The Other Radicalism

An Inquiry Into Contemporary Australian Extreme Right Ideology, Politics And Organization 1975-1995

Dr. Jim Saleam

This Doctor Of Philosophy thesis can be found in the Fisher Library at the University of Sydney.

This thesis is an analysis of how Australian ‘Right’ forces acquired ideological and political independence of the State after the ‘betrayal’ of the White Australia Policy in 1966. It provides an interpretative narrative of the various ideological tendencies and their organizational manifestations throughout the twenty-year study period. Necessarily, the thesis refers to dozens of groups, from the well-known to the ephemeral and records the contributions of many activists. It demonstrates that the Australian ‘Right’ is the new radicalism, an internal enemy of Australia’s international-capitalist state.

This thesis divides the Australian Right into ideological/political categories to explain its divisions and to interpret how it mobilizes in action.

This thesis contributes to the debates on fascism, neo-fascism, neo-nazism, populism and conservatism in the Australian context, with historical material also referring to the periods 1919-1942 and 1945-75.

Some of the story was never meant to be told as it involved illegal and irregular activities of the security agencies which used the ‘anti-communist Right’ down to 1975, and thereafter the same agencies sought to restrict the development of the new (patriotic) radicalism in Australian politics.

Title Page, Abstract, Table Of Contents, Tables, Acronyms


Part One: Origins Of The Other Radicalism

Chapter One: A Long View: The Question Of Fascism, The Extreme Right And The Conservative Right

Chapter Two: The Prelude: From A Satellite Right To An Independent Extreme Right 1945-75

Part Two: The Four Faces Of The Extreme Right

Chapter Three: Introduction: Developing A New Typology

Chapter Four: Anti-Immigration Organizations Rebirth The Extreme Right 1975-82

Chapter Five: The Radical-Nationalist Face Of The Extreme Right 1982-95

Chapter Six: The Neo-Nazi Face Of The Extreme Right

Chapter Seven: The Populist Monarchist Face Of The Extreme Right

Chapter Eight: The Radical-Populist Face Of The Extreme Right

Part Three: Explaining ‘The Other Radicalism’

Chapter Nine: The State And The Extreme Right

Chapter Ten: Extreme Right Ideology

General Conclusion


Text: 99,000 words with additional bibliographical essays. Full bibliography and footnotes.