The ANM Case: ‘The Perth Three’ On The Firing Line Of A State Dirty- Tricks Operation And Authoritarian Power Grab

The State to use a ‘Nazi’ show-trial to ban Nationalists from the internet and free speech.
Agent-provocateur-informers abandon their former comrades.

Jim Saleam

I have received a letter from Jack van Tongeren. It is dated November 7. He has asked for my help - and as much assistance as can be rallied from concerned citizens and patriotic people - to fight the charges brought against himself, John van Blitterswyk and Matthew Billing.

With the exception of John, released recently on bail when a magistrate recognised the essential weakness of the charges against him, the others have been in custody for months. Jack and Matthew Billing are in appalling conditions. The accused are paraded in court in shackles and subjected to long periods of ‘lock up’ in their prison cells. They are charged, in addition to a number of actual offences, with the crime of conspiracy (four counts), where the rules of evidence are wider, conviction is easier - and the sentences are long.

It is noted that, in making this request for help, Jack did not rely upon the so-called ‘National Socialists’ who have followed in the wake of this sincere man, touting him as their ‘leader and guide’. Rather, he approached those who have been his ideological critics for twenty years. I do not speak only of myself, but of other people named in the letter. I note he has also approached other people in additional correspondence.

Should help be given? Of course, it should. The Australian Nationalists Movement (ANM) is ‘over’ now. Jack has stated clearly to me: "As of 6/8 I have retired from the Aussie Nationalist scene." More importantly however, as far as the nationalists are concerned, the prosecution of The Perth Three has little to do with the so-called ‘National Socialist’ ideology which Jack made his position long ago, but with the machinations of State authorities. Jack is in prison for reasons outside of his personal ideology. This was said by the nationalists during the ANM Trial period (1989-90) and during the long years of imprisonment suffered by a few ANM persons. He was in prison then because his activities damaged the pattern of Asian trade and investment in Western Australia. It is even more sharply drawn today in this era of increasing State authoritarianism where our rulers require propaganda justification for their power grab. The accused are victims of the mechanics of State lies.

The State has an agenda. What does it want? In simple point form, we say:

(i) A new ‘racist terror trial’ has become ‘necessary’. This process has already been used as justification for new legislation in Western Australia against freedom of speech and assembly on matters of immigration policy. Recently passed laws are draconian. New offences have been created to harass patriotic people and shut down organisations. The lead up to the arrests of van Tongeren, van Blitterswyk and Billing saw a number of arrests of ANM-connected persons for petty damage offences and a media chorus for new laws. The new terror trial puts the icing on a long period of preparation.

(ii) The use by some of the supporters of ANM (this includes also the witnesses against the Perth Three) of the Internet for organisational purposes, will also figure in State propaganda and future legislation. There will be attempts to censor the availability of Internet sites. After all ‘neo-nazis’ have been using the Internet and it must thence be – regulated! This provocation has been going on for some years with the ‘assistance’ of particular neo-nazis who continue to publish lunatic muck on the Internet. The new trial will speed up the machinery of censorship.

(iii) The use of rollover-witnesses is intimidation against any organization, whether neo-nazi or otherwise. It is meant to demonstrate State-cleverness in dealing with dissent.

(iv) Jack was a sincere activist and his form of ‘National Socialism’ was always independent of the State power. The nationalists acknowledge that. By ridding the scene of Jack’s ANM, neo-nazism can assume its’ traditional role as a honey-pot for a few genuine persons inside a scene run by psychopaths and informers (or both!). The few genuine people (mainly youth) fall under the sway of the crooks. This milieu can thereafter be manipulated by the intelligence services in endless anti-nationalist, anti-patriotic provocations.

This is all hard politics. I can only agree with Jack’s words to me: "Armed police state power has been used to suppress freedom in WA". The courts legitimise their rampages and their terrorism. The stakes are high. We are resolved to resist the State’s falsity by telling the truth, the whole truth, about the present ANM stitch-up. We are resolved to raise funds, assemble witnesses, expose the trial as a political trial. The alternative is that the "conspiracy" charges, if ‘proved’ (I use that term only in its’ legal sense), could send three innocent men to prison for ten years. There will be action in their defence.

However, we are convinced that the nutzis, those hard-men ‘National Socialists’, the heroes of cyber-space and tough rhetoric, will stand square in the way of any political defence for the accused. We are convinced these people will do their level best to sabotage the defence. They are of the same low character as those who are now witnesses against the accused. However, the nationalists openly say that it is time for a few sincere people within the ex-ANM to fight their ‘leaders’ and do what must now be done - and do it for three innocent men. We have always drawn the distinction.

Neo-Nazis Run For Cover And Abandon Jack: As Before, As Again

History repeats. In 1989-1990, the Sydney neo-nazis based around lunatic-provocateur-informer David Palmer and Special Branch pimp Peter Coleman, abandoned Jack van Tongeren. It was for a sinister reason.

This truth has been obscured by the lies from these two. It is very straight forward. The allegation of the nationalists is well-known. In March 1989, Coleman began pimping to the New South Wales Police Special Branch against both the ANM and the old National Action (NA). In late May or early June 1989 he was formally ‘recruited’ as an informer under the code-name Cabbie. The New South Wales Police Royal Commission in 1997 (and rather ironically in fact) gave him a code name: CC18. His master was Neville Ireland, last commander of the Branch. Palmer was also on the scene, and as exposed in a secret Human Rights Commission submission dated March 17 1989, it was said that a new neo-nazi group "was forming around" the ANM in Sydney. This was the Palmer-Coleman gang about which Jack knew nothing. This was a classic counter-gang as defined in Intelligence literature, a group which mimics and ‘competes’ with others, while always undermining them. Most crucially, we say that Coleman informed Neville Ireland of the arson campaign and robbery campaign in Perth, a long time before Russell Willey rolled-over in July 1989, providing the formal evidence that was used in court. The Western Australian police therefore – allowed the crimes to continue for months. Coleman was too important to risk in court because, reasonably, Special Branch in New South Wales (and by implication ASIO) had other uses for him. In November 1990, Coleman confessed under oath in open court to (at the very least) talking to Ireland about the ANM and National Action, answering "questions" and providing "gossip" - whilst Ireland called Coleman a "contact", a term which means very little until one learns (as the nationalists did months later) it is the very term used by the Special Branch for an informant.

I understand Coleman shrugs off the informer allegation and calls it "lies" – which also gets him off the hook of answering about the little bits he did say in open court. Of course, Palmer says I forged up the court papers (which are available for view and copying). Yet Coleman has never answered any of the evidence and to one inquiring person a few years back actually said (but this person was not a member of his closer circle needless to say): "so what if I gave information to Special Branch, so what?" Such chutzpah!

After Jack’s arrest in August 1989, Coleman counselled the National Action against getting involved in the case. He ‘advised’ a number of members of National Action to 'stay out of it'. In December 1989, to my face, he said he would "send no money because it would be misspent" and "in any case they have legal aid" (they didn’t). He told me to stay away from it all as well. In 1990 when some fringe supporters of the ANM approached NA for support in exposing the injustices of the case, Coleman pulled the plug on that, stating that the present writer "would find some way to manipulate it". Fine, but what did he do? In 1999, in a ranting abusive telephone call to me, he called Jack "a loser", a comment which sums up his self-perception as a success.

In April 1990, the Sydney neo-nazis openly set up a new group. They ‘dumbed down’ the ANM line with their rantings about "niggers", "slaps" and the rest of it. There was a load of blather, shouting, swastika-pasting forays and so on. But when the smoke cleared, Jack and the other ANM accused were inside and alone - and none of the above ‘activism’ dealt with the case in any event. It was as if Jack didn’t exist. Indeed, they then spent most of their time harassing National Action right at the vital time that members of this party were fighting against Special Branch ‘prosecutions’. How helpful, Ireland must have considered them.

Of course, there is no record at any point in the 1990’s of any demonstrations about the ANM case organised by this gang. Little money was ever sent (ie. Xmas money only). No other protests were organised. No attempt was made to get legal help for the ANM accused or for an appeal, or to mount any exposure campaign on critical parts of the evidence. This is the test. It is not what these nutzis said about how much they loved Jack. It is a matter of asking: what did you do? Further, it is also a matter of asking these consummate fraudsters: prove what you say at every point! Jack has up to now been loath to call Coleman ‘dog’, but others who served time with him know it and say it. Jack has nonetheless reported that he was "let down" by Coleman. I say that is an understatement.

History repeats. Rumours have surfaced that Coleman is back on the scene. Palmer, while laughed at by the others, is still poking about. Rumours abound of a new neo-nazi national ‘organisation’ being established with all the usual suspects jockeying for roles and with a new front-man in the offing. The few genuine young ‘National Socialists’ who might get sucked into this business should ask these mighty leaders of Aryan racial destiny to ‘please explain’ whether they will do anything at all for The Perth Three. The answers will be such that only one conclusion is possible. Nothing will be done by these neo-nazis. The Perth Three are on their lonesome.

Excuses to do nothing abound in the micro-world of neo-nazism. One circle discovered that Jack was of "Eurasian" descent. True. This excuse of racial purism will now be used to chicken out. In truth, Jack could be a Rastafarian Burmese and it would change nothing about the intent of the State to run a show trial. But neither John van Blitterswyk nor Matthew Billing are a "quarter Indonesian" as one hero put it; the purists could support either of these gentleman if they wished, but I am yet to hear of concrete offers! I have heard that some other persons are just plain cowards and have deserted. Others are listening to the liars who insist they should "wait" to see what is happening. As ever, words are tested in struggle. It has been easy for a few people to be big men on the Internet or stand behind fake names and assumed organizational labels. It is another thing to stand up and be counted on a matter as grave as this. However, I have heard there are a few people who wish to act. I believe there are a few with evidence that could help to acquit the accused.

How were we brought to the present point?

Never-ending Tough Guy Posturing.

The Perth neo-nazis had a sales-pitch which is the stock-in-trade of their type all over the world, a line they eventually used on no less than Jack himself.

The line goes like this. "National Socialism is the real thing. The nationalists are ‘trimmers’, people who trim policy for advantage. The single issue is race and nothing else and any attempt to set up economic or other issues or to argue for national applications of ideas - is humbug, or ‘national bolshevism’ or Third Positionism or Red-Brown or National Revolution and good Nazis leave these ideas alone. National Socialism in Germany was racial-nationalism and that is what we need now. We are therefore ideologically tough. But we are politically tough, a real elite. We will one day bomb, kill and murder on a mass scale, but for now we will do whatever we can, directly, violently when we can get away with it, and we will hit at Asian (‘gook’) property and Jew property and strike at the niggers. We won’t wait, we want action now."

I shall not deal with the ideological drivel here. We must concentrate on the political implications. Neo-nazis in Perth saw Jack’s insistence on political action (despite his status as ‘National Socialist’) as a weakness and the tough-men turned on him. Hence Daniel Klavins and the others set up the ‘White Devils’ group to do violence and property damage. Rumours exist that they were encouraged in this hard line by Sydney neo-nazis. They did their own thing, not caring that it was weaving a web of steel around the ANM. This could be a crucial fact, in the same way that it was Coleman who partly-incited the violence campaign of 1988-89 which he – ultimately – betrayed. Was it a provocateur who incited them? Once caught, the White Devils’ hard-hard-men rolled over at once. They falsely accused The Perth Three of ordering them to do it all. The White Devils also had links to people around the White Pride Coalition of Australia (WPCA) group in Sydney. Reasonably, Klavins has told his police-handlers all they want to know about these people. The WPCA people should not assume otherwise. Noticeably, they too had been spreading the hard-hard-man line in Sydney (and Brisbane too) over recent times. Are they next? Is there someone in there who is getting ready for a Sydney or Brisbane show-trial?

It follows as a matter of course that the neo-nazis target the nationalists. Jack would never have done that – but the others would. They have. I note that Klavins had a lot to say about nationalists on the Internet. We are honoured this hard-man was so incensed and smeared people.

The hard talk of the Klavins type, which we have heard in Sydney over the years with the Palmer gang, with the WPCA and others - is pure suicide. It takes only one nutter and a clever agent and the fuse is lit. It is used to destroy the naïve. It sets up all sorts of events the media and the political police can manipulate into propaganda and eventually legal - victories. It gets people to talk and anyone who might be interested in illegality is identified for future reference. I believe an incident is coming. But for now, the issue is that certain hard-men could undermine the defence of the accused. What interest do the hard-men of racial destiny have in running a political defence campaign? Particularly one that involves nationalists and other patriotic and concerned people?


A Public Campaign Of Exposure

The Perth Three deserve a political defence. A political defence involves a purely legal defence, but it entails vital actions outside of the constraints of the court to bring the truth to the general public. It aims to disintegrate the legal case by extra-legal means.

As this campaign develops it will see a number of things. There will be letters to parliamentarians and ‘independent’ agencies, to police officers, to civil libertarians and public figures. There will be fund-raising efforts to assist the accused to make a defence. Evidence will be collected. The State ‘witnesses’ will be discredited in the public arena. This campaign will be initiated by nationalists but others will participate; further, ex-ANM persons can follow our leads but do whatever they choose themselves. It is vital that all act in tandem.

However, and it is a big however, this campaign may move in ways which to those who have sincerely professed the ANM’s ideology, will appear hard to swallow and not in line with their thinking. I note that some ex-ANM may be vitally necessary to parts of van Tongeren’s legal defence. The issues for the nationalists remain the State’s purpose and the certain fact that informer-provocateur elements have played a role in both ANM trials. Some ex-ANM know well how I have campaigned on latter question.

It is a matter of record - as innumerable Internet chat rooms show - that for years past the neo-nazi ‘leaders’ (sic) have waged a campaign of defamation against me. Obviously, some younger people in that environment may not be able to determine properly whether their prattle has substance. Their appalling filth will not be answered here. Of course, the lies from the founding-fathers of this utter nutzism are desperate that the youth whom they try to influence not move away, but more importantly – that their own roles as political police provocateurs not be exposed to the youth. The new imprisonment of van Tongeren now offers us a laboratory room experiment to examine them closely. Right now, when Jack has asked me to lend a hand in his defence, the lies of the fathers of neo-nazism might drive the sincere youth away from a united effort.

It is likely that it is the younger people (not the wizened old frauds of neo-nazism) who have the information that Jack and the others desperately need. This evidence must be brought forward. The State conspiracy must be beaten back and the power-grab exposed. I am concerned only that The Perth Three beat the frame-up.

For those reading this, but who may otherwise be ‘nervous’ in making contact with me, they can - if they have information on ‘White Devils", Coleman, Palmer and the rest of this gaggle of human dross - deal direct with Jack’s lawyer. I would prefer they do this than do nothing at all. Any talk from any of these people about what has occurred over the last year in Perth is possibly part of the chain of evidence which can be built upon. It may be someone has direct evidence. It may be someone wants to send money to pay costs. Whatever the situation, there is a moral responsibility to act. That can be done.

Jack van Tongeren’s lawyer is: David Manera, 4th Floor, 524 Hay Street, Perth 6000. His phone number is (08) 9221 2203. His fax is (08) 9221 2358

There is really no time to lose. Anyone interested in moving on this campaign in confidence (from others in the ex-ANM scene as I have described above) can contact me at or can write at : P.O. Box N291 Grosvenor Place, NSW, 1220. I will deal in confidence.

I have resolved to act. For those ‘in the know’ who are reading this, I trust you will act too.


Inside The Kangaroo Reich