Inside The Kangaroo Reich

Selected Materials On Australian Neo-Nazis And Other Dirty Tricks Operations Against Freedom Of Expression In Australia.

Page Established: October 2002

(Amended Continually)

Last Update: December 2009

Out of the silver paradisical freedom untamed evil winds could come, cold like a stone hatchet murdering you. The freedom, like everything else has two sides to it. Something like a heavy reptilian hostility came off the sombre land ... It was as if the silvery freedom suddenly turned and showed the scaly back of the reptile - and the horrible jaws.

D.H. Lawrence, Kangaroo.

The purpose behind the Inside The Kangaroo Reich page, October 2006 statement

The success in 2000, and afterwards, of the Internet pamphlet, Inside The Kangaroo Reich (as available on this page, click below), and the need for a continually updated information source on Australian neo-nazism, was our first motivation for the construction of this page in October 2002. We updated it regularly. Australian nationalists were of the view that neo-nazism would continue to play a disruptive and on occasion provocateur role, in its 'relationship' with all forms of nationalist, patriotic and freedom politics. It was considered this page might also play a useful role for students and honest-journalists, given it would offer innumerable references that could be checked and verified.

In mid 2003, it became clear that this page was being read by journalists and others. This fact imposed upon the Radnat Editors the need to encourage further exposure-literature by new authors and to activate the page as a veritable news-source on the neo-nazi provocateur grouplets. We have continued to receive all information in confidence. Of course, we still welcome any material which analyses neo-nazi 'ideology' or political function.

In November 2003 we were advised that the pamphlet Inside The Kangaroo Reich was discussed at great length on, and 'linked through' to, the American chat-room on 'Stormfront' (The Down-Under group). This October 2003 discussion was positive. Interestingly, the neo-nazi provocateur, David Palmer, who features in much of the material here, personally intervened. The rejection of neo-nazism by many American nationalists is yet another positive matter and if the material here has played a role in that, we are pleased. Internationally too, neo-nazism has retreated further since 2003, with nationalist parties in many countries consigning them to the true margins.

In December 2003.we said that the real Kangaroo Reich is neither the shouting street neo-nazi, nor the would-be media fuhrer, but the shadowy trained coordinators who call the tune, the intelligence agents and others who are the real gestapo-like thought and political police of our time. We would comment on all (not just specifically neo-nazi) dirty-tricks operations in Australia; this meant we were expanding our role beyond reviewing those actions directed against the nationalist, patriotic and freedom movements, into the examination of any covert attack against the rights of Australians, regardless of their political orientation.

Throughout 2005 we witnessed the growth of a new 'anti-racist/anti-fascist' movement. Years of silence after the eclipse of Pauline Hanson ended. This new movement, complete with its' Zionist connection, its' street idiots drawn from the Trotskyites and its' colourful loonies is now upon us. In the defence of Establishment values, it will play the 'red-fascist' role. The function of Kangaroo Reich has changed. Some articles are history now and the reader may use them as a resource. We must now rise to new challenges! The Editors, updated this statement, October 20 2006

Australians Against Further Immigration Leaders: Were They Playing With The Neo-Nazis For Advantage? May 2007


Complaint Against The Daily Telegraph, April 2007 A complaint against Joe Hildebrand, another journalist with a 'neo-nazi' obsession. Jim Saleam


Van Tongeren's Guilty Plea: Special Comment On The Release From Custody Of Jack Van Tongeren

Free Van Tongeren
A close look at the injustices done to Jack van Tongeren since his arrest on false charges in 2004; the blog is operated by an independent Vietnam vet working in van Tongeren's defence. Essential. Now taken down. We leave this inoperative link as a reminder of the injustices done!


Adolf Hitler In His Own Words
Direct quotations from Adolf Hitler that challange the neo-nazi lie that Nazism represented any sort of pan-European or social-radical ideology. First time on the Internet. We welcome input from any young Australian tricked into the 'National Socialist' fraud who wants to get the facts!


'Neo-Nazi' Meetings? Anon. Article stood down.

Eric Roozendaal MLC Gets His CV Corrected Dr. Jim Saleam

Interview With Ross L. May: Special Exerpts conducted by Dr. Jim Saleam, December 2005

Communist Party Of Australia Refuses To Deal With Darp Special Reporter

"Racist" Criminal-Political Gangs Are No Friends Of Ours Dr. Jim Saleam

A special look at counter-gang anti-nationalist structures which sounds a warning for the future. Is this a new stage in political development in Australia? As Australia's society stresses and snaps, could bandit formations emerge? Is there a history of these entities already?

David Palmer Admits To Informer Status: How To Interpret The Peculiar Admissions Made On 'Fight Dem Back' Jim Saleam

Darpo-Nutzism: David Palmer Joins On The 'Darp' Web Site To Attack Australian Patriots: Amidst Palmer's Lies, Many Truths. Jim Saleam

Press Council Complaint Against The Australian:
Fraudulent 'Anti-Nazi' Smear Merchant Greg Roberts Tries To Load Up Jim Saleam As A "Prominent Neo-Nazi"
Jim Saleam

Reply To The Australian's Re-assertion Of The Neo-Nazi Smear Jim Saleam

This case was lost on the circular logic technicality that because letters to the editor to offer the counter view were 'abusive' and hence the opportunity to correct the fault passed by. At no point did the Press Council confront the evidence.

The Neo-Nazis Move In On One Nation: ' Another Job Well Done' ; One Nation Paper Subject Of Human Rights Harassment, A Party Crisis, New Disruptions. (Article edited, June 6 2005; the editors decline comment on the nature of the amendments; the article remains as a record only) Jim Saleam
The ANM Case: 'The Perth Three' On The Firing Line Of State Dirty-Tricks Operation And Authoritarian Power Grab Jim Saleam
The Van Tongeren Case 2004: What Lies Behind The New Prosecution? Exposed: The Lies From The WA Police-Hierarchy, Neo-Nazi Provocateurs, ASIO Black-Ops, 'Race' Laws. This will be an on-going political resource of small items for nationalists, journalists, civil libertarians.

My Reply To The Smear-Monger Andrew West Of The Sun-Herald: Press Council Complaint. Other Documents. To Fight My Exposure Of The Truth About Australian Neo-Nazis, Andrew West Turns Me Into A Neo-Nazi! Dr. Jim Saleam Case "Part Upheld" by Australian Press Council, December19 2004

My Reply To John Digby, Editorial Manager Of The Sun-Herald. Digby Concedes Most Points But Asserts Pop-History As Justification For Un-Truth. He Threatens Defamation Whenever He Chooses. Dr. Jim Saleam Case "Part Upheld" by Australian Press Council, December 19 2004

Was Palmer An Agent?. Taped Record Available Jim Saleam

Howl, You Bitch! Time For ‘Howlingdog88’ To Tell Us If He Is ‘Leonard’ The Pornographer, Mental Patient And Pervert! Neo-Nutzi Brisbane Boss Won’t Last Long After New Revelations Jim Saleam.
This article is suspended from our site (April 3 2005) The inoperative link serves as only a record of the site. The Editors decline correspondence to the content etc. of the article

Inside The Kangaroo Reich: Australia's Neo-Nazis Under The Microscope 1985-2000. Dr. Jim Saleam

Submission To The Western Australian Police Royal Commission, October 2002 Dr. James Saleam

Interview With Leon Gregor On The Infiltration Of The Neo-Nazis Into The British-Israel World Federation

Complaint To The Australian Press Council Against New Idea And Its Reportage Of The Neo-Nazis, March 2002 Dr. Jim Saleam

Speech To The Inverell Forum, Saturday, March 21 2001 Dr. Jim Saleam

German Neo-Nazi Skinhead (State-Paid) Provocateurs Revealed: Australian Implications

Sponsoring A 'Terrorist Scare': New South Wales Police Special Branch And Neo-Nazis Manufactured Olympic Games Threat Jim Saleam

Criminal Complaint Against Debi Marshall And David Palmer: A Neo-Nazi Confesses To Serious Crime And A Journalist Fails To Report It To Police: Why? Jim Saleam

Playing The Provocateur Game: Examples Of 'Terrorism' And 'Racial Hatred' Provocations. How To Respond? Jim Saleam

The Liberal Party's 'Nutzi Connection' Revealed As British-Israel World Federation $500,000 Takeover Plot Takes New Directions.

The Plastic Swastika: The Leninist Under-Cult Parading As Today's Nazis And KKK Leon Gregor

Neo-Nazis Try Paedophile Allegation As Noose Draws Tighter. But Was There A Link To A Plot To Botch The Defence Campaign For Pauline Hanson? Jim Saleam

Another Provocation? Who Damaged The 'Jewish Museum' In Liverpool And Then Blamed An Innocent Woman? Jim Saleam

When Nutzis Invent History: An Answer To The Lie Factory Jim Saleam

French Neo-Nazi Suicide-Bomb Plot: Convicted Man 'Jewish', Links To Zionist Extremists Jim Saleam

Has An Australian Neo-Nazi Made Threats To An American Activist: Was It Pat O'Sullivan? Jim Saleam

The Melbourne 'Men In Black'. Conspiracies Unravel. The Strange Careers In The Patriotic Scene Of Dean Clarke, Ross Diggins, Brendan Bride. Jim Saleam and others. (NOTE: This major expose was threatened prior to publication, with a libel suit. We now publish after substantial research!)

'Apprehended Violence' Case Flushes Out Peter Coleman Spy In One Nation Jim Saleam

Blowback To The Liberal Party: The Letter Sent To New South Wales Liberal Party Leader On The 'Nazi Party' Within Jim Saleam

'Der Fuhrer' Takes To Internet Chat-Rooms: The Stalking Activities Of A Political Paedophile Jim Saleam and others.

Brisbane 'National Socialist' Accuses Peter Coleman Of Informer Role Jim Saleam

Letter To The Commissioner Of Police Of Western Australia, July 29 2004, On Jack van Tongeren Affair; Press Release To Media On Neo-Nazi Provocation Jim Saleam

The British-Israel Rip-Off Goes Into A New Phase: Liquidator Wastes The Assets And Offers Nutzis A 'Share' Of The Leftovers. New Round Of Counter-Action Certain. Jim Saleam

British-Israel Case To End In Final Defeat Of The Palmer Clique: What Will The Usual Suspects Do Now? Klub Naziya? Klub Nation? Anon