Information Sought For Inquiry Into Political Police False Conviction

Dr. Jim Saleam

I seek from anyone who posts on this board, or who may view this board, two different items of information. Each is relevant to an application to the NSW Supreme Court (Crimes Act, Section 474) to gain an inquiry into two inter-related convictions won corruptly against me by ASIO / Special Branch in 1991:

a. Is there anyone who was associated with, or knows someone who was linked to, the "Crystal Street Skinheads" (ie. Crystal Street, Petersham, in Sydney) in 1988 - 1989?

If so, you may be able to provide in some way, useful information concerning events around Crown Witness in my trial, Michael George White.

I advise generally, that despite intimidation from Special Branch to accuse me of involvement in his crime, Mr. White reversed parts of this accusation and altered his testimony continually in court - obviously to obtain my acquittal with white-lie-perjury. Of course, he was unsuccessful. I currently have in my possession a signed confession from Mr. White exonerating me of the offences.

b. I am trying to locate two persons from the former Adelaide National Action who attended the home of Jason Roderick Frost in the Ryde area in March 1989. Whilst there, you would have been shown by Mr. Frost, a (legal) pump action shotgun.

One other person who was with you has provided a Statutory Declaration concerning this gun.

Mr. Frost denied in evidence ever owning or possessing such a gun.

It was Mr. Frost who nominated his actual co-offender in the matter (Mr. White), did a deal with Special Branch to avoid imprisonment if he would also nominate me and another man in his crime and who persisted with his perjury to the end.

Material on the case generally, under the title "Pardon Me: The Anatomy Of An Australian Political Trial", can be found at:

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J. Saleam