Weird 'Apprehended Violence' Case Flushes Out Likely Peter Coleman Spy In One Nation

Jim Saleam

March 2004

I love a good joke. And nothing is more amusing than a couple of police officers turning up on the doorstep last November with a summons that I attend Parramatta Court on an application for an apprehended violence order! Amusing? - because I was the defendant!. I read the complaint. It was made by a certain Mr. Josef Homenko-Schwanzer ('Joe'). The salient part read:

"The defendant has told lies about the protected person at political rallies, calling the protected person a police informant.... The protected person holds hears for his safety and is considering leaving the country."

The complaint was withdrawn by Joe in March 2004. I never had the opportunity to say that I have never mentioned this bloke at political rallies. Further, that, in a semi-professional capacity I provided him with legal advice about theft charges a few years ago.

All's well that ends well. Yet, the complaint made by Joe managed to provide further information for the nationalists in detailing and exposing the neo-nazi 'espionage' that goes on aimed at patriotic and nationalist organizations.

Why? Joe has been a long-term business associate of Peter Coleman, the leading Sydney neo-nazi and political-police informant. Joe suffers from the debilitating Bipolar Disorder which opens him to manipulation. There is little doubt that Coleman inspired the complaint. Another complaint against a business rival of Coleman was withdrawn by Joe at the same time.

In court in November last, the author explained to the magistrate that Joe had to specify his complaint in order that the matter could be answered. He was formally ordered to do so. Within a half-hour a remarkable one page document was produced to the court. The relevant paragraph read:

"At a meeting of One Nation earlier this year, an associate of Dr. Saleam has publicly voiced that I ..... along with Peter Coleman, were 'police informers' and neo-nazis, by Terrence C." (some amendment here for anonymity J.S.).

I caused enquiries to be made. Terry C said that he was indeed at a meeting of the One Nation party early in 2003. The matter of Coleman had come up at the meeting to illustrate a point. Terry said that Coleman had played the KKK smear game against the party in 1999 and was a former agent of the New South Wales Police 'Special Branch'. At no time did he mention Joe. So how does Joe know there was ever an occasion where a One Nation meeting discussed (at least) the provocateur activities of Coleman?

Because, someone at the meeting blabbed it. That is the obvious, indeed only, answer. Interestingly, a certain One Nation activist and branch official, Mr. Bob Vinnicome, was present at the meeting. It is a matter of fact that, for whatever reason, Mr. Vinnicombe has had a series of conversations with Coleman over the last two years. If it was not this gentleman who gave the information, or if there is some innocent explanation for the slip, he should come forward now and explain. We doubt that he will do this. For some reason, Mr. Vinnicombe has an unhealthy fixation with the writer of these lines, and it is thence unlikely he would submit to any entreaty on our part.

As usual, Coleman reveals himself as a 'collector' of information, information he uses to incite contention and disputation. If he is using members of One Nation as defacto sources, this is a serious matter. It shows the on-going interest the neo-nazi clique has in collecting intelligence and organising harassments.

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