Tomislav Sunic

Dr. Tomislav ('Tom') Sunic is one of the foremost European intellectuals in the style of the GRECE school of Alain De Benoist. Tom Sunic is familiar with the traditions of the 'New Right', and the Conservative-Revolution; he addresses the modern world of hyper-liberalism, globalist capitalism and the crisis of our inherited Indo-European civilization. Check our Links page for a direct connection to other material (not all in English). Tom Sunic has served as a diplomat in the Croatian mInistry of Foreign Affairs.

The Decline And Splendor Of Nationalism

Marx, Moses And The Pagans In The Secular City

A Global Village And The Rights Of The Peoples?

History And Decadence: Spengler's Cultural Pessimism Today

‘Re-examining Assumptions’: An Interview with Tom Sunic interview with Max Weber