(i) Books/Pamphlets

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(ii) Interviews/Conversations

I conducted the following interviews, or had conversations, with Australians who were in possession or direct information relevant to the American Extreme-Right scene.

Alan Birtley, Melbourne rightist activist in the 1970's.

Dr. E. R. Cawthron, a regular correspondent of the U-S. Nazis, 1963-75.

Neil A. Garland, Australian Nazi organiser, 1973-75.

Raymond Gillespie, correspondent with the WUNS 1970-75, who met Danish Nazis connected with the NSWPP.

Errol Robert Niemeyer, Australian Nazi 1963-75, with some U.S. connections.

Arthur Charles Smith, leader of the Australian Nazis, 1963-72, a confidant of Rockwell.

Robin Sparrow, Australian Nazi 1970-73, who kept close U.S. links until 1975.

Francis Stewart Young, Australian Nazi leader, 1971-73.

Raymond Welham, British member of British Movement, a neo-nazi organisation.

(iii) Magazines/Newspapers

American Opinion, Vol. 8, No. 4, July-August 1965.

Attack - National Vanguard, newspaper of the National Alliance, Washington, D.C

Chicago Tribune

Crusader, newspaper of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Metairie, Louisiana.

Fiery Cross, newspaper of the United Klans of America.

Militant, newspaper of the Socialist Workers' Party, New York.

NS Bulletin: Internal Bulletin Of The National Socialist White People's Party And The National Socialist Youth Movement, Arlington, Virginia.

NS Newsletter, bulletin of the National Socialist Party of America, Chicago.

National Socialist World, journal of the World Union of National Socialists, (1965-68), Arlington.

NS Report, newspaper of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Foreign Organisation) , Lincoln, Nebraska.

The New Order, newspaper of the National Socialist Party of America, Chicago.

New York Times

Rockwell Report, journal of the American Nazi Party, Arlington, Virginia.

Seige, journal of the National Socialist Liberation Front, Los Angeles.

Stormer, magazine of the National Socialist White Workers' Party, San Francisco.

Stormtrooper, journal of the American Nazi Party, Arlington, Virginia.

Thunderbolt. The White Man's Viewpoint, newspaper of the National States' Rights Party, Marietta, Georgia.

White Nationalist, magazine of the American White Nationalist Party, Columbus, Ohio.

White Power: Newspaper Of White Revolution, National Socialist White People's Party, Arlington.

Workers' Vanguard, Marxist bi-weekly Working Class paper, Spartacist League, New York.

WUNS Report, bulletin of the World Union of National Socialists (1967-73), Arlington.

(iii) Correspondence

During the course of my research I corresponded with persons in possossion of information concerninq U.S. Nazi and other racist organisations. These persons ware:

Ricky Cooper, a World Union of National Socialists' official.

Harold Covington, prominent U.S. Nazi activist, 1973-77.

Francois Duprat, a French 'revolutionary-nationalist' theorist and writer.

Dr. Edward Fields, NSRP member and editor of Thunderbolt

Ralph P. Forbes, an organiser of the American Nazi Party in the 1960's.

Nick Griffin, prominent National Front activist, 198O's

Michael Kelly, secretary to the National Socialist Party of America.

Dominic Lewitzke, a National Socialist White People's Party member.

James N. Mason, a U.S. Nazi active in a number of Nazi organisations.

Tim O'Leary, a member of the National Socialist White Workers' Party.

Ken Reguli, leader of the American Nationalist Party.

Paul Rius-Knudsen, Danish Nazi leader.

James K. Warner, Ieadcr of the New Christian Crusade Criurob and former Rockwell supporter.

(iv) Tape Recordings.

Frank Collin. Voice Of The NSPA- Chicago: NSPA recording, 1975.

Matt Koehl. The White Man's Viewpoint. Arlington: NSWPPrecording, 1974.

George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell vs Michael Jackson. Arlington: ANP recording, 1965.

George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell Speaks To England: Taped Letter To The BNP. Liverpool: British Movement recording, 1975.

George Lincoln Rockwell. North Western University Speech. Chicago: NSPA recording, 1974.

George Lincoln Rockwell. Lewisburg Speech. Arlington: ANP recording, 1963.

George Lincoln Rockwel.l Texas College Address. Arlington: ANP recording, 1966.

George Lincoln Rockwell. Brown University Speech. Arlington:ANP recording, 1966.

George Lincoln Rockwell. Judiciary Park Speech. Liverpool: British Movement recording, 1975.

George Lincoln Rockwell. Lynchburg Armory Speech. Chicago: NSPA recording, 1975.

George Lincoln Rockwcll: Nazi Rockwell. Sausalito: Oakleaf Productions, 1975.

Ceorge Lincoln Rockwell. Dallas Speech To Birchers. Arlington ANP recording, 1965.


(i) Books

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Note: In addition to the materials and works cited here I have examined a large quantity of ephemara, posters, leaflets and minor tracts which could not be individually cited.

It should be noted in the bibliography that a few pieces do not have full publication details. In the case cf privately published documents, this occurs.

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