Was Palmer An Agent? Taped Record Available

Jim Saleam, May 20 2005

In December last year, I had a conversation with a man who knew David Palmer closely. I have often made it my business over the years to tape-record conversations with Palmer associates. A tape recording was also made of this conversation. Whatever else was said during this conversation, there was a very frank and clear allegation or concession regarding 'Der Fuhrer' - David Palmer. The man said that Palmer had the trappings of an agent of the political police.

I offer here exact quotes:

"Palmer is a prickly pear .... he does have the persona of a latent intelligence agent of some type .... even a bit of the provocateur in him".

He is .... "such a non-entity" .... "no one is in contact with Palmer"..."I told you (this) ... a couple of years ago.."

Many truths have been spoken by Palmer associaites in recent times. This statement is an agreement with a central charge of the nationalists. We can also raise other substantive matters. We note that if the lunatic Palmer is no longer a formal agent, then for some reason - his status was terminated. This does not of course change the disruptive nature of this man, nor yet has any confession been forthcoming, let alone a full statement from him outlining his previous role. It is unlikely Palmer will oblige us. Of course, it surely concerns those who have been victims of Palmer's sixteen year operation. The nationalists and other patriots therefore want to know what Palmer was doing all this time, who his controller was and so forth and why the relationship was terminated. Perhaps a Palmer associate will do us the courtesy?

The Palmer case was unique in Australia - and rather rare internationally. Agent or no agent, Palmer also enjoyed what he did. Play-acting as a neo-nazi fuhrer had real moments of psycho-pleasure. Palmer is still standing, prattling the old nonsense ideology on Stormfront and at private gatherings. Some people around him say they represent 'white nationalism' in Australia. We say to them that they have an opportunity to bring the facts forward.

Any person with a legitimate need for the tape may therefore request a private 'play'. Of course, that is at the discretion of the editors of this site.

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