The Neo-Nazis Move In On One Nation: ' Another Job Well Done' ; One Nation Paper Subject Of Human Rights Harassment, A Party Crisis, New Disruptions.

Jim Saleam

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They have done it again. The One Nation party has been targeted by the neo-nazi fraternity and a new crisis has resulted. Are the neo-nazis only stupid, or do they understand what they do?

The story first appeared in The Australian on December 9. An ALP Senator had denounced the "anti-semitic" and madcap "conspiracy" writings in The Nation, the Queensland based paper of the One Nation party. On December 17, the Australian Jewish News weighed in. The Jewish paper reported complaints would be lodged with the Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) thought police, to the effect that the paper "vilified" Jews. It reported on particular material by one "MMM".

Quite significantly, the Australian Jewish News did not offer any information on the actual 'identity' of MMM, nor did it comment upon other authors withh similar views. Not for one moment do I believe this newspaper does not know who these persons are. The story is presented in the usual way, with allegations of anti-semitism, the need for action, the traditional shock-horror-show. However, if the party has been deliberately subject to an infiltration and the attack orchestrated, then we are dealing with provocation and its' results.

Of course, as the natonalists well know, MMM was closely involved in the 'White Pride Coalition of Australia' (WPCA), also having neo-nazi (and other Right) connections back over twenty three years.

In the wake of the attacks upon the One Nation paper, another party crisis has resulted. The paper will be deprived of further funding, and its' editor (who has allowed the neo-nazis in) will be sacked. It is possible a judgement will issue at the HREOC against the paper, thereby eroding freedom of expression. Whether One Nation 'gets it' or not - is debateable. The party will probably rant on about its' moderation and opposition to extremism. That is not now the point and never was the point. The party did this when it was targetted in 1999 with the Ku Klux Klan in its' ranks. Of course, the neo-nazis had deliberately joined One Nation and then 'came out' as Kluxers to a massive media racism beat-up. It destabilised the party. One Nation responded then with statements about the evils of racism. It simply did not understand the dirty tricks operation employed against it.

So, history repeats, as it always does with the neo-nazis. First up, we need to determine what has happened and what was it the neo-nazis were doing. Information provided tells us that MMM approached Rod Evans, editor of The Nation, some months ago. MMM had been a journalist with Brisbane suburban papers in the 1980's. Unfortunately, he has fallen on hard times, suffering a major depression and has been compelled to seek a Disability Support Pension. Possibly in that regard, he appeared in a national women's magazine some years ago, interviewed in relation to his penis enlargement operation. MMM surfaced about eighteen months back in Brisbane, joining "John Streicher's" local neo-nazi cell, which is now the local WPCA group. He also writes on Internet forums as "howlingdog88". Without revealing his background, he offered his services to Mr. Evans. The foot was in the door.

It seems reasonably clear that a new neo-nazi 'initiative' was worked out in September. With Jack van Tongeren (the only really genuine 'National Socialist') in prison, the neo-nazis did not think of any campaign on his behalf, but like true rats - conjured a new scam to promote the 'ideology'. MMM would start writing for the paper. He would start with anti-Zionism at first and then tip over into anti-semitic quackery. He would attack the war in Iraq, and then peddle weird theories of history and world events. All this, he achieved. He would then involve other neo-nazi writers in the paper. A parallel strategy would see a new neo-nazi group coalesce (there were disputes over leadership and label) but an infiltration of One Nation in other places (like Sydney) would begin. Indeed, on a ruse, a person heavily involved in neo-nazism in Sydney telephoned me on November 27 - and tried to ask specific questions as to my knowledge of the actual membership strength of One Nation. I now see why.

Secondly, what do we do about the never-ending provocation of the neo-nazis? These people must have known that in increasing the weird tempo of the articles in The Nation and using cartoons of Jews with big noses, that the heat would come down. Is the plan based on the ridiculous idea that by attracting the neo-nazi label, the victim will roll over and decide they may as well play neo-nazi too? Indeed, the author has heard this very strategy stated! Of course, the victim declines this option. Perhaps as David Palmer put it in Sydney's The Telegraph newspaper in June 1999, if their "help" is refused by the target organization, they resort to "sabotage".

This sickness must be resisted by all nationalists and patriots. Intelligence work has been done in this current affair and the victim party alerted in full. There will be no more newspapers under manipulation, no successful infiltration of the party and no articles accepted by outside groups which emanate from the neo-nazis who sought to rely on their One Nation credentials. It will soon be back to the drawing board once again.

Merry Christmas to those who moved in time!


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