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Biographical Essay by Donald Stockton

Biographical Essay

Extracts From The Decline Of The West

Extracts From The Decline Of The West: Introduction

Sections from Spengler, The Decline of the West:
The Problem Of Civilization
Introduction: The Conclusion - Imperialism
Architecture and Divinities
Imitation and Ornament
The History Of Style As An Organism
Music And Plastic: The Arts Of Form
Popular And Esoteric Character
Will To Power
The Morale Of Dawning Civilization
The Great Style: The History Of Style As An Organism
Pergamum And Bayreuth: The End Of Art
Classical Behaviour Drama And Faustian Character Drama
Every Culture Possesses Its Own Ethic
Every Science Is Dependent Upon Religion
Origin And Landscape: The Group Of The Higher Cultures
Cities And Peoples
Science, Puritanism
The Second Religiousness
The State
Philosophy Of Politics

Readers notes for The Hour Of Decision: Part One: Germany And World Historical Evolution, London, 1934:

This document, prepared for Internet publication, replaces chapter headings with Roman numerals, has alterations whereby internal page references are necessarily rendered into references to other sections, a spelling correction and the replacement of a body reference to a footnote.

The Hour Of Decision was composed just after the Nazi revolution, and was banned by Third Reich authority. It assessed the decline of European power and its crisis of culture and civilization, the placement of the then-Russia within the province of a global challenge to Western Civilization, and the roles of capitalism and Marxism in the crisis. The book (guardedly but prophetically) placed deep reservations against the Nazis to make appropriate choices. Dated by the immediate circumstances it describes, the work nonetheless has a general quality which makes it part of the literature of the struggle for a 'European' Cultural Renaissance.

The Hour Of Decision: Introduction

The Hour Of Decision: Part One

The Hour Of Decision: Part Two

The Hour Of Decision: Part Three

The Hour Of Decision: Part Four

Prussianism And Socialism

Reader's Notes For Selected Essays

The Selected Essays appear here for the first time on the Internet (June 2004). The reader will note Prussianism And Socialism is already on this site (above). As a corpus of work, the Essays are no less important than Spengler's other writings as keen expressions of the Conservative Revolution in Germany.

Selected Essays: Contents

Selected Essays: Introduction


On The German National Character

Nietzsche And His Century

The Two Faces Of Russia And Germany's Eastern Problems

Is World Peace Possible?