The Melbourne 'Men In Black'. Conspiracies Unravel. The Strange Careers In The Patriotic Scene Of Dean Clarke, Ross Diggins, Brendan Bride .

Dr. Jim Saleam and others,
in an on-going investigation of Dirty Tricks operations
in Melbourne

February 5 2004

Because of ongoing demands from Melbourne patriotic people, we have posted this article still unfinished! But as we say below, it will be altered over time with new info. Check back soon.

The Melbourne Herald-Sun dropped a political bombshell on Saturday, December 6. In an article entitled "Health Activists On File", the paper reported on the activities of an extreme-leftist campaign cooked up to supposedly 'Defend And Extend Medicare'. The usual leftist suspects were there: Dr. Joseph Toscano, Stephen Jolly, Jacob Grech, Julie Jones, Pamela Curr, the International Socialists - and lo and behold, one "co-convenor", Brendan Bride. From there it only got worse!

The December 6 article was actually the second 'bomb'. On the previous day, it was revealed that Tony Abbott, the new Minister For Health, fresh from his dirty-tricks campaign against Pauline Hanson, was right on the job 'against' the Defend And Extend Medicare group. It was said that "intelligence" agents had briefed him on the Toscano-Jolly organization and that they did no less than brief the Herald-Sun as well. Such obliging people, the ASIO spooks! So nice to note Abbott, the operator of a private Liberal Party shadow-structure of his own, getting down into brawl over "intelligence" information concerning a public campaign on health issues.

Obviously, the involvement of an intelligence agency (ASIO) and Abbott's use of intelligence here and in the past, warns us something big is happening. As much as the extreme-leftists may not like to hear it, the state power was only too happy to indulge them when they ran the hate-Hanson violence in 1997-98, but they must be reined in when their activity is inconvenient. But if we spot anything untoward at any other point in the public circus, we are right to raise serious questions. We must do so now , particularly if these extreme-leftists have offered their hand to a seeming (former) player in Melbourne's 'extreme-right', Brendan Bride. We use the media and Left's term 'extreme right' for effect! When asked by the media about his politics, he replied: "I have been involved in other issues" and then went on to detail a certain environmental-campaign in the Mornington Peninsula. He said he was happy his daughter was involved in demonstrations against the Iraq war. However, Mr. Bride was not being truthful, at least in the sense of telling the whole truth.

Did ASIO tell the Herald-Sun about Mr. Bride's 'extreme-right' connection? Does Abbott know, and if he does know, why is he silent? Has Mr. Bride told Messrs Jolly and Toscano? Do they care? Or is it all a game? If Mr. Bride simply a campaigner on the Medicare issue iwilling to work with the likes of Jolly, was he concerned about Jolly's role in fomenting violence against One Nation, the party he previously supported? In any case, how did Mr. Bride become a co-convenor of such an organization alongside of Toscano and Jolly? How did they all meet? How did the group come into being? Is it a public campaign group working for a good cause, or a classic leftist 'front'? And where does that leave Mr. Bride? The questions and many more besides, demand answers.

It is a matter of fact that Brendan Bride has been an activist with the Australians Against Further Immigration and the One Nation party and has worked with other patriotic activists. He is now in interesting company. Either Mr. Bride is on the patriotic side and doing-a-number on the leftists (in which case we are at fault for revealing this and accept the consequences!), or he was in the company of his own true friends and co-thinkers, or he has never had any firm politics, or it is all some covert game on his part - or for others? It staggers belief to accept that Mr. Bride is, by his words, simply a person concerned over the government attack on Medicare; if he was this, he would not accept the kiss-of-death alliance with the likes of Toscano and Jolly. It is also beyond belief that these leftists do not know Mr. Bride's background, or would not have had these facts told to them by the usual 'linkages' with media or political police elements, if he was - some sort of infilitrator of a leftist campaign. It goes to show they know all about it and it doesn't disturb them one degree. And with ASIO hovering about with Abbott, there is the feeling about that someone is being screwed around. Whose game is this?

It is Mr. Bride's prior acquaintance with two other Melbourne 'rightist' identities, Mr Dean Clarke and Mr. Ross Diggins, which broadens the question out. The latter two have in the past, operated their own mini security service decked out in neat black 'uniforms' in 1998 - 2001 (a second Melbourne 'Men In Black' - but no relation to the anti Family Court campaigners!!), a structure put in place ostensibly to protect the meetings of patriotic organizations. They have become fixtures on the Melbourne patriotic scene for over a decade and have been accepted into some groups as members. They have also been instrumental in causing difficulties inside other groups. Their 'careers' have also been included threats of violence and actual violence, directed not at their supposed 'enemy', but at nationalists and patriots. The questions and suspicions which have hung over them for years are now pressingly urgent. Now, there is no evidence Mr. Bride has had anything to do with these illegal actions associated with Clarke and Diggins, and we do not allege it. Rather, we are saying that certain 'odd' people assembled at some of the same places at similar times. There is now a cloud over Mr. Bride for his present connections and what he does say (as below) about Clarke and Diggins leaves the matter as dark as ever. Alarm bells are ringing everywhere.

We are now engaged in an on-going investigation and we expect this article will be modified as further evidence becomes available. Essentially, it is time to fight back against wrecking and spying operations and pursue the matter, regardless of where the truth leads, right through to the end.

This article is also inter-active. As it was being composed (news of it leaked very quickly once we corresponded with certain persons!), we heard of protests from those who would be criticised and we were criticised directly by Mr. Bride. We listen (in every way), but will not be deterred from getting the truth. Undoubtedly, as this article is set down in stages, there will be more explosions and we shall write all this into the evolving text. That process is also new and matches the purposes of The Kangaroo Reich page. We reproduce below our correspondence from Mr. Bride:

ATTN; Jim Saleam, the Editors, Owners and Publishers of web site

FROM: Brendan Bride REFERENCE; Webpage

ABOVE WEB PAGE HEADED: Selected Materials On Australian Neo-Nazis.

Material Titled (article 17): The Melbourne 'Men In Black'. A Conspiracy Unravels. The Strange Careers In the Patriotic Scene Of Dean Clarke, Ross Diggins, Brendan Bride.

I have advice that I have been libelled and possibly criminally libelled. That I have been falsely and malicously discredited and defamed. The most serious consideration is the false inference that I am a Neo-Nazi. This by virtue of your including my name in material on this webpage and in the context of your article heading and stated purpose of the page.

I categorically state that I am not a Neo-Nazi, never have been nor will I ever be a Neo-Nazi. Your informants, the perpetrators of this rubbish are either, mindless conduits for malevolent provocateurs with ulterior motives, or worse, knowing doctrinaire propagandists with a hidden agenda. Either way, they have no regard for the truth.

I am acquainted with Messrs Clarke and Diggins, but have had rare contact with them socially in more than five years and have had no active political involvement with them whatsoever. (A conspiracy unravels?) Guilt by association? McCarthyism. YOU people ought to know better.That is providing that you don't have a secret agenda.

I have not been politically involved for many years, at least five, but recently have become involved in local community issues including the universal health care debate. I am a co-convenor of a non party political, non profit, single issue, grass roots Medicare lobby group. Is it a crime to defend Australians' universally popular health system? The Health Minister seems to think so. He must be the only Minister in the Western world who thinks that universal health care is a left wing cause.

I am not a political cheer leader and push no barrow for any political party, group or organisation on the left, right or centre.

I request that you remove any references about me from this website. Your source of information is flawed. Further publishing could see very serious legal proceedings instigated. I suggest you obtain legal advice on what you have already published and be one hundred percent certain of your facts if you intend publishing any more material on me.

If you reply with a contact phone number I am prepared to discuss this matter with you. In the meantime I hope you see fit not to publish any further.

Sincerely, Brendan Bride

The 'Background' Of Clarke, Diggins And Bride

It is a fact of life in politics that people come from nowhere, join groups and purport to help out and build them. Sometimes, these people are quite genuine. After all, everyone has to start somewhere, sometime. However, there is another class of individual. These people come with a secret agenda. They cannot be 'checked out' because they have no past to judge on. They can henceforward only be judged by what they do. Therein lies the problem. Any 'gut' negative reaction to them can be criticised as paranoia, or plain bad organizational manners. They appear to help out, appear to work well and are co-operative. They can therefore worm their way into a group and be in an important position of trust before anything practical can be done against them. Further, and most destructive of a proper response to any infiltration operation, people with stray facts seldom converse and there is no proper assembly-point for information to be shared and synthesised. Hitherto, few patriotic organizations have considered it necessary to have a structure to police themselves. A Dirty Tricks operation is very likely therefore - to get past first base.

The actual personal origins of this troika are interesting. Dean Clarke's father was a Federal Police officer who 'resigned' at some point and was reputedly physically unwell; supposedly Clarke junior 'cared' for him. Ross Diggins's father was a regular Victorian policeman stationed with the Major Crime Squad in the early 1980's. It is said he was removed for corruption. Of course, having a cop in one's family might not really mean too much. However, as things developed, it should have excited more comment. Brendan Bride 's political experience (as expressed in a conversation to a witness in 1998) was 'said' to have been restricted to the patriotic movement and then limited in time frame - although it seems his involvement went back further (as below). Even so, he became rather close to the inner workings of a movement. He befriended many people, was welcome into homes and obtained detailed intimate data. He became acquainted with Clarke and Diggins, as he at least, confirms. It seems to have gone further than he concedes. A video recording provided to us shows Diggins and Bride both at a meeting of the One Nation party in 1998. Mr. Bride has never condemned them or opposed them for their doings and by his account simply severed contact five years back. Yet, they were certainly all at the same meetings in 1998, in mid 1999, and as below, in October 2001.. Unfortunately, while we like Mr. Bride object to 'guilt by association', any relationship of any person, particularly one who now appears to have totally reversed his former politics, with the likes of Clarke and Diggins, is necessarily suspect. The person must explain.

For our purpose, it is the political history of Clarke and Diggins which incites the fullest suspicion. There is contradiction in the careers of Clarke and Diggins. It is reported that Clarke appeared at a Conservative Speakers' Club meeting in 1997 in the company of an Asian woman whose identity has never been determined. So much for his 'hard stance' as a White Australia activist?! He boasted of sharing a house with a person who had an interested in certain pornography. So much for his commitment to moral reform? He claimed to have had trouble with police over a gun shop he supposedly owned or managed. He also entered into contact in 1997-8 with underclass youths in Melbourne who play-act at being neo-nazis and KKK-men. Diggins, who has affected a 'Skinhead' style, may have surfaced in the late 1980's with some marginal association with neo-nazi grouplets in Melbourne before going back into hibernation - pending reactivation during the 'Hanson upsurge' of 1997. It is unclear what his real ideological line ever was. There remains the possibility that his conduct shows a lack of any firm ideas at all. That itself is unusual. Curiously, and at the wild leftist demonstration at the Hawthorne Town Hall, a notorious leftist known as 'Mad Annie' very publicly called out to Diggins as he went to join the Hanson supporters on the opposite side of a barricade: "Ross, you traitor, you..". Traitor to what? There is some evidence Diggins had once befriended Melbourne's anarchists; was he a "traitor" to them?

When people appear to flit about, seem to have had varied political loyalties and then go on to maintain a variety of perspectives across a single spectrum, we are entitled to ask what their positions might be. This is not unfair. It is useful when changes are sharp and clear - say when someone in the National Party says he supports the One Nation, or a former Stalinist leftist makes the shift to nationalism, or a League Of Rights supporter decides to support the campaign-line of The Strategy paper etc. Such changes might be the product of reflection and they leave documentary trails. But what of people who write down nothing, who never bother to explain why they go here or there, who embrace different lines with equal passions within short periods of time and so forth?

No! To call for explanations from people is not the politics of the sect. It is the politics of self-protection! At the very least, the leadership of a group should look closely at whatever activities such persons engage in - and terminate the connection the moment a reason develops. It is not necessary to have the ultimate evidence, be it an actual confession (and how often would that happen?) or a document that is final. In this sort of black-operation, it is necessary only to have an awareness that something just is not right. Some might say we are wrong in our allegation, but they cannot say the stories of these gentlemen - make sense!

The Targeting Of The Australians Against Further Immigration (AAFI)

In this case, there was continuous personal targeting of the founders of the party Robyn Spencer, Rod Spencer and Dennis McCormack.

This party was a real threat to liberal-internationalist politics. It was founded in 1988 and assumed a prominent place in Melbourne nationalism by 1993. It was able to unite electoral work with counter-cultural / ideological work and was ultimately to move towards a situation where it considered building a grassroots/street presense. Needless to say, the party came under intense scrutiny and it was smeared regularly in the mass media.

What was Mr. Bride when he associated with AAFI? One AAFI witness told us the leadership "trusted Brendan" and that he had been of "great help" since the "early AAFI days". Indeed, this witness thought that Toscano and Jolly had merely been invited by Mr. Bride to address a rally and that Mr. Bride had been unfairly dealt with by media. Given this witness did not know of his "co-convenor" status in the Medicare campaign, it is fair to say, a certain degree of deception has been employed. Whom by?

The investigation into disruption in the AAFI is on-going. One report has indicated that the state attempted to infiltrate the group not long after it surfaced in 1988.

To be continued

The Targeting Of National Action

In January 1997, the National Action (NA) opened a shop front in the suburb of Fawkner. Immediately, it was the subject of leftist demonstrations which demanded the "closure" of the installation. As usual, the Trotskyites were the leaders in the campaign and the standard line trotted out was that National Action was "neo-nazi". The neo-nazi slogan means a lot to Trotskyites. It is used against all groups other than conservative and electoral groups, a sort of neat division which dictates the tactics to be employed. It also signifies that a person or group has firm opinions and is not likely to buckle under to media and political-police harassment. Usually, the label has no basis in reality. The number of neo-nazis in Australia is limited and the main structures operate as political-police provocations.

The Fawkner shop was a major initiative of the NA and seemed to indicate that it would expand out of its Adelaide base and take on a more vigorous profile in the constellation of patriotic and nationalist organizations across the country. Obviously, this potential 'had' to be addressed. The NA had been weak in Melbourne for a long time, this situation reaching back to 1990 when a political-police-connected disruption had all-but-disintegrated it. Some attempts to resurrect it had proved abortive. In early 1996 a major provocateur who had affiliated to it one year before, Gregory Middap, was driven out of the embryonic Melbourne structure. The Fawkner experiment was a real throw of the dice, but unfortunately an effort that was not sustained.

In late 1997, Clarke and Diggins arrived on the scene. The latter seemed to have a bit of money to splash around. They attended the Fawkner premises and announced their interest. For some months they fished about.

Not long before the Fawkner shop was closed in May 1998, Diggins had seconded two members of NA, after a campaign of subtle stirring, to turn on a fellow member of the group and assault him. The plan was uncovered and the matter was scotched, resulting in the removal of Diggins from the group. A little afterwards, Clarke was found to be recruiting the members of National Action on a private basis as the core for his supposed black-uniformed security-service for One Nation meetings. Not surprisingly, the relationship between Clarke and the official National Action leadership deteriorated quickly. Clarke was removed, but the rancour remained and took on serious forms. There were threats to do violence, seeming stalking and petty harassments and smear.

The strange intervention of Diggins's father in the relationship of his son with the NA must also deserve attention. When Diggins was removed from the group, his father was about blustering and carrying on. What possible interest could he have had in his son's passtimes? Did paternal care of his child extend to intervening in political disputes? In October 2001, after a confrontation between Diggins and Brander at a civil liberties meeting, the father arrived outside with the Men In Black, making threats of violence against Brander. Why? Interestingly, Mr. Bride was present at this meeting and in the company of Diggins and Clarke. Obviously, his letter quoted above denying an association in the last five years with these two - was inaccurate.

The penchant for violence from the Men In Black did not stop. In December 2001, the home of a person ('Z') was damaged. This was one in a series of incidents directed at this person who had obviously, on occasions, been stalked. Z did have an association with NA in the earlier period, but was also active in other nationalist and patriotic groups. He was the same person over whom Diggins had organised the assault in 1998. For some reason, harming Z was of importance to Diggins. In order to force the matter out into the open, Z took to court an application for an apprehended violence order against Diggins. In the end, the court ordered that both parties stay away from each other. The question is: why did Diggins pursue Z with such vigour?

Rumours circulate that the Men In Black made approaches to Pat O'Sullivan, a well-known Skinhead neo-nazi, for information on a number of Melbourne patriotic and nationalist identities - and that information was duly supplied. It was well known that O'Sullivan had a deep aversion to Brander and others, including the authors of this article, particularly Saleam. Why did they want information? Is this how Australia-Israel Review managed to publish in 1999 some quite detailed material on Melbourne nationalist activities? The connection between O'Sullivan and the David Palmer's Sydney neo-nazi provocateur clique would also have been known to the Men In Black, whose role in Melbourne paralleled the latter.

It is fair to say that the Men In Black operation played a role in the retreat of the NA to the fringe after 1998 in Melbourne, although the estimation of the weight that could be put on this course of events cannot be discussed here. As a nuisance and a vexation, they did their job well.

The Targeting Of The One Nation Party And The Great Australians

Brendan Bride moved on into the One Nation party. He served as a campaign activist in the electorate areas of Flinders and Dunkley. It is in this area that he now acts for the Defend And Extend Medicare group.

The One Nation party had the effect of melding many patriotic groups. It was initially uncertain which way it might go. The political police could not be sure if it might not become a nationalist party and with the presense of many nationalists within it, that option was to be cut off at all costs. In that way the media regularly exposed (sic) the passage into the party of any persons regarded as 'extremists'. Australia-Israel Review led the hate campaign against the Spencers. And, as One Nation opted to take the respectable road, such people were to be removed.

Interestingly, when the Hanson apparatus finally set out to expel Robyn Spencer from the party, Bride was right there offering "resistance" (as one key player put it) to Hanson's foolishness. In point of fact, he was right on the spot assessing who was with whom and what the lines of approach might be in the wake of this schism. Earlier, at a 1998 conference of the party, Mr. Bride was active securing votes for Mrs. Spencer for Victorian president in league with Diggins and Clarke.against a Hansonite, Mr. Kavelenko. Siding with one 'faction' against another might have been a sincere expression of political persausion, or it might have been an old ruse employed by wreckers. The reader must decide!

When Spencer was expelled (the first time!), a meeting was called at the home of the Spencers in May 1999, Mr. Bride was there. He would have taken note of all the resistants!

Mr. Bride's current association with the advocates of mob violence against One Nation is strange indeed. He must know their human character from the time when he 'served' One Nation.

The turmoil in the Melbourne patriotic scene caused by the activities of the One Nation party - and the assorted responses to those activities - continued. It carried through with the re-admission of the Spencers to One Nation and their final expulsion in 2002. As for Clarke, he changed targets, finding himself in 2002 in the company of The Great Australians which intended to form a Melbourne branch. As it was no branch was founded. Supporters of the party had the view Clarke was there to spy on them. What was his motive in being at the discussions? He has since dropped all interest in the party.

To be continued

The Targeting Of The League Of Rights

In 1999, the Clarke-Diggins circus made a concerted attempt to move in on the Australian League Of Rights (LOR) in Melbourne. This involved the offer of help to steward-protect meetings and, when 'old Tom' passed in the job on the tape-recording service, the takeover of that function by Mr. Diggins. It cannot be said he has done the best service. Did he intend to?

We note that, in the last couple of years, there has been a seeming downturn in the activites of the LOR in Melbourne. The special 'service' role of the LOR should continue in that city, yet this is difficult when the 'Conservative Speakers Club' fails to meet.

The struggle to remove Diggins from the League is of course, something which can only really be carried out by its loyalists. However, in the situation where pro-Australian organizations (of whatever complexion) are targetted by alien forces, it is the duty of any and all patriotic groups to do something in their defence. It is the duty of one group with information to tell the others. In that spirit, the following letter was directed to the LOR on December 15 2003:

State Director (Victoria), Australian League Of Rights, Melbourne


I must bring to your attention a matter which may compromise the security and integrity of the League Of Rights in Victoria.

I refer to the article in the "Health Activists On File", Herald Sun, December 6 2003. This article reported the activities of a Mr. Brendan Bride, who now publicly acts in conjunction with various Trotskyites and ultra-leftists in Melbourne.

It is a matter of record that Mr. Bride was in the 1990's - an active member of the Australians Against Further Immigration and the One Nation party. It is now reasonably the case he had another - and secret - agenda. It is also well known that Mr. Bride has had a close friendship with Mr. Dean Clarke and Mr. Ross Diggins. I understand the latter person has occupied a position of trust with you.

As you are aware, there has been a certain controversy surrounding Messrs. Clarke and Diggins. This ongoing contention has involved allegations against these individuals of conspiracy to commit violence, property damage, threats of violence and so forth. There have been long-standing public documents issued by one group suggesting the involvement of a police agency in orchestrating these persons in an exercise in disruption.

The current affair with Messrs. Bride, Clarke and Diggins will cause an Internet publication to appear by next Monday. This item will ultimately appear at

This document will say (amongst other things) that the patriotic movement in Melbourne has been the victim of a sustained Dirty-Tricks operation.

I trust the League will launch its own inquiry into the activities of the named persons and protect itself from disruption.

Yours sincerely, Dr. Jim Saleam

The League Of Rights has a role to play in the broad patriotic fightback against New World Order politics in Australia. It should be able to make its contribution free of disruption. We await developments.

The Extreme Leftists: The Auxiliary Role With The State. How It Works.

It has long been observed both by nationalists and the old-style Left, that Trotskyites have a very bad habit of ending up in alliance (open or otherwise) with liberal-capitalist forces. This is graphically illustrated by the Democratic Socialist Party which campaigns against protecting Australian jobs; it does so on the pure-marxist logic (!) that this means supporting a group of protected capitalists. Conclusion? Allow capitalism to level the playing field as that brings the glorious day of communist revolution just that little bit closer. Crazy! In practise the supposedly anti-globalist Trotskyites who scream so much at protest rallies - have the same policies as the capitalists! It is our belief that the big business class recognised that the Trotskyites and their feral allies could occasionally be used and operations were put in place to get their compliance on certain issues from time to time. Even the anarchist Toscano uses the slogan 'no globalisation without direct democracy'. Conclusion? Toscano is a globalist when it comes to opening borders for capital, migrants and refugee / asylum seeker scum - but quibbles over who should run the gravy train! This shows us too, that Toscano can end up a peg-boy of the political police!

Look at the 'Defend And Extend Medicare' leaders. The anarchist Toscano, who is so keen to twist and pervert the history of the great Eureka Stockade into an exercise in anarcho-democracy, finds himself in alliance with 'anti-racist' Labor Party stooge, Al Grassby on this very sordid rewrite-of-history campaign. Stephen Jolly, the impressario of the Socialist Party, was permitted to organise anti One Nation rampages in 1997-8, because that served the state interest. The International Socialists, who freely 'interviewed' Mr. Bride for Socialist Worker, and morons to the last, have more than once found themselves taking guidance (orders?) off anti-racist/anti-fascist (sic) David Greason, a former psycho-ward patient whose connection with the Zionist Australia-Israel Review should have caused 'good communists' to wince. The extreme-left has an independent identity - yes. It can play at its own independent politics - yes. However at certain times and places it finds itself used by the state for specific purposes. Yet, to guide the 'militants', there must also be a few deliberate agents.

The nexus of Trotskyites with state agencies and Zionism is a fact of life in Europe. A few years ago, the British 'Anti-Fascist Action' organization, an extreme-leftist body implaccably opposed to all forms of nationalism and patriotism, said that the Trotskyites serve as a sort of street-level intimidation force for the social democratic parties and the political police with the Zionists in the background providing "intelligence on the right-wing" (sic) usually through some public 'anti-racist' front-man. It was argued that the Trotskyites simply lack the discrimination to know when they are being used.

It is actually Stephen Jolly who has let the whole game out of the bag. In his Refugees, Racism And Capitalism In Australia, he actually confessed:

"Hansonism was defeated by a combination of radical action from thousands of young people and workers in the cities who protested outside her meetings and opposition from sections of big business who feared her poison would upset their trade with Asia."

At last! Mr Jolly, please explain, please explain, please explain! Does this mean, if we strip away the rhetoric, that Jolly (among others) used their Trotskyite networks to call out (bamboozle) young people, incited them to act violently, in a defacto alliance with the capitalists against Hanson? That is exactly what Jolly means. His confession is our point here. On occasion the capitalists use people like Jolly; in other periods they are free actors who can upset the major parties and require to be leashed again.

Of course, at this point of time, the Trotskyites and their feral allies are running a campaign about Medicare. It reaches out to the public and keeps the cadres 'cooking' along. They're primed, ready for the next time the state may need them as pseudo-bully-boys. Yet, at the moment, they could turn out to be public nuisances and a threat to the secret Liberal Party plan to privatise every aspect of the sickness industry. The Liberals may choose therefore - to strike at the Left. It is a complex relationship. Yet it pays off to keep HMAS Tough Left Radical - on course.

The Truth As A 'Radical' Weapon: Solution To The Dirty-Tricks Operations.

It is our view that the Melbourne nationalist and patriotic scene, the 'extreme-right' of media fiction, has been the victim of dirty-tricks operations for years. We equally have no doubt that the Left, when it acts independently, is also targetted; and when it falls into line, is 'steered' by agents towards violence and confrontation with the 'extreme right'. This is not a paranoid view, but a realistic view, and as more facts reveal themselves, it becomes even more arguable. It is all about management of opposition and political dissent. Even so, many people find this sort of dirty-war difficult to understand and refuse to confront the facts. This latest affair clears some of the fog.

For those who have been compromised by what was obviously a long-running campaign of espionage or disruption campaigns, by some persons named in this article, it is imperative the following measures are taken:

1. All groups affected by the operation should provide further information to bolster content of this article and copy and circulate it in hard copy and electronic versions .

2. All groups so affected should contact the others, exchanging data and documents.

3. The named persons should be expelled from any patriotic organization of which they retain membership and no further official contact should exist. Members of the groups should be warned against any further contact with them.

4. This affair should cause patriotic parties and associations to exchange data regularly and once a person or group is exposed in one group, advertise the fact, and not allow the person to acquire a membership with other groups.

With common sense and application, the Men In Black and their black-bag-operation and other operations, will be consigned to defeat. It demands a real effort in Melbourne to end informer-provocateur activity. We have utter confidence that the hour of reckoning is at hand!

Inside The Kangaroo Reich