American Nazism In The Context
Of The American Extreme Right:
1960 - 1978
Jim Saleam


Chapter One:The Background: The American Extreme Right 1920 - 1960

Chapter Two: The Rockwell Period 1958 - 1967

Chapter Three: The Post Rockwell Period 1967 - 1978

Chapter Four: The Racial Ideology Of American Nazism

Chapter Five: Populism And Socialism In American Nazism

Chapter Six: Conspiracy Ideology And World-View



The following items are made available to assist the reader in understanding the history and ideology of American neo-nazism; they also provide essential detail in the appreciation of the ideology and politics of the international neo-nazi cult.

The 1970 Split In The NSWPP: A First Hand Account by H. Michael Barrett

The Turner Diaries And Cosmotheism: William Pierce's Theology Of Revolution by Brad Whitsel

The eternal return of Nazi nonsense: Savitri Devi's last writings by Dr Koenraad Elst

Earl Turner's Old Steadman Cropduster by Sylvester Smith