The British-Israel Rip-Off Goes Into A New Phase: Liquidator Wastes The Assets And Offers Nutzis A 'Share' Of The Leftovers. New Round Of Counter-Action Certain.

Jim Saleam

September 2004

The British-Israel affair has taken a new twist. Just as the legitimate forces have mounted two court actions against the nutzi fakers and their so-called 'British-Israelite World Federation Australia Limited' (BIWFAL), the liquidator of the former BIWF Pty.Ltd., after depleting the funds with irrelevant legalisms over the last two years, almost offered the crooks half of the leftovers.

Suffice to say here, this situation arose from the position inherent in the Estate of K.D. Nicholls, whose bequest attracted the neo-nazis in the first place. The liquidator, noting two societies with superficially similar aims, succeeded from the former BIWF (BIWFAL and the new officially-sanctioned 'British Israel World Federation in New South Wales Pty.. Ltd' , decided he could divide the residue of the Estate accordingly. This situation has been challenged by lawyers for the genuine organization. But more importantly, it is now challenged at the base, because one of the new actions against the fakers launches suit for 'passing off', a tort at law, which sets the fakers to prove they are what they claim to be. Unrecognised by the official British-Israel movement in the United Kingdom and shunned by all others around the world, the sordid Palmer gang, even with the best representation from Liberal Party activist and solicitor John Boyle, should fail to rebut the suit.

Developments are coming thick and fast. We shall comment further soon

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