Blowback To The Liberal Party: The Letter Sent To New South Wales Liberal Party Leader On The 'Nazi Party' Within

Jim Saleam

April 2004

April 12 2004
Mr. John Brogden M.P.
Leader Of The Opposition
Parliament House
Macquarie Street
Sydney 2000

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you concerning the so-called Australian Nazis and their inter-relationship with a member and official of the Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party member and official is Mr. John Boyle. He happens to be a friend of Mr. David Clarke MLC, a fact confirmed by a visit to his personal Web Site -

I refer to those Nazis whose names and other details appear on the attached document. At this point in time, amongst their various organizational titles (White Pride Coalition, Ku Klux Klan, National Socialist Defending Aryan People Movement), they also claim to represent a company, the British-Israelite World Federation Australia Limited. In a false Christian guise, they had attempted to defraud the wound-up British Israel World Federation Pty. Ltd. Their solicitor in this enterprise was Mr. Boyle and he has steadfastly maintained the relationship up to and including using his office as the registered office of the neo-nazis and the private address of one of the leading individuals, the convicted killer Mark Pavic.

Significantly, in view of what follows, 2002 complaints against the neo-nazis to the Central Police Fraud Squad for false-swearing and forge-instrument offences, are stalled - and it is most unlikely these matters will be investigated. I believe there is obstruction in any investigation of the neo-nazi group.

A full, if polemical expose of the neo-nazis' relationship with Mr. Boyle and the British-Israel affair appears at:

The index to which this article is linked would lead you into the labyrinthine activities of the Sydney neo-nazis.

It has for some time been my reasoned view that the Sydney neo-nazi groups have possessed a provocateur quality. Evidence has been available to establish a connection between leading public neo-nazis and security agencies of one type or another. The problem with that arrangement is the 'blowback' factor. The general public is not likely to appreciate the subtleties involved and it could rebound upon those who seek to benefit from the creation of a counter-gang of 'racist extremists', 'anti-semities' etc. The purported neo-nazi activities appear constructed so as to cause legislators to toughen laws on Internet usage and on freedom of speech matters as well as to inflame an artificial community reaction.

In the current case, it is very likely that the connection between the neo-nazis and a Liberal Party identity may appear in the general media. It is further possible that ordinary members of the New South Wales Jewish community may learn of a seeming connection between the Liberal Party and a neo-nazi cell. This could have any number of negative effects.

I would ask: are you prepared to move against any member of the Liberal Party who maintains a connection with the neo-nazis?

I would ask: are you prepared to support an investigation into the actual political role assumed by the neo-nazis?

If I may be of any assistance to you in determining any issue here, I am at your disposal.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Jim Saleam

Inside The Kangaroo Reich