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April 13 2010):

This Site was initiated as an archive linked to other Australian Nationalist political and information sites. A number of Australian writers and authors from the historical movements of nationalism, republicanism, labour and nativism, were placed on-line. The process of publishing such material has continued. A number of contemporary Australian Nationalist political and historical documents were also made available here. We expect to publish new material.

Over the last several years, we have sought to recraft the ideological impetus of the Australian movement of national resistance against the globalist state, into an articulate, informed, conscious and deliberate movement. We sought to inspire those who set out to act in order acquire Australian identity, independence and freedom. We set out to further the process of 'ideological production'. It remains our necessary task to overcome lesser vehicles, operated in good faith perhaps, but which will not underlie political change. Indeed, Australian nationalism has been under attack in recent times from persons claiming to represent it. This has occasioned an energetic response.

This archive will continue to:

(i) Ground Australian Nationalism ideologically and historically. The material shall establish the legitimacy of this cause and discern its favoured political expressions, historical place and activism; providing an accurate analysis is vital to combat the misrepresentation of Nationalist ideology and politics by its opponents in politics and the media.

(ii) Answer (when appropriate) the State-liberal/political-police propaganda which would delegitimize the Nationalist and patriotic organizations by claiming that they have operated, or do operate, in a criminal manner; this task shall be addressed by relevant exposé of security services' operated "legal processes" run against Nationalist and other patriotic identities in the past.

This archive will:

(i) Be continually updated for the instruction of a new generation of Nationalist leaders and activists.

(ii) Prepare a more intensive array of aggressive new-thought documents.This material will address in an ideological fashion, the issues of contemporary economic-political-cultural globalism and New World Order imperialism, and Australian alternatives to the assumptions and poliicies of these entities. Some material from the corpus of Euro-nationalist discourse (both from the historical past and in the contemporary period) may serve here, but only in part. We must develop an Australian system.

(iii) Pursue energetically Links which lead to valuable Sites. The Editors welcome that our attention is drawn to selective material.

(iv) The Editors will permit clarifying debates and shall not censor any reasonable view on any subject which advances this objective.

The documents listed on this page are our current holding. We encourage downloading for personal use. We welcome all manuscripts for consideration. Any enquiries may be directed to the Editorial Board at radnat@alphalink.com.au (or by post to: P.O. Box N291, Grosvenor Place, Sydney, 1220).

Readers are referred to the Rallying Point Information Service for your best Nationalist political literature. Quality pamphlets, tapes and other materials are available.

The Academy Of Social And Political Research
The Academy is a new and forthright enterprise in post New Right regroupement. It brings together academic writers and commentators from several countries. Its journal is Ab Aeterno. Check for subscription details. The editor is Dr. Dmitris Michalopoulos

The Occidental Quarterly On Line
The Occidental Quarterly is one of the finest journals of political and cultural commentary in English. Its paper edition is published in the United States. Check for subscription details.

Counter-Currents Publishing
Short scholarly and researched articles on matters of ideological significance in the war of counter-hegemony. New Right and similar thought. Editor Greg Johnson

Occidental Observer
An inteelectual commentary on political matters, often nOrth American, from a New Right perspective. Essential companion to the Occidental Quarterly.


The following articles and items are published to counter the lie-mongering of so-called anti racists and anti fascists and journalists regarding criminal convictions recorded against Jim Saleam

Pardon Me: The Anatomy Of An Australian Political Trial
James Saleam, 27 January 1999

A Matter Of Credibility - And Mine Just Got A Whole Lot Better! The Fall of Eddie Funde And A State Perjurer Reveals A Life On 'Witness Protection' As A Case Against Me Unravels Jim Saleam, January 12 2012

The Suppression Of Evidence: A Letter To The Attorney General Of New South Wales Jim Saleam, January 12 2012

Information Sought For Inquiry Into Political Police False Conviction

NSW Political Police Agency Confesses To Targeting Nationalists: Why? Whom Does It Serve? What To Do About It? Jim Saleam

Liberal Party ‘Branch-Stacker’ Attorney General Refuses Reply? New Dimensions To The Martinreyes Perjury Case: A ‘Threat’ From The Director Of Public Prosecutions And The Neil Chidiac Case That Produces A Hiatus In A State Conspiracy Jim Saleam, October 2013


Articles And Items Defending Australian Nationalist Ideology And Politics

The Far-Right and the 2005 Cronulla Riots In Sydney Danny Ben-Moshe

When Zionists Interpret Australian Nationalism: A Reply To Danny Ben-Moshe Jim Saleam

For An Australian Freedom History School Jim Saleam (June 2011)

Defend Australian Nationalism!
All about the Internet and other campaign to undermine Australian nationalism


The Historian As Detective Versus The Journalist As Investigator: Were Australian, British And New Zealand Prisoners Of War Massacred At The Theresienstadt Concentration Camp In 1945? Dr. Jim Saleam

Were Australian, British And New Zealand Prisoners Of War Massacred At Theresienstadt Concentration Camp In 1945? : A Rejoinder To The Statement Of Messrs. Heimans And Rea Dr. Jim Saleam

Books, articles and essays by Dr Jim Saleam and others

Freedom Of Expression In Contemporary Australia– Relevant Only To How Much You Can Get Of It Jim Saleam

Internationale And The Need For An 'International' Jim Saleam

For A Positive Critique Dominque Venner.
Written by a French nationalist in the late 1960's it still stands as a useful critique of the failures and requirements for successful nationalist action.

The Game All Over Again: Pauline Hanson's Return To Politics: Much Ado About Everything Jim Saleam, June 2007

"A New Ideology Of Anti Islamism Could Be The New Anti Communism For Fools …" (external link)
Interview with Dr. Jim Saleam April 18 2007

The Geopolitics Of Australian Independence
Jim Saleam, December 2006

The Heritage
John Curtin and Frank Anstey
Composed in the late 1920's, it is a guide to the true nationalist principle

What Is To Be Done? Tasks For Australian Nationalists In The Coming Struggle
Jim Saleam (2003 Version)

On National Democracy
James Saleam, 1990

Anti-Racial Vilification Legislation
Jim Saleam, October 1995

The Other Radicalism: An Inquiry Into Contemporary Australian Extreme Right Ideology, Politics And Organization 1975-1995
Dr. Jim Saleam, 2001

The Australian Extreme Right 1950-2000 [external link]
Dr. Peter Henderson, 2001

Conservative Revolution, National Revolution And National Bolshevism Revisited: The Social Revolutionary Nature Of Australian Nationalism
Jim Saleam, 1 August 2000

A Mace In The Face: Demolishing A Piece Of Anti-Racist Folklore
Dr. Jim Saleam. 1 September 2000

Lessons For Nationalists: The Communist Party Of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) and Political/Industrial Violence: Rationale And Results
Jim Saleam, 18 September 2000

Enemies Of The State. The State Conspiracy Against National Action And The Australian Nationalists Movement 1988 - 1991
Dr. Jim Saleam, April 2003

The Right-Wing Underground In Sydney 1973 - 1977 (With Emphasis On The Special Branch Files)
Dr. Jim Saleam

We Knew The Teenage Fascist: Fractured Notes On The Fractured Life Of David Greason.
Jim Saleam And Others

Inside The Kangaroo Reich: Selected Materials On Australian Neo-Nazis And Other Dirty Tricks Operations Against Freedom Of Expression In Australia
Jim Saleam And Others

American Nazism In The Context Of The American Extreme Right 1960 - 1978
Jim Saleam, 1985

British Neo-Fascist Politics 1960-1975.
Dr. Jim Saleam

The Failure Of Internationalism (Extracts From The Remorseless Working Of Things)
Dr. Joseph W. Smith

Foreign Policy Issues And The Struggle For Australian Independence

David Greason: ‘Racism Expert’: Credibility Exploded.
P. Giannopoulos. 1998

National Socialism And Race
Dr. A. James Gregor

Integral Nationalism: The Reborn Spirit of the Australian People
Brian Knight. 1995

Nietzche And Ethical Socialism For The New Millennium
Alec Saunders, 2002

The Social Revolutionary Nature Of Australian Nationalism
Alec Saunders

Caution Zionism!: Essays on the Ideology, Organisation and Practice of Zionism. Yuri Ivanov
This is a classic historical text from the old Soviet 'propaganda machine' which signalled the titanic struggle of the former Eastern European bloc with Zionism. First time on the Internet.

Germany's Third Empire
Arthur Moeller van den Bruck

Coup D'Etat: TheTechnique Of Revolution
Curzio Malaparte

Christianity And The Survival Of The West
Revilo P. Oliver

Rallying Point Information Service


Past events

The 2006 Sydney Forum
Sydney's free-speech and nationalist, patriotic and freedom speakers' forum. Read the program. After harassment by so-called 'anti-fascist' / 'anti-racist' forces (we say: globalist auxiliaries), the Sydney Forum was an inspiring event.

The 2005 Sydney Forum
The National Democratic Party of Germany had accepted an invitation to speak. A member of the national executive of the NPD was to speak in Sydney but at the last moment, his visa was withdrawn. The Forum was ejected from its venue, but it went ahead anyway.

The 2004 Sydney Forum
Sydney's free-speech and nationalist, patriotic and freedom speakers' forum. Read the program of this event.

The 2003 Sydney Forum
Read the program.

The Eureka Freedom Commemoration And Public Actions
Event for Ballarat on 2 - 3 December 2005, in commemoration of the 151st anniversary of Australia's first national identity, independence and freedom struggle. Demand Australian Freedom against the security state now being imposed upon us.

The Eureka Freedom Commemoration And Constitutional Convention
Event for Ballarat on 3 - 4 - 5 December 2004, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Australia's national identity, independence and freedom struggle. Read the program.

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