Letter To The Western Australian Commissioner Of Police On The Jack van Tongeren Affair, July 29 2004 ; Press Release To Media

Jim Saleam

July 29 2004

Mr. K. O’Callaghan
Commissioner of Police
Western Australian Police Service

Dear Sir,

I refer to comments recently attributed to you in respect of ‘racism’ in Western Australia (The Sunday Times July 25 2004).

As your intelligence officers would brief you, I have published at length on the matter of neo-nazism and the activities of Mr. Jack van Tongeren and his ‘Australian Nationalists Movement’ (ANM).

I understand that you consider it appropriate to use the police as a tool to enforce the doctrine of multiculturalism. It might be apposite to review the actual state of Western Australian police knowledge of the illegal violence, property damage and robbery campaign undertaken by Mr. Van Tongeren in 1988-89.

It has been my consistent claim that police officers at the highest levels of your service became aware of van Tongeren’s ‘guilt’ in these offences, at least two months before one of van Tongeren’s supporters, Russell Dean Willey, was induced to formally provide information. However, as my argument goes, at no point prior to the Willey roll-over did Western Australian police mount the sort of intrusive operation as would have been necessary to restrain Mr. van Tongeren. Rather, they decided to let the offences at hand - ‘deepen’. This criminal conduct could only have been supported by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (which has claimed in its public reports, an undefined role in the ANM affair). Other agencies and political identities would reasonably too, have possessed this knowledge. Reasonably, it was with ASIO’s assistance that the arrest of Willey was organized in early July 1989 such that seemingly ‘normal’ police practises could follow.

As you will be advised, I have alleged that Peter John Anthony Coleman, ‘deputy leader’ (sic) to van Tongeren, had informed on him. In late May 1989, Mr. Coleman was recruited as an informant by the last (corrupt: as found by the Royal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service) commander of the ‘Special Branch’, Detective Sergeant (later Superintendent) Neville Ireland. I say Coleman was recruited under the code-name ‘Cabbie’ and was described by the Royal Commission into police in New South Wales, under the code -–'‘CC 18’ (see evidence, March 11 – 13 1997).

As your officers would brief you, a similar allegation was made in June 1993 by Mr. David Bradbury, a film producer. Indeed, it was this person who produced the documentary Nazi Supergrass, which described the activities of Willey. Mr. Bradbury has said an officer of ASIO told him something regarding that organization’s knowledge of the ANM’s involvement in these offences as predating the Willey roll-over.

I made this overall claim to the recent Commission into police in Western Australia. Unfortunately, it was decided not to investigate this matter (see letter).

You are not bound by this decision not to investigate, although you could just as easily say that I cannot ‘name’ the persons who had the details at issue.

Your problem in this area may be that the information is now penetrating into the community in general, to media, politicians, members of the Asian communities and other persons who may question whether the allegation is true.

It is my fear that the 1989 prosecution script is repeating itself. The persons arrested recently in respect of certain ‘racist’ crime have a link to the Sydney ‘White Pride Coalition Of Australia’, a body initially co-founded by none other than Mr. Coleman. Is a campaign of racist violence to be organised such that Mr. Van Tongeren can be arrested again as the nominal figurehead of a racist conspiracy?

I look forward to your response to this letter. I would hope that you would order a probe in conjunction with the anti-corruption Commission. The attempt of some police to run terrorist scripts in the past seems frightfully clever. However, if the recent career of none other than bin Laden teaches us, ‘collateral damage’ and ‘blowback’ is often the price of intelligence-driven operations. Many Australians would say there is no value in concealing the truth about the van Tongeren affair of 1989.

Yours sincerely,



July 29 2004


Subject: What Did Western Australian Police Really Know
In 1989 About The Australian Nationalists Movement’s
Violence Campaign?

The recent revival of Mr. Jack van Tongeren’s ‘Australian Nationalists’ Movement’ (ANM) and the arrests of some ostensible supporters for racist offences, has been represented by some media, political identities and police, as matters requiring stern State response.

All this posturing is one big lie. Van Tongeren’s arrested supporters, maintain a connection with a Sydney group which goes by the name ‘White Pride Coalition Of Australia’ (WPCA). Van Tongeren has a similar link.

The WPCA operates under various names and one of its’ variants is currently headquartered in the office of a solicitor, John Boyle, a man who has strong bonds to the Liberal Party. A key man in this group, David John Palmer, has said he "gets $200 a report" from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. The WPCA network was founded by Palmer and the former ‘deputy leader’ of the ANM, Peter John Coleman.

The actual ‘quality’ of the Sydney group undermines any police-politician driven effort to whip up an ‘anti-racist’ campaign. It is time to find the facts about neo-nazism in Australia.

The truth about the ANM’s 1988-1989 violence has been in the public arena now for several years. It is in two doctoral theses and in polemical material which is freely available. However, hardly a journalist or public person can be found to ask the hard questions.

These questions are:

  1. Was the ‘deputy leader’ of the ANM, Peter John Coleman, recruited by the New South Wales Police Special Branch, in May 1989, as an informer?
  2. Was Coleman’s code name ‘Cabbie’ and did the New South Wales Police Royal Commission discuss Coleman under a code ‘CC 18’?
  3. Did Coleman tell the NSW Special Branch in May 1989, all about the ANM violence campaign?
  4. Did NSW Special Branch tell ASIO who informed the Western Australian Police about two months before Russell Dean Willey was conveniently arrested at an ANM storage depot for its stolen property such that a normal informer-witness case could be constructed?
  5. Why has no one asked film producer David Bradbury what he meant when he said in June 1993 that ASIO knew all about the violence campaign before the Willey defection?
  6. Was the ANM violence campaign allowed to continue past police obtaining direct knowledge of it?
  7. Was Coleman’s role hidden because his function in managing Australian (sic) neo-nazism has served another agenda?


The evidence for Coleman’s status is direct and indirect, confessional and circumstantial. It is coherent enough and suggestive enough, for a proper investigation.

It is my allegation that the White Pride Coalition Of Australia is a provocateur organization. If this group has links to van Tongeren then a serious question about the current ANM can be asked: is the script repeating?

The truth must now travel into Asian communities, civil liberties groups and elsewhere. The ‘black ban’ which operates on this information will be broken. I intend to diffuse this information as soon as possible.

The facts about Australian neo-nazism can be found at:



For further details:

Inside The Kangaroo Reich