When Nutzis Invent History: An Answer To The Lie Factory

An Appeal To Young 'National Socialists' To Find The Truth

December 2003
Jim Saleam

This article was recently e-mailed or otherwise distributed to some twenty persons involved in 'National Socialist' politics in Australia.

The Internet chat-rooms run by the American Stormfront and the Australian White Pride are awash with Australian neo-nazi (nutzi) 'history'. In 2003, the nationalists found themselves more amazed than ever at the nutzi Lie Factory. Some nationalists found their personal and political lives over decades - simply the subject of invention. Much of the lying inventions centred on me, and for that I was thankful. It meant I was doing something to upset the main-controllers of nutzism in Australia. So I have decided to challenge Australia's young 'National Socialists' to find the truth. You say you serve the cause of Australian racial, national and cultural survival and are serious people, not nutzis. Okay, prove it!

It serves no point at all for the nationalists to 'answer' nutzi lies. Experience has shown no sooner is one lie demolished, than another springs forward to replace it. Rather, we should look at the purpose of nutzi history and nutzi smear. Further, it does no use to scarce mention any particular lie. That act might give away too much of a strategic and tactical nature - and in some way encourage the liars.

The nationalists in the old National Action first experienced the Lie Factory when it was 'young'. Back then (1988), the stories aimed at nationalist cadre were not as sophisticated and developed, nor repeated and peddled by as 'large' a network as today. There were only four or so story-tellers in 1988 when the Lie Factory kicked off; today, the number has increased. Similarly, there was not a small core of young, sometimes-idealistic 'National Socialists', willing to listen to them as if they were 'old hands'. Hence, when former psychiatric-hospital-inmate and contemporary nutzi historian (sic), broadcast in 1988 that I was married on a jet plane belonging to gangster Robert Trimbole, it was an off-beat tale which couldn't travel. Similarly, it had no political 'bite'. At best, it was an attempt to annoy whoever heard it.

Today, the Lie Factory can rely on the Internet and the existence of a number of other broken individuals - and unfortunately some idealists too - to broadcast its stories. The Lie Factory has also invented better stories and in many cases has simply inverted the truth about a number of events, or used actual events upon which to hang their tales. Obviously, the tide of defamation of the nationalists (particularly me!) has a point?

In my view, the nutzi chieftans do not want the young 'National Socialists' to find their way to Australian nationalism. In the service of this true cause their idealism may be rewarded and the Australian interest advanced. The nutzi bosses want the young 'National Socialists' to be dumbed down to screaming haters, such that they can be broken as people and turned into useful fodder both for harassments of nationalists and for cooked-up provocative actions that actually serve the state's interests. The young 'National Socialists' are taught that some of the nationalists are "intellectuals" and are therefore (!) to be despised by those who can think with their blood. This is a clever way of saying: "don't think, thinking is bad, so just let us do that for you." The nutzis are worried that their current contacts with some young people can be ended if the youth are forced to ideologically confront their own ideas. This might cause them to work through them and move on into Australian nationalist politics. Hence, the Lie Factory has a rational purpose in this area. It focuses the hate of the group on anti-symbols to maintain group-unity. In hating the nationalists, the neo-nazi group stays together. I suppose it's a little bit like war propaganda. Keep up morale by hating the enemy. However, as I shall show, the Lie Factory has other uses for its stories.

First Things First: How To Separate Fact From Fiction

Young people (in particular) who have entered into the neo-nazi milieu, hoping to work as 'National Socialists', simply don't know the history of nationalist, patriotic and neo-nazi politics in Australia. They can be told anything by anyone. On one level, anything they are told could be 'true'. The 'word' of an experienced neo-nazi liar - like say, Peter Coleman - may sound sweet enough and plausible enough. The young recruit is pre-disposed to accept it. There is simply no obvious reason to think the statement might not only be untrue - but be an aspect of an elaborate agenda.

Of course, the central problem for the nutzi liars is that their fabrications are essentially 'oral'. This means that in any objective assessment of their shocking information, it is only the 'word' of the story-teller which is available. It is rare that any documents are produced by way of corroboration and usually if something is produced it is capable of being understood as having another meaning. This is called a 'theatre prop' in evidence-construction. It just means the liar has something about (like a magazine, or article etc) that makes him sound credible, even if the story is not. It is rare the target youth would know who to ask about the story or the prop and what other answers to the tale could exist. Nonetheless, as you must note, most neo-nazi accounts of the nationalists are oral.

Are there any ways to assess oral information? Yes there are! Of course, in any oral tale, whether a true one or a false one, there are some rules which allow you to weigh it up.

First: notice that each shocking and devastating story is known to the same group of people. It is usually the case that the story-teller personally saw the event or was 'told' it by the subject of the tale. How come they always happen to be in the right place at the right time? Why would the subject 'trust' them enough to admit to it? If the story is 'corroborated', it will usually be corroborated by another member of the same group. Ask them if, in the past, they ever wrote the story down or tried themselves to document it? The answers may help you to determine that they lie.

Second: look at the character of the person telling you the story. Consider, one prominent activist: he has HIV (now, he didn't get it from drugs or a blood transfusion). If you are against the 'gay' lifestyle, why would you accept the bare word of such a person? Consider, Peter Coleman: he is a peddlar of militaria, and is always trying to sell you something. Some of you know he sells hard core porn, including homosexual porn. If you advocate a moral order, why would you accept the evidence of such a person? Consider, David Palmer: he has said (on a widely distributed tape) that he makes a habit of recruiting people who've been in the looney bin; directly to 'Duane' ("Streicher" of the Brisbane NSPA group) and in front of other witnesses he freely urged I should be "bumped off" ; he says openly in print that he does violence and will "sabotage" right-wing groups. No wonder Streicher once called him "the five knuckle fuhrer" and leader of a "sheltered workshop". Obviously, you should doubt Palmer's credibility about anything. Consider, Robert Leys: he is now, and has been on and off for several years, hospitalised at a Tamworth mental institution. Obviously, there are 'issues' with his credibility. Now, you can oppose the nationalists for what we think, but we just don't have the obvious personal credibility problems of the story-tellers. In this case, the credibility of the source for history - must be looked at pretty hard. And yes, that applies to the nationalists just as it does to the Lie Factory! Of course, a pervert, a nutter, a crook, could still be truthful about any number of things, but it means you must exercise care in dealing with them.

Third: you can investigate the oral story as to the facts. Of course, there are limits here, but you can employ simple logic. You say: "Okay, you say such and such happened, tell me when? Who else was present? Where did it happen?" Remember, the lives of some nationalists are very much documentable. If you get a date, place, time, contact us! In 2002, I challenged the person who writes as "Asgard Kromlek" to do that. Unfortunately, he did not take me up on my offer! He is still welcome to do so. Of course, challenging a liar might be met with: "are you falling for the lies of Saleam and his gang?" But don't be put off. The reaction of the peddlars of false information might help you too.

Fourth: you can also compare each version of a story from one nutzi chief to another. Spot the differences and other curiosities.

Fifth: now you may not like to have our version of any particular event, but there probably is one. There may be documentary evidence. Sometimes, we have published about it. That should also enter into your calculations. It is possible to question the Lie Factory about some matter you have read in our accounts. Often, a glimmer of truth will poke through. You can check us out from certain writings (often with sources) long before you even make that call to see the proofs.

Oral evidence can be a very perplexing thing. He says, they say, she believes, someone heard. However, if an intelligence-service can make sense of claim and counter-claim, so can you. The nationalists are saying to the 'National Socialists' that if you also step back from even the credibility problems of the story-tellers, you can take in the big-picture. There are some real issues with that and the answers then impact back upon the Lie Factory.

Why The False History And Smear?

There are several very simple reasons for the false history. I told you above that the nutzi chieftans don't want you think for yourselves and want to keep you in line for use in provocations or for harassment of nationalists. They don't want you to embrace nationalist politics. Now while we say all this is true, we still need to show you what the function of neo-nazi politics is. Basically function means: what is its nature? whom does it serve?

Over the last several years I have produced documentary item after documentary item, witness after witness, given sworn evidence in a case where I opened up my Special Branch file (and never been prosecuted for perjury if I lied there!) and performed other acts of intelligence collecting to make a single point: the political milieu which calls itself 'National Socialist' in Australia seems to have three classes of associates: some genuine (usually young) idealists, some twisted and dysfunctional people and a small core of informer-provocateurs. Up to now, the youth have stuck with the other types, hoping to make 'National Socialism' work.

It is the small core who are the directors at the Lie Factory, the 'old hands' who tell you about the history of your movement and why the nationalists are wrong and bad. Our argument here is very simple. By lying about me in particular, and other nationalists in general, this core is saving itself from the inevitable 'exposure'. It can thus continue to serve its master in the political police and reap the rewards (personal and psychological) of informer-status.

I do not underestimate the usefulness of the gang. The Lie Factory wants you to believe that there is not a nationalist politics in Australia. They say the organizations of nationalism in the past have been fictions and the nationalist leaders were and are 'Jew agents' or persons so evil and bizarre they are your ultimate enemy, implacable, diabolical. It is no wonder the young 'National Socialists' feel nervous in the extreme at even conversing with a nationalist. Of course, you could consult the voluminous clippings files of nationalist action, the vast array of publications from the past and present, look at what the enemy says of the nationalists. But you must not do that, say the liars! Why not?

The nutzi chieftans say they direct organizations which carry out activity and have been dynamic forces. Where? There is little evidence of any real action and there are scant organizational resources after all these years. What do the nutzi leaders do? Aside from a few razzy activities to keep you interested, the nutzis spend most of their time sabotaging patriotic groups, harassing them. Why? If the enemy is "the system", then why attack the nationalists? Oops, did they lyingly tell you - we started it? Even then, why don't they amass their resources and move forward? Surely, we can't be that much of a problem?

Now to the guts of it. The nutzis make provocative statements in the media and are always indulged at least to the point where they comply with the media's request for dramatic commentary. The nutzis allow the media to draw 'similarities' between them and the nationalists and other patriots. Much of the over-the-top nutzi media commentary is plainly untrue (that they carry out racial attacks, operate terror networks). The nutzis talk privately about violence, murder, racial murder, and great revolutions to restore the Nuremburg Dream. They talk all over the place as the enemy listens. Are they trying to draw you out? The nutzis obviously reserve a special hatred for a certain group and therefore harass the nationalists and other patriots almost exclusively. The nature of all this is such that it cannot be a genuine politics. So: whom does it serve? No politics is there for you 'to get your rocks off'. Is the cause of Australian identity, independence and freedom advanced by this politics? No, but the state's interests, the interests of globalist capitalism, Zionism and liberalism, are certainly advanced.

My Challenge: Find The Truth.

We turn full circle. If the politics is questionable, then the history of 'National Socialism' in Australia (as presented to you) and the history of the nationalist and patriotic movements in our country, must be false. If that history is false, then the politics is false. It is a circular truth.

I am known as an 'enemy' of the 'National Socialists'. Okay. However, I do admire tenacity. Some readers of this document have shown tenacity. Yet, energy in the service of an untruth, is wasted. There is nothing more tragic than misspent youth. In my view, the young 'National Socialists' will one day break with nutzism, with neo-nazi politics, and move on to embrace nationalism, where idealism will have its place. I am not asking you to do that now. I am merely asking you to look into the 'history' of things as discussed. The truth is there. Find it. When you have, we have much to talk about!

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