Another Provocation? Who Damaged The 'Jewish Museum' At Liverpool And Then Blamed An Innocent Woman?

December 2003

Jim Saleam

In early August 2003, a Museum in the Sydney suburb of Liverpool, was damaged. The Museum was hosting a Jewish exhibition about the Nazi concentration camps. Some spray-painted slogans appeared along with posters.

The media reported that the posters and other literature left behind were in the names of the White Power Coalition and the National Salvation Front. Attention immediately focused on the White Pride Coalition as the 'likely' culprit. Certain media smear was passed in that direction.

Whomsoever left behind the tell-tale material did two things. He cast the blame at the White Pride group but in an off-side manner. He also tried to throw in a furphy, given that the National Salvation Front, a circle set up in 2001, has dissolved. Certainly, I would reason that, given the relations between the former director of the Salvationists ('Jason') and the mainline neo-nazis, throwing off at him was one way to square up for past disputes and muddy the waters.

In my view, the White Pride people did not carry out the vandalism. But the guilty party is very close to them, at least in the sense they were aware of the foibles of the White Pride group and knew how to cast blame. And still, do it in a way that if reproached, they could say that the real crooks, by using the word Power and not Pride, messed it up, something they find vexing indeed! Ho, ho, ho. They would leave their real 'targets' (certain youth in and around White Pride) most confused and still unsure. Surely, their mates couldn't be setting them up?

Our theory is that the intention of the vandalism and media publicity was to slowly enmesh the quarry (White Pride) in its' own destruction. Media set-ups are an old strategy. They always set the groundwork. Now we have the situation where, Stephen Rothman, President of the New South Wales Jewish Board Of Deputies, formally complained in November to the Racial Discrimination Board that he was "vilified" by The Nationalist, a magazine issued by some members of White Pride. Some of the injudicious articles in the magazine (seemingly written by major provocateur players in the neo-nazi milieu) will probably persuade the Board to find against the publishers. Rothman will get what he desires: a decision to ban a magazine. With all the flummery about, we could nearly lose track of the truth: the neo-nazi core cell directed by David Palmer and Peter Coleman will have assisted the state in the winning of a dangerous 'legal' precedent, while forever staining the political futures of some genuine, if in our view wrongly instructed, young men in the White Pride group.

Wait, we go too far from the vandalised Jewish Museum! That the neo-nazis were involved in this provocation is already fairly clear. The slurs at the White Pride group and the National Salvation Front suggested the hand of the usual provocateurs. Then, the final proof came to hand. In October, an anonymous tip-off told Liverpool Police that the organiser of the vandalism was a lady, a Mrs. Cathy S.

The odds now run very heavily in favour of our theory. Mrs. S. is just over 60, was a member of One Nation and stays in touch with a well known One Nation activist called 'Ross'. Ross had his own run-in with Palmer over two years ago at a meeting and helped eject him. Mrs. S. says she was sexually accosted at a One Nation meeting by one of its members, an odd bloke called 'Bob', a man who has had, and possibly still does have, some contentious link with Coleman. Mrs. S. also received some calls in 2003 from a certain John M., known as an informer for Palmer. Ostensibly, John M. was calling about One Nation activities. Naming Mrs. S. to the Police, in view of these facts, seals it. Targeting Mrs. S. was just one way to serve the neo-nazis' covert aims in the dirty war against patriotic politics in Sydney, although as ever, the precise logic of the neo-nazis must escape us. Yet, we do count one small mercy: police investigating the vandalism do not consider Mrs. S. a suspect. Our conclusion is simple: responsibility for the Museum vandalism comes straight out of the neo-nazi provocateur gang's own ranks.

As with alleged neo-nazi harassment of Sydney Moslems last May, regular police have probably found their investigation ended nowhere. The shadowy world of black-bag ops cannot really be penetrated by ordinary coppers trying to work out a seemingly petty case of vandalism. So, the neo-nazis survive again, ready for the next operation. The elderly Jews who manage the Museum likewise know nothing and certainly have never suspected they were pawns, not in the actions of anti-semites, but of state agents. As for the 'National Socialists' at White Pride, an urgent word of advice: it's time to get out before the neo-nazi provocateur gang has you imprisoned, not for your principles, but for an 'operation' whose code-name - we may never learn!

Inside The Kangaroo Reich