The Van Tongeren Case 2004: What Lies Behind The New Prosecution? Exposed: The Lies From The WA Police-Hierarchy, Neo-Nazi Provocateurs, ASIO Black-Ops, 'Race' Laws.

This will be an on-going political resource for nationalists, journalists, civil libertarians.

Dr. Jim Saleam and others

August 13: Something Rotten

Jack van Tongeren was arrested in Perth on Friday, August 6. He faces some 23 criminal charges, four of conspiracy to commit arson and nineteen of involvement in malicious damage offences. The 'ethnic leaders' in Perth scream about racism. The police commissioner says his cops are there to enforce multiculturalism. The big-party parliamentarians want to pass laws to give critics of immigration 14 years jail if they speak out. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation - undoubtedly - is looking forward to a 'terrorism trial'.

Australian Nationalists are not 'friends' of Jack van Tongeren. Neither are we neo-nazis. However, there are concerns about whether he is being used as a political pawn in a deeper game. We say that first at the level of the misuse of his 'name' and 'reputation'. But darker still, we will say that shadowy people close to the neo-nazi scene have incited the present situation where 'racist' crimes have been committed.

Jack van Tongeren is held on remand, locked up over 22 hours a day. He moves around in shackles. If it is clear van Tongeren intended to surrender himself when he was arrested, it is reasonable to demand his human rights not be violated. His imprisonment must not assume another aspect: revenge. We mean revenge for the damage his illegal campaign of the past did to Asian trade and investment in Western Australia. Whilst in custody, van Tongeren should be treated in a 'normal' way and be permitted to prepare his defence.

August 14: The Anniversary Of Jackhammer. The 2004 Re-Run

August 14 2004 marked the 15th anniversary of the arrest of van Tongeren and other members and friends of ANM on an array of political violence and other offences. We shall point continually to the script in operation in that case and how it is recycled in the present case.

On July 1989, Western Australian Police waited in ambush at a 'safe-house' where the ANM stored stolen goods. It has never been revealed how they were led to that point. Two men, Russell Willey and John van Blitterswyk, were arrested there. Van Tongeren says it was sloppy security on the part of Russell Willey, the man who then went 'protected witness' against him. Roy Gibson of The West Australian said "dedicated police work and a tip off" brought police there. Tip off? Nationalists have said for fourteen years that the 'tip off' came from Peter Coleman, 'deputy leader' of the ANM, a Sydney man turned informer by the notorious 'Special Branch'.

In late June 1989, van Tongeren had been in Sydney, conferring with Coleman and another informer-lunatic, David Palmer. He left Sydney on or about July 1. Whilst in Sydney, Coleman and Palmer discussed with him a 'national night of Asian-restaurant arson'. If given an immunity, van Tongeren could, even at this late hour, detail all that to the Western Australian Crime And Corruption Commission.

The national night of arson never eventuated, but not before Coleman also tried to inveighle members of the former Australian National Action into the scheme. He was unsuccessful. But what did certainly happen was the arrest of Willey and his subsequent roll-over.Someone talked. Coleman, who had been helping Special Branch since March 1989, had been recorded as an informer in late May 1989. It was from Sydney that Jack's downfall came!

Just a few weeks ago in July 2004 van Tongeren was in Sydney conferring with local neo-nazis. And not long afterwards, his Perth leader, Klavins, was arrested. He rolled-over along with two others (we shall return to them in another article). Strange how history repeats. Or is it really that strange?

A strong rumour says there were links between those Perth neo-nazis who are now witnesses against van Tongeren - and the Sydney neo-nazis. A man, John Billings, the supposed leader of the ANM's 'paramilitary wing' (which does not exist now any more than it did in 1989 when Russell Willey said it did), is still on the run. What are his links with the Sydney nutzis and which other members of the Perth ANM had links with them?

The 1989 trial of the 'ANM Seven' was a political trial, complete with massive security, an indemnified witness, no legal representation for the accused, police perjury. It had political results: the passage of legislation about 'racial vilification' and the increasing intrusions by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation into the affairs of patriotic organizations. The coming trial of van Tongeren will be used to whip up anti-racism and to increase the penalties for parties deemed 'racist' by the state power. And as always, the compliant neo-nazis in the wings, seeming to lend the state a hand.

September 3 Daniel Klavins Offers The Hard Cell Line

Sorry that was 'hard sell' wasn't it? No 'cell'!! It seems that the ANM Perth leader Daniel Klavins, now one of the main witnesses against van Tongeren, and former operator of his own neo-nazi probocateur group, 'White Devils', had a very special sales pitch. It's the old song that leads straight to a jail cell. Klavins preached in the last couple of months leading up to van Tongeren's arrest that the ANM leader was too soft. He urged violence and even said that if the coppers closed in on him one day, he'd offer them some real aggro. Naturally - and we say 'naturally' - when the tough man was pinched, he rolled over on Jack. It's the common thing of the braggart/provocateur type.

For years now, the tough man rhetoric has been the stock-in-trade of the neo-nazis. It is 'come-on' of the first order. It is designed to flush out the impetuous. From now on, anyone who runs up against this circle might ask: 'okay, but let's suppose we did what you propose, would you accuse me if we were caught?'

November 23: John van Blitterswyk Out On Bail

John van Blitterwyk has served two months in custody and is now on bail. The significant point is that the 'case' against him courtesy of Daniel Klavins and 'Monty' Johnson, will most likely break down. This allows an opportunity for the whole truth to be revealed.

John van Blitterswyk is able now to speak freely about how the charges came about. Those who have been 'revving up' the White Devils gang are probably not sleeping too well.

Interestingly, many of those nutzis who were cheering Jack on from cyberspace in the months before the arrests - abandoned him. Surprise, surprise. Some found the 'excuse' that Jack was Eurasian in background. Of course, they never did or said much for John either! Cowardice is a stock-in-trade of the nutzis. Once the game gets serious, and particularly if they get implicated in a crime which carries prison time, they opt to serve the political police. So it was with hero Coleman in 1989. So with Klavins. The current crop of cybermen have gone to ground. We note a few with a little 'character' have opted to do something to expose the latest political police conspiracy. They can and should - do more.

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