Germany's Third Empire

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck

This Internet book is the same work published by George Allen And Unwin, London, 1934; it was reprinted by Howard Fertig, New York, 1971. This production is its first appearance in English on the Internet.

This work is often referred to in passing, but seldom read. Moeller appeared in the period after the First World War as one of the theorists of the broad Conservative Revolution in Germany. Internationally renowned for his translations of Dostoyevsky, this text is also a literary feast. However, the present book may be read for its analysis of civilization-crisis and visionary alternatives. In that sense it passes into the heritage of all who struggle against the international capitalist ascendency of our times.

Prefactory Letter To Heinrich von Gleichen

I. Revolutionary: Let us win the Revolution

II. Socialist: Each People has its own socialism

III. Liberalism: Liberalism is the death of nations

IV. Democrat: Democracy exists where the people take a share in determining their own fate.

V. Proletarian: The Proletarian is such by his own desire.

VI. Reactionary: A Policy may be reversed: History cannot.

VII. Conservative: Conservatism has eternity on its side.

VIII. The Third Empire: We must have the strength to live in antithesis.