In the on-going discussion of the occult in politics, we offer a short discussion by Australian writer Sylvester Smith which compares salient aspects of the twin bibles of American neo-nazi occultism- The Turner Diaries and The White Manís Bible.

Smithís style is to take the texts at their Ďwordí (sic) in order to distil useful analysis on the pseudo racial ideology promoted there.

Smithís commentary might be significant by another route.

We know that Dr. William Pierce wrote The Turner Diaries for his ĎNational Allianceí, providing it with an apocalyptic vision of redemption in blood. It is a matter of record the book inspired ĎThe Orderí violence campaign of the early 1980ís. This campaign was an abysmal failure, this terrorist group designed as a mystical religio-political underground army. After Pierceís thought in The Turner Diaries and in other works (see elsewhere on this site). It seems likely now that National Alliance will leave the occult milieu Ė permanently. Where it might move politically- need not detain us here.

We know that the suicided Ben Klassen was the author of The White Mans Bible. Yet in 2004, Matthew Hale the successor to Klassen as the new ĎPontifex Maximusí of his World Church Of The Creator, found himself on FBI charges of conspiracy to murder a Federal judge. Haleís acolytes may have murdered the judgeís family. The conclusion follows that this curious brand of politics will continue to incite historical and nihilist violence.

It is the argument here that more futuristic, apocalyptic and millenarian the picture of revolution, the more likely it is that the practitioners of this politics will resort to bizarre acts of violence in the hope of provoking the birth of the news world.

The Editors invite readersí comments on Smiths conclusions.

Dr. Jim Saleam


Earl Turnerís Old Stearman Cropduster

Let us consider both the similarities and the variations between the Turner Diaries and The White Mans Bible.

But first of all I must state that when Earl Turner was reading "The Book" I donít think he was reading Ben Klassenís "White Manís Bible"- although we canít know that for sure. He wasnít reading Mein Kampf either. He was being wowed and amazed by some sort of well scripted anthropological and political-social compilation- profound and lucid in its own right, regardless of ones political brief. It would have been a text, certainly, which must have identified the Jews as a specific race in spite of its ethnic and geographical diversity, more so than a mere religious entity ( and correctly so in fact)

The Turner Diaries and the White Mans Bible are both post-Christian and anti-Christian in belief and ideology. With both the only plausible religion is strictly to do with white racialism is the only conceivable religious idea as much to be countenanced.

Another similarity is : the White Manís Bible contends that its impossible to culturally "uplift niggers". The Turner Diaries contends that there is no distinction to be made between "good" or "bad" "niggers".

Both texts are of white racialist psychology involving destroying or eliminating a perceived cancer or a spreading bacteria (that being multi-racialism, miscegenation etc and so on).

Then: variations between the two books are far from being radical opposites but are less elementary findings that the above concurrences.

The White Manís Bible speaks of white territorial expansion (presumably after non-white immigration into white civilization has been permanently reversed) and speaks also of the best real-estate being first priority. ( Indeed what is currently the USA is in fact the prime real-estate in the world, aside from whoever is currently living on it in terms of mining, agriculture, residentialism and trade accessibility which best facilitates both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean access). And furthermore any partisan , guerilla-like identity insurrection would conceivably have North American as its vanguard centre.

The Turner Diaries speaks of a more universal, global white insurrection and something more cataclysmic and rapid than any progressive stage by stage boundary expansion-although interim stages occur, such as securing enclaves and so forth.

The White Manís Bible speaks of shipping Blacks back to Africa. The Turner Diaries refers to there being no blacks in the not to distant future-not even in Africa. i.e. "Africa used to be inhabited by the Negro".

The White Manís Bible speaks of driving the Jews from power and rendering them harmless. The Turner Diaries speaks of " no Jews surviving anywhere" and "hunting them down to the ends of the Earth".

The White Manís Bible speaks of white wealth and productivity being wasted on aid to parasitic and/or unproductive non-whites.

The Turner Diaries, conversely, speaks of Boobus Americanus-white American pre-occupation with materialism and pleasure seeking at the expense of any concern for the demographically "endangered" white race.

With the concurrences and divergences of threes two texts (both of which refer specifically to Hitler as either the "Great One" or the "greatest of all white leaders") on how to salvage white Aryan civilization from impending desecration and annihilation, and both being "eleventh hour" histrionics, then which is which and how do the two stack up against each other?

The Turner Diaries is very much inspired from the American Survivalist ethos. The White Mans Bible takes up from Mein Kampf in the self taught understanding of the "Laws of Nature" : cats always unfriendly to mice: international brotherhood equals bleeding heart nonsense: selectively breed genetically healthy humans instead of dogs, cows, or horses or cats etc and so on.

But for example, does one supercede the other or vice versa, and if so, in what way?

The Turner Diaries is or was, both futuristic and retrospective. It was written in reference to future events and is also published as a diary from past events. So it is an announced revolution (and some have mused that "announced revolutions never come off" or never transpire) and, on the other hand, to in part nullify that, the revolution has already happened and youíre in this all-white world with your newly purchased "Turner Diaries", based as it is on a volume of diary records some excavationists apparently recently pulled out of some rubble near what was once Washington (up to 100 years ago). Itís a cleverly contrived concept Ė the combining of the futurism and the retrospectivity.

But it doesnít still give us enough of an idea of what this all-white (post-insurrection mayhem) world is really about. Indeed, we can use a little imagination and can reasonably guess that thereís been more than a few changes from 1991 (when the guerilla war broke out) until 100 New Era (2099). But the foreword and the epilog reveal little, and indeed one canít expect that they should or could.

But the White Mans Bible does indeed further the insights into the ways of things in this still very much hypothetical world; this all white Turner Diaries world.

We get from the White Manís Bible that this all-white, futuristic, Turner Diaries world is a collectivist and team-work society; whilst also being a world which has adopted ( from ancient to modern times) various peoples ideas, customs and cultures in pursuit of its own purposes.

According to the White Mans Bible, in an all white world, both superstition and gullibility are specifically discouraged and from a very early age. No fantasies of demons, fairies, angels, ghosts, etc and so on.

The thing is to belong- not to be a misfit (either psychologically, physically, or socially). One pursues a productive and interesting life- one doesnít revert to or indulge in hedonistic pursuits or activities, at all.

And there is a Ďphilosophicalí attitude to death. Particularly, there is no regret-either over past lives lost in sacrifice (i.e. in racial struggle) or impending death, and, no less so, such death as hastened by sickness or infirmity, or indeed by diagnosable causes not fully mastered by mortal man. And nothing in life is forever.

Sylvester Smith

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