'Der Fuhrer' Takes To Internet Chat-Rooms: The Stalking Activities Of A Political Paedophile

Jim Saleam and 'Nutzi-Buster' (a new contributor who has infiltrated the Palmer circle)

April 2004

David Palmer (aka Daevid Palmer, aka 'Der Fuhrer') has been using the Down-Under chat-room section of the US 'Stormfront' Internet site, and the 'Skadi Forum' too, to create new versions of old lies and thus attempt to alienate young Australian radical-nationalists from embracing their politics with full devotion. In particular, Der Fuhrer has been libelling Jim Saleam of late and otherwise trying to denigrate the political struggle engaged in by the former Australian National Action (ANA) organization. Why?

Palmer's line has been for years that the former ANA was neither a strong nor a legitimate organization, that those who served it (chiefly, they mean Saleam) were not even nationalists (let alone 'hard' Nazis) and that the leadership was corrupt financially and politically. As always, Palmer and his merry men 'know' everything.

The truth was, of course, that the ANA was the key organization of nationalist struggle in the 1980's and under other leadership it continued to play an important role in the 1990's. The truth remains that it was the only nationalist or patriotic organization ever openly targetted by the political police and which fought a stand up struggle against the corrupt New South Wales Special Branch police. Palmer and his 'counter-gang' liaised closely with the political police to harass the ANA. Palmer now seeks to reverse the truth. By doing so, he seeks to undermine valuable lessons learned in struggle and compromise our awareness of the political police.

So, as ever, Der Fuhrer has new stories. In a new lie, Palmer claims to have joined ANA in 1988 for a few months. In fact, he first came to its offices in March 1989. Then, Palmer says that he quickly woke up to the 'pro-Jewish' politics of ANA and went on to get a new Nazi party up and going. In fact, Palmer came to the ANA offices and paid by cheque (he wanted a record?) to be put on a mailing list. He was never a member. Nothing further was heard of him until January 1990 when he answered the advertisement in a newsletter for an electrician to repair a printing press. Of course, his contact after this time had a different purpose - to collect information and sow disputes. Throughout the period from late 1988 until January 1990, Palmer was secretly involved in the 'Australian Nationalists Movement' (ANM), working closely with the informer Coleman who brought down its leader, Jack van Tongeren. He was plotting all the way along to replace the ANM with a more 'Nazi' version of this group, undermining van Tongeren fatally and sabotaging any political defence against the matters involved in his August 1989 arrest. All this false history is designed to obscure Palmer's actual activities which are now, more than ever, under close scrutiny.

Palmer also insists that Jim Saleam has "Arab", "Lebanese" or "Turkish" ancestory and he embraces this fairy-tale to pose as a hard 'racist' to those who wish to posture (we say posture!) as anti-immigration fighters. This old Special Branch ploy is obsessional. In that vein too, he repeats another Special Branch fairy-tale that Saleam and another man tried to firebomb his vehicle in 1990. Whenever pressed as to how he 'knows' this, Palmer invariably refuses to answer. That this one stresses him we know from a night in August 2001 when he tried to gate-crash a meeting of the Sydney Conservative Speakers' Club. When finally challenged by Saleam over this firebomb lie, he lunged madly only to be squarely belted in the face. This brought on a general melee and Der Fuhrer ended up on his bum in the street.

Palmer also rants on that Saleam is some sort of communist ('national bolshevik') and this makes him an enemy of all good nutzis. In fact, as Palmer knows, the criticism offered by Saleam and other radical-nationalists of the neo-nazi belief-system is thorough-going and anything to muddy the waters so he can get young activists in, is vital. No wonder this political paedophile has supported the ridiculous allegations made by other neo-nazis that Saleam, and another long-term nationalist - are actual paedophiles!

The tough Aryan leader Palmer should go back to offering his sperm-service to young females. That makes more amusing copy in a chat-room site.

The use of the Internet chat-room system allows this stalker to occasionally locate some young people who he can spiritually sodomise. The truth however will come out. There are more surprises coming for our Fuhrer.

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