Has An Australian Neo-Nazi Made Threats To An American Activist: Was It Pat O'Sullivan?

Dr. Jim Saleam

December 2003

Bill White is an American populist activist who edits the Internet site, www.overthrow.com and who publishes the Internet 'Libertarian Socialist News'. In recent times, Mr. White may have found himself targetted via phone and the Internet by Reverend (sic) Patrick O'Sullivan, a well-known Melbourne neo-nazi. Although there exists the possibility that O'Sullivan is actually not the perpetrator of the harassment campaign, White has published of late on this neo-nazi, naming him in connection with serious harassment, once again focusing some attention upon him. The harassment could not get more serious, with bogus information in circulation that he desired to kill the American President. If O'Sullivan is the culprit it would stem from Mr. White's criticism of American organizations with which O'Sullivan deals.

Patrick ("Pat") O'Sullivan has been commented upon in the Kangaroo Reich. Sentenced to gaol over a stabbing back in 2001, Pat has made a name for himself in recent years as a "reverend" in the U.S.-based 'World Chuch Of The Creator' (WCOTC). In 1999, he shot to stardom on national television as part of a 'racist network' alongside of Peter Coleman and David Palmer who were each supposedly directing his own Ku Klux Klan group. These two Sydney faces of neo-nazism, had at that point, just boasted of their oh-so-extensive infiltration of the One Nation Party. Since that time, O'Sullivan has been mentioned periodically in the media. His career is therefore of some interest to us in understanding the neo-nazi phenomenon in Australia.

I understand that Pat has, on more than one occasion, expressed verbally and on the Internet, his aversion to me. Fine. I have been reliably informed that threats of violence have also been made. Indeed, in September 1997, whilst I was elsewhere, he and another man attempted to force their way into premises owned by me. Fortunately for my former wife and children, he did not gain access. Pat subequently admitted to three persons he had carried out this operation at the behest of Coleman.

The origin of Pat's rancour goes back in time. In 1988, he lived in Adelaide, and as a young 'Skinhead' he made contact with the Australian National Action (ANA). By 1989, he resided in Melbourne and despite his continued contact with the ANA, had converted to neo-nazism. He found the strict adherence of the party to Australian nationalism a constraint both on his mode of public conversation and the anarchic lifestyle engaged in by some Skinheads. In that year, when the state's political police moved against the ANA with the intention of suppressing it, O'Sullivan became oppositional and keen to see the group taken over in some way - and nazified. It is understood secret contacts were opened up with Coleman, by then a Special Branch police informer working against the nationalist cause. Unsurprisingly, O'Sullivan was present at a 'meeting' in Melbourne on Saturday December 9 1989 where neo-nazis burnt an effigy of this writer in Coleman's presense, screamed "Seig Heil" and promised to wreck ANA. The conspiracy bore fruit and on April 15 1990, a group of neo-nazi Skinheads proclaimed themselves to be "National Action in Melbourne" - and deposed (sic) the party leadership. Thereafter, they stalked the legitimate organization, harassing its leaders and making press statements in the name of their fictional entity. In the very document that announced their 'takeover' of the ANA in Melbourne, these neo-nazis denounced this writer for my "attack" upon "National Socialism", conceiving this criticism as some sort of "communist" plot. It is unlikely that Pat would consider this whole phase to have been manipulated by the political police to achieve the break-up of a 'dangerous' nationalist organization. Rather he may continue to think of it as a square-up with the nationalists for our refusal to adhere to the Hitler cult.

Some time later, after O'Sullivan appeared to become more reasonable, he was accepted into the 'new' Australian National Action, restabilized after a long period of marginalization, and directed by a new chairman, Michael Brander of Adelaide. It was my view that O'Sullivan had to be treated carefully, but I was a political prisoner at the time and hardly able to question this decision to readmit him. But he was soon oppositional again. The ANA had been targetted in 1995 by drug criminal Gregory Middap who engineered his own infiltration of the party. It took some time for Middap's game to be revealed. Expelled by Brander, he soon joined up with O'Sullivan, who had also been expelled for fractious and non-nationalist activities. These two then harassed Brander to the point where, at one stage, O'Sullivan swore out a complaint against Brander for assault (a complaint he later withdrew).

In mid 1997, Brander's vehicle parked inside a nationalist shop-centre in the Melbourne suburb of Fawkner, was torched. The attack was arranged from the Middap circle.

O'Sullivan has worked for Peter Coleman as an assistant in his militaria business. On that basis he travelled the country with him in the years 1998 - 2001. The 1999 campaign against the One Nation Party, designed by a Greg Roberts of the Sydney Morning Herald, had Coleman, Palmer and O'Sullivan pretending to represent separate racist structures. At no point was the reader or viewer of the shocking tales told O'Sullivan was Coleman's employee, let alone that all three were members of a single neo-nazi cell.

It is generally known that the residue of the Skinhead scene has had little time for Pat. Indeed, in late 1997 when O'Sullivan was 'hiding out' in Sydney in the company of the Southern Cross Hammer Skinheads, he found himself (peaceably) pursued by Brander over the assault charges; in a cool meeting at a suburban railway station, the Southern Cross group demanded he return to Melbourne to sort out the matter. Effectively repudiated, he did so. But the hatred of Brander and others has persisted. He kept to himself and a small circle, although he occasionally would turn up at certain functions hosted by Melbourne's patriotic groups in the years 1998 - 2001. Some report an attitude of menace in his appearances. In 2001, a WCOTC group appeared in Rockhampton and soon affiliated to his section of this church which sponsors a kind of racial religion on a non Christian basis.

It was at this time that police were looking for Pat with a view to charging him over a stabbing offence. Ultimately, he was convicted and imprisoned for two and a half years. We believe he has just been released. To what has he been released? The same poisonous scene!

What makes a neo-nazi? Patrick O'Sullivan chose a political pathway long ago. Rather than adhere to a nationalism based upon the cultural and historical reality of his country, Pat chose the racial cultic world of neo-nazism, adapting aspects of its ideological baggage to his personal taste. This destructive milieu served only to alienate its subject from proper rules of political and moral conduct. Nothing mattered but the sterile repitition of neo-nazi slogans, the mind-numbing alcohol fests, the symbolic protests and music 'gigs'. In such an atmosphere any attempt to impose any sort of Australian vision was necessarily derided and the adherents of this vision stigmatized as 'weak' (sic) enemies. Such was the perverse basis for the anti-nationalist activities of the neo-nazis. Patrick O'Sullivan will most probably reappear on the neo-nazi scene as a player, if in fact he has not already done so with the strange harassment of Bill White.

The game is afoot.

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