Theories Of The Right:
A Collection Of Articles

This is a developing collection of articles by scholars and participants which set out different theories of 'Right' ideology and politics. We use this term 'Right', not particularly because we agree that it is a proper description of many of the movements which are discussed, but only because it is a convenience that allows investigation to proceed.

It is important for our readers to also understand the differences amongst the organizations under discussion. It is easy, from a distance or under the influence of corrupting liberal journalism, to believe that all the parties of the 'Right' (ie. Austrian Freedom Party, One Nation Party, the French National Front etc), represent convergent forces. This is not so. This is particularly useful to understand when Australians set out to construct a movement to resist the New World Order system.

Some of the academic work that may appear here, is hardly friendly towards the subject. However, we will not publish anything wilfully or lazily inaccurate and biased.

Readers are welcome to advise us of any item worthy of republication here.

National Populism: Introduction
Christopher Flood

Europe For The Europeans: Fascist Myths Of The European New Order 1922 - 1992
Roger Griffin

Interregnum Or Endgame: Radical Right Thought In The Post-Fascist Era
Roger Griffin

The French And European Extreme Right And Globalization
Harvey G. Simmons

Ecology And The Modernization Of Fascism In The German Ultra-Right
Janet Biehl

Gunning For Australia
Judy Lattas

Fascism’s new faces (and new facelessness) in the ‘post-fascist’ epoch
Roger Griffin

Julius Evola's Political Testament Nigel Jackson