The Kerry Bolton Collection

We publish here for the first time on the Internet this collection of the work of Kerry Bolton, New Zealand's premier theorist of nationalist ideas and politics.

Kerry Bolton has a long career in activism and authorrship. He currentlty operates the Renaissance Press bookservice and he is an editor of Ab Aeterno, the intellectually assertive journal of the Academy of Social and Political Reseach, which unites a swathe of post New Right thinkers across the Euro world.

It is in the versalility of his thought and the depth of his research, that Kerry Bolton has achieved an international prominence in the movement of European cultural and renaissance.

Readers will observe some problems with the text caused by conversion to HTML, but the works remain readable at all times. Any textual errors will be edited in the future when time becomes available.

Posted for 'ANZAC Day' April 25 2010

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