David Palmer Admits To 'Informer' Status: How To Interpret The Peculiar Admissions Made On 'Fight Dem Back'

Dr. Jim Saleam

Prior to the Sydney Forum, David Palmer, 'Der Fuhrer' as he used to call himself, wrote some odd things on Darp's 'Fight Dem Back' web site. Essentially, he has agreed to having maintained a relationship with the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). However, unlike his one-on-one statements uttered to others over the years defining this relationship (he could always deny making these statements or parts of them), this new one was out in the open for all to see. Yet, this statement too, was unclear as to its full meaning. We are still obliged to sift through the shadows of Palmer's brain to appreciate what we're now being openly told.

Both the nationalists and those who were (or still are?) involved in the 'National Socialist' camp, have heard Palmer's assertion (repeated over and over) that this writer and other close nationalist comrades were the real agents. Sometimes Palmer said we worked for ASIO; then it was the former New South Wales 'Special Branch', or the all-embracing 'ZOG', or for Zionist Jeremy Jones, or for whomsoever grabbed his fancy. He offered no documentary proofs, but in motor-mouth style went on and on to his target audience, smearing without evidence. Palmer stood on his august credit. He aluded to documents in the possession of courts that proved his case; yet, if it was ever offered by me (for one) that the curious could confirm the truth, Palmer said I had forged my copies of the papers. If I offered to take them to the court registries, Palmer would say I would reneg on the offer. It was easy to rely on the very inertia of people; after all, he calculated, probably no one would ask to check. It was always convenient to slither way in a torrent of words. However, I have always steadfastly maintained that each uncorroborated smear was a dim representation of what the truth actually was. The informer-provocateur was Palmer.

Before we proceed, the reader should understand it would be naive to say that Palmer's lies had never done damage. They were intended to. He intended to keep young - and possibly impressionable - new patriots away from the nationalists at all costs. He intended to waste our time trying to undo his 'verbal' frauds. He intended to vex and to anger. This writer is well aware that Palmer's lies, to use the Russian proverb, have long legs. They are still passed around by his circle.

However, at last, we have solid fresh material to indict Palmer. The incriminating material appeared in August, quite freely. One can only wonder why he said it at all?

Due to special circumstances, we will publish as an appendix to this article, Palmer's article - when it becomes available. But for now, we will comment in general detail.

Palmer agreed that he met with ASIO. He did not specify when or how the relationship began. He said they met in city coffee shops and that he would refuse expensive meals for a beverage and a sandwich. He suggested that there was some complication over his oblique threats against the Olympic Games in Sydney (which dates at least one meeting to 2000: unless it meant a comment passed in a nationally syndicated article "Loose Cannons" of 1995 where Palmer referred to "saboteur groups" attacking the Games). He said he did not inform on anyone.

Palmer said that he was obliged to speak with ASIO because they have coercive powers (they didn't then; but in any case, one should refuse to speak to them regardless). He referred also to the New South Wales police Special Branch having arrest powers in the event of one refusing to speak to them. The Special Branch was dissolved in 1997. Was Palmer suggesting he spoke with them too? - obviously prior to 1997? Since it was a comment right next to the ASIO comment, it seems the case. Of course the Special Branch had no powers of arrest in the event of a refusal to communicate.

Palmer did not specifically state what it was the security agencies wanted to talk to him about - with the exception of the Olympics matter.

Kangaroo Reich editors are of course in possession of much other material. Palmer has said that he attended ASIO headquarters and sat beneath their swastika flag (!) and that he received $200 a report. He has lied about the status of others as informers. He was associated with CC18 - Peter Coleman - an informant for Special Branch. He has acted as a provocateur threatening violence and murder and terror for years. He has tried to solicit murder. His targets are always nationalists or patriots. Bluntly, because there is also much other very sensitive material, the conclusion is inescapable that Palmer has played the informer role.

Does the Fight Dem Back material confirm that hypothesis? The reader should note its timing. This is peculiar. The material offered is faulted. Palmer cannot really have believed he was obliged to speak to security agencies. He followed the ASIO pattern and met in coffee shops; he went for the old Special Branch routine and went to their offices. He says he never informed, but he met with them, it seems over many years. Such agencies don't waste their time in this way; they would demand a return for resources expended.

It follows that Palmer is simply not being truthful. Yet, he finally confirms the basic point which he has otherwise told others for ten years: he met with security agencies. We are entitled to inquire further, but most importantly, we must look for a psychological interpretation of the statement before us. Reasonably, Palmer's mind is breaking down. He now feels a compulsion to tell some truths; but the old smoke-and-mirrors game persists. He wants us to keep working to find the whole truth. Therefore the plan remains, more vexation. more time-wasting.

It doesn't follow the nationalists will play the game. But the old fakir can be assured, 'the truth is out there'.

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