Brisbane 'National Socialist' Accuses Peter Coleman Of Informer Role'

Jim Saleam

April 30 2004

The Brisbane 'National Socialist' who is known by his colourful nom de guerre, 'John Streicher', has come out all guns blazing against Peter Coleman. In a series of e-mails scatter-gunned across the Internet, Streicher said in early April that Coleman was an informer and a rip-off merchant who used his connections with the neo-nazi movement to profit by over-priced sales of books and Nazi militaria.

Streicher says he knows directly that these things are true. He says that a Queensland police agency acquired certain information about him and that he was cheated in a 'deal'.

In the last year or so, Coleman has distanced himself from other neo-nazis. We can see why.

It has been a strange thing that, despite all, many neo-nazis have continued to defend Coleman against all our charges. Streicher's criticisms however, are likely to bring out more sour comments. It might be that in the end - the whole dam will break. And the final truths about his informer status shall become general knowledge.

Inside The Kangaroo Reich