French Neo-Nazi Suicide Bomb Plot: Convicted Man 'Jewish', Links To Zionist Extremists

Dr. Jim Saleam

December 2003

In what can only be a dire warning to young Australian 'National Socialists', comes word from France of yet another test case in proving the existence of provocation in every aspect of neo-nazi politics and organization.

Jean-Florian Trouchard was tried and convicted in a French court and imprisoned for four years over a plot to carry out a "kamikaze" attack upon a mosque in Paris.

In 2002-3, Trouchard became well known in Paris nationalist circles for his attendance at various meetings and events. He also became heavily involved in a small clique of neo-nazis to whom he gave ideological loyalty. The plot to suicide-bomb a mosque was betrayed by an "accomplice".

Trouchard's trial permitted French media to imply a connection between the Front National, neo-nazism and racial violence.

Two key facts were very carefully edited out of all media reports. It seems likely the French government had demanded the media be careful in its reporting and otherwise censored information from the court. Nonetheless, Reuters reported that Trouchard was Jewish and the explosives in his posession had been supplied by Betar, the extreme Zionist youth movement. It appear's Betar agents operate in France.

It has been said in 2003 by Australian nationalists that a major crime against either Jewish or Moslem persons or property in Australia is on the cards, and the neo-nazis would be the ideal patsies to carry it out. The French case serves as a warning to be vigilant against neo-nazi provocation.

Information relied upon in this article, courtesy of Resistance, monthly magazine of the Radical Network, a French radical-nationalist organization.

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