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Australia First Party
Australian nationalist movement opposing immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianisation.
Founder and patron is Graeme Campbell (federal Member of Parliament for Kalgoorlie, 1980-1998).
Sydney branch
Melbourne branch
Brisbane branch
Newcastle area branch

The National Republicans
A radical nationalist movement, based upon a philosophy of Australian Nativism.

Rex Gilroy
Rex Gilroy and Mysterious Australia
Two sites dealing with the archaelogical and historical theory of Rex Gilroy, concerning pre-Aboriginal Australia and Australia and the Pacific area in the times of the ancients, ancient contacts, settlements.

The Academy Of Social And Political Research
This post New Right site brings together academics of the braod conservative revolutionary / national revolutionary movement in a new intellectual effort. The Academy publishes a journal currently only on paper - Ab Aeterno.

Junger In Cyberspace
This site is an academic production which deals with the remarkable life and philosophy of the German National-Revolutionary ideologist, Ernst Junger.

The Friends Of Alain De Benoist
This site, established by some French friends of Alain De Benoist, has sections in English, German, French, Catalan, Italian, Croatian, Swedish and Romanian. It is a fine introduction to the thought of this remarkable theorist who advocates a world of peoples against the globalists, of ethnic integrity against the multiracialist/multiculturalist ideologues, of direct democracy against the dictators of all stripes, of economic freedom and social justice against the capitalists. De Benoist has written over fifty books and completed thousands of articles, speeches and interviews. Essential for activists and young nationalist organizers in the university and media environment.

The Radical Traditionalists
This site features other work by Alain de Benoist and significant other Traditionalist material.

This Russian site was created by the Russian theorist, Alexander Dugin. It carries articles in several languages. Arctogaia has a wide array of geopolitical theory on the position of Russia and Europe in the clash between the New World Order and those countries and cultures which remain outside it. The reader is taken to material on the conspiracy to obtain control over Central Asian oil (a factor in the present - 2005 - Afghan war) and on the idea of Euro-nationalism. The material, whether one concurs with only a small part, is challenging and necessary reading in the struggle for Australian independence. The site contains some Australian material.

This site is a valuable resource, with fascinating links. The site retains a volume of internet books, pamphlets, articles and interviews.It is your pathway too, into the labyrinth of Arab, Moslem and other oppositionist sites and politics.

The Occidental Quarterly
This is one of the premier journals of culture and politics in the English language. The breadth of analysis should serve the reader in assessing the nature of the cultural disease within the 'European civilization' and what the prescriptions may be for a cultural renewal. This journal is therefore of a general interest to Australian readers as part of the necessary cultural struggle.

The Scorpion
The Scorpion is the original journal of 'New Right' thought in English. Published by Michael Walker, it has ovr two decades of continual publication. The Scorpion features a wide philosophic and cultural debate on the culture-crisis of European civilization.

The Douglas Reed Collection
This collection of works by Douglas Reed has only recently (Feb.2003) appeared on the Internet. Douglas Reed, among other things, studied the life of Otto Strasser, whose ideas and organization challenged Hitler in Germany. The key work in that regard is Nemesis. Reed's other work, limited now by time, is nonetheless useful reading in delineating the politics of the previous Century.

The Site Of Dr. Tomislav Sunic
This is the site publishes the work of Dr. Tomislav Sunic, a prominent contemporary 'Conservative Revolutionary' thinker, connected to GRECE and other similar projects. With a broad academic thrust, this site addresses issues of European Civilization and the challenges to it by cosmopolitan American style capitalism and liberalism. Essential.

The Eurasian Movement
This site is a collection of material drawn from thinkers such as Thiriart, Dugin, Ungern, Gennady Zyuganov and many others. It discusses the idea of a union of Europe and Russia ("Eurasia") as a unity of history and culture, and with an economic vitality to counterpose to NWO capitalism. The only Continent Nation, Australia, would, in the defining of its foreign policy (allowing it was under the leadership of nationalists) need to address those who assert the theoretical validity of this bloc. Would such a bloc contribute to the viability of Australian independence? Great constructions begin with theory, and this site takes you to the heart of an emergent ideology.

Tradition And Revolution
This is an extraordinary site, composing innumerable books, articles, links. It encompasses the work of Nietzsche, Jung, Spengler, Yockey, Guenon, Evola, Heidegger and many others. It discusses the hermetic traditions and where they intersect with Conservative Revolution. Tradition And Revolution looks at the renewal of the European Civilization which Australians also bear. This site has flourishes into the fields of Islamic tradition, fascism, neo-fascism and Eurasianist geopolitics and national-bolshevism in Russia. We strongly recommend it as a tour de force of political thought.

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Nazione Eurasia
This Italian site is dedicated to a full discussion of geopolitics. Principal contributors include well known Italian national-revolutionary activists and theorists Tiberio Graziani and Claudio Mutti. Professor Dugin also features along with material from the history of the geopolitical school. Essentially, the site is a magazine. A newsletter is also issued by the site.

This French site discusses geopolitics and the struggle against New World Order imperialism. There is also a newsletter available from the Web master.

North American New Right

*New Right, PO Box 137, Riverstone NSW 2765, Australia.

*TeKoS-Delta-Stichting, Postbus 4, B-2110 Wijnegem, BelgiŽ.

*New Right, BM Box LCRN, London WC1N, England.

*Aryan Futurism

*Metapo-SOS-Studiecentrum, Larenseweg 203, NL-1222HH Hilversum, Nederland.

*Nation & Kultur, PO.BOX 18, Vinderen 0319 Oslo, Norway.

*Mesogaia-Sarmatia, 20 Titarenkovsky Lane, 4 Kharkiv 61064, Ukraine.