Nietzsche And Ethical Socialism For A New Millennium

by Alec Saunders


Author's Note (December 2002): A pamphlet with a similar title, was published in 1986. The present Internet pamphlet is based upon that earlier document, but with additions and editing. It has been modified also with a view to eliminating a few factual mistakes or over-accentuation of particular details. The reader may note that some minor editing to this pamphlet may occur over time..

Update: February 4 2012


Section One
The Relevance Of Friedrich Nietzsche To Ethical Socialism
(Quotations: Historically pertinant quotes as a preamble to the relevance of Nietzsche to Ethical Socialism)

Section Two
Ethical Socialism For A New Age:
Part One: Karl Marx: Racist
Part Two: Heresy
Part Three: Jung And Mythical Indo-European Archetypes
Part Four: Herrenvolk?

Section Three
Part Five: 1984
Part Six: "Nazism Is An Inverted Form Of Zionism" (H.G. Wells)
Part Seven: "I Haven't Come To Praise Caesar, But To Bury Him"
Part Eight: The Hero As King (Thomas Carlyle)
(Quatations: historical quotations which corroborate this entire thesis and serve as its epilogue)