Communist Party Of Australia Refuses To Deal With Darp

January 2 2006
Special Reporter

The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) has refused to deal with Matthew Henderson-Hau (aka Darp) and his Fight Dem Back group. This situation was made clear at the so-called anti-racist rally of December 18 at Sydney Town Hall Square. The CPA's criticism of Darp is certain to be an issue within the Left in general as its position is rather sharp and is becoming more widely known.

Darp attended the rally and was photographed by a patriot who was asked to attend and collect information. It is understood Darp takes rejection badly.

The CPA has reportedly 'rejected' Darp for his connections with the Zionists and his possible status as an informer. The CPA has also perceived that Darp's drug use, sexual confusion and his media grandstanding all point to an unstable personality. The CPA is also aware that the would-be yuppie style promoted by Darp has no particular sympathy for the harder and stricter world of older-style communism. The CPA definitely noticed Darp's prior attempts to woo their rivals, the Trotskyites, with now little success - and has no desire to be the next port of call of a con-man.

As far as all this goes, it is rather hard for Australian nationalists to criticise the Communists within the borders of their own logic. The CPA obviously does not wish to be used by a psychologically-challenged individual who is working in close with other agencies.

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