Neo-Nazis Try Paedophile Allegation As Noose Draws Tighter. But Was There A Link To A Plot To Botch The Defence Campaign For Pauline Hanson?

October 2003

Jim Saleam

On the night of September 15/16, some 100 leaflets were distributed into letterboxes in the Sydney suburb of Tempe. Another 20 or so were pasted up in the shopping centre. The A-6 size document, issued in the name of the non-existent South Sydney Community Protection Group, said that I was a "pedophile" (sic) and had been seen "stalking children of Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds in the Greater Marrickville area." The leaflet had been produced (this was confirmed directly) by the neo-nazis.

A counter-leaflet was quickly printed in reply and a special press statement (unreported) was issued to deal with the political nature of the smear. Most important however was the warm and concerned reactions of Tempe people to this provocation. People of all ages and backgrounds denounced this shoddy effort at character assassination. The neo-nazi game had kicked no goal.

So what did the neo-nazis want? In one way, we can never be sure. According to one source from within the confines of that camp, the incident occurred because I had allegedly "threatened" by telephone an important mover in the David Palmer nutzi group and also in the British-Israel takeover conspiracy (see this site). But there had been no threats or phone calls, or anything else directed at this man, from this writer or from any other nationalist. If the story was that the incident was 'payback', then there was, in fact, nothing to 'pay back'.

However, as always with the nutzis, the issue runs into dark waters.

The Chronology Of Events Leaves Unanswered Questions, Round One

I had been invited to speak at the Pauline Hanson defence rally, set for the Sutherland United Services' Club on Thursday, September 11. On Tuesday night, the invitation was pulled. It was explained to me by a One Nation official that Mr. Bob Vinnicombe, an officer in the One Nation party, had protested over my invitation to speak. Mr. Vinnicombe insisted that as I was "convicted" in respect of the (Special Branch load-up J.S.) attack upon African National Congress terrorist Eddie Funde, way back in May 1991, it followed I was a public relations liability. Although I was told by two separate One Nation officials subsequently that they were obliged to accept this information on its face, despite anything which could be said against its relevance, they were of the view Mr. Vinnicombe had his own agenda in coming forward with the tale. This line has been repeated in early October by one of these two officials to a committee member of the Australia First Party. Amazingly too, one of the officials said to a member of the Australia First Party prior to the meeting that the information provided to her included the detail I had been "connected" to Palmer's Ku Klux Klan!!

The plot thickens. Interestingly, I had spoken to Mr. Vinnicombe by telephone in 2002, warning him in the friendliest of tones against the content of conversations he was reported to have had at an arms' fair with Peter Coleman, number two (until recently) in Palmer nutzism. I found the fact he had even spoken to Coleman very strange at first, if only because Mr. Vinnicombe is not known to be friendly to anyone who is critical (or even thought to be critical) of Zionism, Israel and the US alliance. Mr. Vinnicombe seemed to accept my information which basically was that any contact he might have with the neo-nazis, even the most innocent contact, would ultimately be used against him, and probably would be by the nutzis themselves - if they ran true to form. Yet, Mr. Vinnicombe seemed annoyed at being told certain facts and was reported to have told others he was unhappy with my call. He seemed uninterested in the fact that it was Coleman who, in his guise as a KKK leader, had been used to smear One Nation in 1999. Yet, he knew that Coleman had smeared One Nation. However, from being someone who tried to warn a One Nation official against the nutzi/KKK clique, I have 'become' a participant in Palmer KKK/nutzism! At least, that is the way a reliable One Nation official interpreted Mr. Vinnicombe's warning - against me.

Thus Tuesday night. Come Thursday and the Hanson defence rally, the author attended with about twenty other nationalists. Some rallied near the party banner while others joined the crowd. When Mr. Vinnicombe was approached by Mr. Mark Wilson of the Australia First Party and politely challenged to explain why he had gagged free speech, he was told it was "not your business" and "". Sophisticated politics!

The rally was a shameful waste of time. It had been my intention to speak on the matter of political trials. The prepared speech explained that the Hanson case could not really be undone through the process of Appeal, but only be a judicial inquiry, a 'Royal Commission'. I intended to say that the Abbott dirty-tricks group was only the tip of the iceberg of organized harassment of Australian nationalist and patriotic politics and this truth had to be dragged out. I intended to say that only a program of protest could serve us all, let alone serve Pauline Hanson who is a political prisoner. Obviously, 'someone' did not want me to say all this. Given that the rally produced no program of action, no public resolution, no full explanation of Hanson's plight, one can wonder why it was even held. I say that Pauline Hanson and the cause of freedom were betrayed. She was betrayed by 'her own' party.

Public relations disaster or not, it is very clear to the nationalists that the line which was going to be suggested in my speech - at least had legs. Allowing that little has occurred since this rally from the One Nation camp in Sydney, it can only be concluded they know not what to do, or do know and choose not to do it. They have abandoned Hanson to the lawyers and the quirks of the Appeal court.

The Chronology Of Events Leaves Unanswered Questions, Round Two

If Thursday night left the nationalists in any doubt as to the existence of crookedness, it was soon dispelled. Friday afternoon, the phone is answered - and with that comes the screaming death threat from the man I had supposedly threatened. Like much else, the call reflected the shattered world of the neo-nazism. He began by screaming that he had "read your article" and if I "report him to the police", he will kill me. Article? Police? I can only conclude that the fellow was referring to an article on this site, "The Liberal Party's Nutzi Connection", with its suggestion that the police are investigating the neo-nazis over the British-Israel affair. However, the article had been posted for six weeks, so why the call? As always, Mr. Lain was manipulated, by those who in his own circle call him behind his back - "the AIDS carrier", "the poofta", "the homo". Obviously, Palmer gave the prompts, but who told Palmer to do it - right at that very moment?

Over the years, this writer and a number of other patriotic people have been pursued by the neo-nazis. Threats, property damage, smears and petty harassments have been the usual methods. It is always patriotic people who are targeted. To a certain extent, death threats are meaningless. However, it is also true that Palmer has, in the past, tried to convince people to murder opponents, kill politicians and commit semi-terrorist offences. Palmer has told several people I should be killed and on a tape possessed by me, he says my murder was once discussed with Peter Coleman. Sooner or later, the fractured logic goes, someone might act on his prompts. That possibility must always be taken into account by all of Palmer's 'targets'.

Three days went by after the death threats and the "pedophile" (sic) allegation was made. It should be noted that while this allegation against me is new, the use of paedophile smears by the neo-nazis - is not. For years, the nutzis made the same baseless allegation against a Mr. S.W. Rosier. Smears were repeated orally and 'stories' printed in the group publication. Yet, interestingly, it was Palmer's close aide Coleman who seduced a fifteen year old girl in 1986 and subsequently lived with her ("Cindy"), and who widely boasted he had seduced a fourteen year old girl ("Monica") in 1984. Coleman has also said he had intercourse with an eleven year old girl in Nowra in the late 1970's. It is possible, very possible, the allegation relates to behaviour within the Palmer circle. But we cannot be sure.

On Thursday, September 26, further telephone murder threats were received by me. This time they came from Robert Leys, a long-term Palmer associate. Enquiries made of a Tamworth mental health institution revealed that Mr. Leys had been released not long before and had made other threats to local people who had offended him. He has been quietly recommitted into psychiatric care. Mr. Leys, who suffers from a chronic Bipolar Disorder condition, was used by Palmer in the 1999 KKK provocation against One Nation.

The chronology tells the nationalists the truth; it sets out the linkages. We need not dwell too long on the actual mouthings of the nutzis, unless they provide clues to nature of the activity engaged in. So we confront the last issue raised in the recent affair.

Palmer Gang Squealing Like Stuck Pigs.

In July last year, Palmer and others were scrawling on an 'Aryan Nationalists' Internet chatroom that I was a bad sort of fellow. Some of their asserted fantasies (that I was a poof seduced by 1960's Nazi leader Arthur Smith and then no less than the former prime minister Billy McMahon, and after this very gay 'breaking in', I went on to bugger 'anti-racist' David Greason and nationalist writer Alec Saunders) were a bit rich even for my sense of humour. I found amusing their claims that my mum was a prostitute and the organization National Action (which I directed in the 1980's) was a "pseudo-political" body paid by the top Zionist! One must take nutzi story-telling (particularly when it's composed by people who've been in lunatic asylums) with the proverbial grain of salt! They should write comedy-film scripts! However, all this chatter was a sideshow to the guts of their complaint.

The nutzis maintain that I can (supposedly) weave facts about, document things (why, they complain, I even use footnotes!), investigate the circumstances of nutzi activity and put things together. They say that I am trying to appeal to young people, young "racial nationalists" and others. On the one hand, they say I'm too intellectual to do it (too many years at school I suppose?) but on the other they let slip and say it's actually happening. They say they need to get more smear material together in a "dossier" and they telescope that they have new lines of smear in preparation. They say I have psychological problems (I found that funny coming from these certified nutters) and can be discredited in a number of ways, not the least being that I have quoted from marxists like Chairman Mao in some political documents - which renders me a "smartarse" and a "marxist" to boot. Let's cut to the chase: what does all this squealing mean?

We know that this bile has continued in this peculiar form since it became clear the British-Israel $500,000 fraud was surely going to fail. However, it has continued because of the involvement I have with the Australia First Party and other forms of patriotic action. Do the neo-nazis 'reason' that, after I was 'dealt with' by ASIO / Special Branch all those years ago and falsely imprisoned, I was not supposed to return to political action? Is it that the neo-nazis will carry on the good work their former master Detective Superintendent Neville Ireland could not 'finish'? Speculation remains speculation. The Palmer counter-gang has a job to do and for whatever reason, this writer remains one of their several targets.

Where To Now?

The seeming intertwining of a matter of One Nation internal politics, with a matter of crucial public concern (the political imprisonment of Pauline Hanson), with the machinations of the neo-nazi counter-gang, with the growth in nationalist activity around the Australia First Party, is now on the record.

It teaches us to remain vigilant. For now, the neo-nazis may have played a small and shadowy role in the diverting of the Hanson defence, just as in 1999 they played a small role in destabilising the Hanson party with their KKK rubbish in the media. Certainly now, Mr. Vinnicombe must come forward and tell all to the leadership of One Nation concerning his conversations with Coleman. He must explain in writing why he pushed those One Nation meeting-organisers to withdraw the speaking invitation. Because the neo-nazis continue to harass old targets, we are determined that patriotic organizations of all sorts exchange information about the nutzi gang. Nonetheless, as nationalist politics takes root again in Australia's largest city, we should expect many more 'ructions'. That's politics, folks!

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