The Social Revolutionary
Nature Of
Australian Nationalism

by Alec Saunders

November 2001
Updated: July 2012
The first four texts presented here are based upon materials that first appeared in two pamphlets, one published in 1984, and the other in 1986. The author's 1984 pamphlet under the above title, was controversial for its refusal to accept that an Australian nationalist position could or should be wedded to the 'anti-communism' of the old conservative Right. Indeed, the author struck out in a different direction. Drawing upon the rich veins of Australian social-revolutionary thought and placing some of this opinion within the parameters of national revolutionary ideology, both of the past and the then-modern world, he showed that the new Australian nationalism was a progressive force. History has since moved on. The collapse of the former 'Eastern Bloc' obviated the place of 'anti-communism' in Australian foreign policy let alone as any sort of necessary position for nationalists. And now, with the hegemonic schemes of New World Order liberal-capitalism straddling the earth, a radically new world-view must be advanced. The texts here have been edited, necessarily updated and appropriately modified, to advance their key arguments in the contemporary situation. The author reasons that, only by striking down New World Order liberalism in our country, and by linking up with all forces which oppose it internationally, can Australian independence be secured. Essentially, that always was the position of Australian nationalists. To say it openly today, is mandatory.

Special Editorial note: the author may make minor amendations over time to those texts published under his name.

This Collection will also include selected works from Australian nationalist thinkers to complement and illustrate the ideas advanced in the contemporary items.

Part One: What Is Australian-Socialism?

Part Two: Henry Lawson And The Hegelian Holistic Revolution

Part Three: Fundamentals Of Old Labour Nationalism

Part Four: William Lane And The Metaphysical And Metapolitical Foundations Of The National And Social Revolutions

Labour's Religion by William Lane