Down In A Wardrobe. Nope, I've never heard them. But how can you *possibly* resist titles like these?
Eala Dubh
For the absolutely classic:
Crun: Sir, we don't have a uniform big enough for you here, go to this address:
Ned: The Elephant equipment unit? Poona India. Right!
Followed by the beautiful exchange (cut out of my official BBC recording)
Mr Banerjee, I'm not refusing to make a uniform, but a man cannot be that shape and live!
Ned enters : Good Morning!
Its trueeeeee!!!!!!
Alan Robert Clark
Hows about 'Ned's Atomic Dustbin' please. After all as well as being the very first show I heard as a lad (aye, those were the days) it inspired the name of a cracking rock group.
Go on risk exploding knees!!
Dave Hadaway
9 Nov 1954 - Lurgi Strikes Britain
The first time I heard Lurgi Strikes Britain was late in the evening as I was preparing for bed. For some odd reason the whole episode struck my funny bone in a weird way. I couldn't stop laughing. For much of that night every time I awoke I would break into a fit of unrepentant giggling. My wife thought I had truly flipped out on her.
14 Oct 1957 - The Burning Embassy
This has been one of my favs since I heard it in the late 1960's on my local NPR affiliate in Detroit. Fire chief Neddy is enlisted to save the burning Embassy in China. Unfortunately the Chinese won't let him use Chinese water to dowse the flames. Classic Goonacy.
12 Oct 1954 - The Terror of Bexhill-on-Sea or The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler
In addition to having the altogether best title of all the Goon Shows, this is one of Milligan's best story telling efforts. Somebody is throwing batter puddings at poor old Min Banaster. Luckily Constable Seagoon is on the job. Or, possibly not.
Ah! Meeen.
Arne Flones
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