British-Israel Case To End In Final Defeat Of The Palmer Clique: What Will The Usual Suspects Do Now? Klub Naziya? Klub Nation?

May 18 2005

The Supreme Court of New South Wales is about to finally end the imposture of David Palmer and his neo-nazi clique and granted relief to the legitimate supporters of the British-Israel movement. After almost six years after the neo-nazis infiltrated the British-Israel World Federaltion Pty. Ltd. in New South Wales, after three years since the Court ordered the wind-up of the company (a measure to remove the neo-nazis) and after massive expenses, the Court will shortly pass the proceeds of an Estate to the company in liquidation. The money will be transferred to the legitimate Federaton in London and ultimately return to Australia to a structure freed of the neo-nazis.

In 1999, Palmer and his gang joined the Federation to get hold of over $500,000 in money and assets left to the Federation from the Estate of Mr. K.D. Nicholls. If they had succeeded, neo-nazism in Australia would have become self-sustaining. The mighty struggle of Leon Gregor and his stalwarts proved that ultimately these loons can be beaten back at any point. The sadness for these sincere Christians is the effective loss of a quarter of a million dollars in various costs.

What now for Palmer? The game goes on. In January this year, the neo-nazis organised a piss-up club under alternate names: Klub Naziya or Klub Nation. It had been meeting on a fortnightly basis and now about monthly. The first meeting on January 7 saw a major split. The people best known as 'White Pride Coalition of Australia' walked out. They have since denounced the heavy alcohol consumption at the meetings and foreshadowed the idea that this might lead to criminal offences. They were undoubtedly right. Given that Palmer has been talking of killing and terror for years, it seems certain someone is to be revved up to do a crime. We are still witnessing the usual pattern of neo-nazi provocation in action.

It is the opinion of the nationalists that neo-nazism must be harried out of existence. It provides the potential for provocative-violence, the entrapment of some sincere youth, a conduit to collect intelligence on the wider patriotic movement, a pool for the harassment of nationalists and other patriots and a yardstick for media anti-patriotic propaganda.

Palmer's clique is wounded and bleeding badly but it is still in play and has reformed around a new front-man, Mr. J. Rafty. Meetings are taking place between private dwellings in Ultimo and Glebe, but membership (sic) is now a handful. Yet, there is also the strange case of the fake 'British Israel World Federation Australia Limited' (BIWFAL), a body set up thanks to the neo-nazis' lawyer, Mr. John Boyle, such that a claim for monies from the Nicholls Estate could be made Mr. Boyle has in recent times actually claimed to have 'converted' to the British Israel faith; however, his loyalty is focused on the fake entity and not the legitimate body. The connection between Mr. Boyle and the so-called 'conservative' faction of the New South Wales Liberal Party is well known. Will the Liberals stll have use for the neo-nazi shadow operation?

Nothing about the neo-nazis is ever certain. Vigilance must be sustained as the ultimate round is soon to begin.

Inside The Kangaroo Reich