The Horst Mahler File

Horst Mahler has developed a new political identity in the last couple of years as a high profile member of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). In the past, Horst Mahler was one of the founders of Germany's Left-terrorist movement - the Red Army Fraktion. Mahler's passage from the Left to nationalism has brought a fresh and dynamic perspective to the discussion-mode of the NPD, heightening its ability to analyse subjects such as globalism, consumerism, imperialism and the state. The first article in this File comes from a leftist newsmagazine and presents a marxist perspective on Mahler's past and present activities. It should be read critically. The other items are aspects of the controversial thought of this dedicated fighter of the German national-resistance. We expect to add to this File as time goes on. The first articles discuss the 'terror attacks' upon America in 2001, Zionism and the New World Order. Banned from Lebanon in 2001 (where he was due to attend a history conference), Horst Mahler is a significant player in the new politics which seeks to go beyond Left and Right in the struggle against globalist capitalism. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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