Darpo-Nutzism: David Palmer Joins On The 'Darp' Web Site To Attack Australian Patriots: Amidst Palmer's Lies, Many Truths

Dr. Jim Saleam

David Palmer, expelled from he chat-room forums of 'Stormfront' is now writing for Mathew Henderson's 'Fight Dem Back'. Mr. Henderson (aka 'Darp') has welcomed Palmer. Here, the old fakir can spout his bile against this writer (in particular) and other nationalists. Not that the anti-racist/anti-fascist lads at Fightdemback really believe much at all of what Palmer says against us. Rather, on occasions, they would calculate that there may be a small sliver of a truth, something that can be manipulated - into propaganda.

The first question: why is Palmer on Fightdemback? This question has intrigued many who once associated with Palmer. By that I mean the small group of genuine fellows who had styled themselves as 'White Nationalists' - or even 'National Socialists'. They have, according to some reports delivered to me, asked the crucial question: if Palmer can now openly associate with the anti-racist/anti-fascist movement, what was he at the start? That question is posed on the reasonable basis that nothing drops from the sky - that things evolve from some existent malignancy. I say it was because Palmer was a false entity at the start. Whatever my ideological criticisms of the 'neo-nazi forms' that Palmer employed, he was a 'fake', a nothing, a shadow, a honey-pot operated by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. He is now attacking all types of Australian patriots, because his agenda was always in one way or another, to disintegrate anything real in favour of a fantasyworld.

The second question: is Palmer mad? Yes. But Palmer was always pschologically disturbed. It was his very condition which led him into politics in 1988. I have long said that Palmer's story about joining National Action in 1988 was a lie. Ditto with getting disillusioned with our weak ideology etc etc. Palmer joined the ANM in late 1988 or very early 1989. But he went to ASIO first! I have long argued that ASIO already knew Palmer from his youth when he pimped for them in the dockyards against he Communist Party. He went to ASIO because his mind told them they were good blokes. Who knows which clerk recruited him?! But Palmer has said that whenever he went to the HQ, they put up a swastika because they believed in it too! A loon was a boon! However, as I have said and others have said, talking to Palmer about Nazism or Australian neo-nazism, or nationalist politics and personalities, was like talking to a mind fed on police files. Weird phrases, false data, knowledge of events (real and false) which he could not otherwise have known of - all pointed to the ASIO connection. The over-the-top rhetoric and style implied a mind in chaos.

The third question: is Palmer still an agent? I would say 'no'. The relationship was severed perhaps a couple of years back. The neo-nazi circle was too volatile. ASIO let him go. Yet, his mission remained. He continued to function within neo-nazism. However, 2005 has been very unkind to Palmer and defeat after defeat has been meted out to neo-nazism in general. The camp is starting to fade away and any person within it who had positive impulses and desires, started to reject it all and move on. I believe Palmer's mind (or what was left of it) lost the little glue that held him to any course of action. He is motivated now only by hates and desires to harm those who he formerly targeted on ASIO instructions.

The fourth question: should we be concerned with Darpo-Nutzism? Not really. Palmer will say whatever he will and the darpists will try to sift through it for the odd nugget in the dirt. Good luck! However, we Australian nationalists and other patriots now have an opportunity to finish off this scene once and for all. Palmer has shown its' logic and we doubt that any of the young people previously attracted to it wish to go down that road. The various lies directed by Palmer to smear many a nationalist can now be seen for what they were. Even so (as I know in my own case in meeting many of the former people in this extended circle), it will take time.

There may be some fall-out from a debriefing of Palmer by the darpists. As I said, the odd nugget will be found. Yet, by the time they've worked it out, we should have moved yet again. The many truths we find in Palmer's new course are our own. Not truths for the darpists, but truths we apply in our struggle. We can see now the real function of Australian neo-nazism - as a servant of state politics. We see that it will only demobilise any sincere people attacted to it because of its' inherent ideological flaws. We see that it has produced nothing of substance.

I will offer now for the journalists, the anti-racists, the anti-fascists, the lunatic Darp and the Human Rights thought police, one final and very personal thought on Palmer. I am conscious of how 'odd' this thought might seem on the first reading. Yet, I recall the saying from Arthur Conan Doyle: "when you have eliminated everything, whatever is left, regardless of how improbable it may look, must be the truth". So what was Palmer? The fifteen years of ranting, screaming, media stunts, provocations and harassments targeted many patriotic people and served the Establishment agenda (anti-racist legislation, Internet censorship, media stigmatisation of groups, espionage etc etc), but it seemed to me that I was his central target. Against me, he never wavered and did just about everything he could - including solicitation to murder. Since he targeted me (and I mean too any group I was involved in) before I even knew who he really was, then somehow he was primed already. How? This man had participated in no movement until he secretly joined ANM. I cannot escape the 'improbable' conclusion that when he offered his soul to ASIO in 1988, he was given a set of organisational parameters and objectives. He was also offered a human target. His shattered brain took that on board. The ASIO officer who 'assigned' to him 'Target Jim Saleam', did well.

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