The APP Breaks With The BNP - In Silence

IThe Australian Protectionist Party (APP) has broken from the British National Party (BNP) - in silence.

When the APP was formed, much store was placed upon its connection with the BNP. The BNP style was copied. It was hoped to feed off its successes and its line of mainstreaming was proclaimed equally valid for Australia. Inter-party associations were built.

No more. In the last year, the BNP has lurched from crisis to crisis, something which nationalists say had its real cause in the ideological revision of its formerly nationalist line. This party compromised itself out of having a political future and ultimately the system mirrored its positions on immigration and the consuming Middle East question with the watery UK Independence Party from one side and the pseudo-tough-guy English Defence League on the other. We have commented on all that elsewhere. The BNP no longer represents a suitable ( and marketable) model for anyone playing opportunist games. The APP finally acted upon its apetites and severed the link.

The APP already had a replacement nest of allies. Over the last 18 months or so, the APP has stated its solidarity with parties of the Geert Wilders type and action groups of the English Defence League (EDL) variety. Interestingly, Wilders had little time for the BNP (saying it had the hangovers of its racist past) and the BNP made it an organizational offence for its members to be part of the EDL (it was seen as too confrontational and a competitor for the same pro Zionist market). In secret, the APP deepened its connection with EDL and its affiliate groups and ultimately sponsored the formation of an Australian Defence League.

Sources close to APP have informed Australia First Party that the APP has ditched its BNP link. It is no longer maintained or desired.

When APP was founded, the leadership said that they were nationalists, clever ones, not bigoted anti Zionists like Australia First who would parade their inadequacies in public. They were modern and innovative and would find the mainstream through the anti Moslem crusade. They would radicalize the anti Moslem crew to be critics of immigration generally. They would convince the Zionists to lay off them by being pro Israel and thereby proving their responsibility. They would moderate their approach to intersect with Liberal-National conservatives. They would build a new nationalist reality. In other words, we were the nationalists of yesteryear. They were the nationalists of the future.

Can we be philosophic? Let us assume that the true cause is a bucket of hot water. To make it more suitable for consumption, they add a little cold water of moderation. It is still hot water. They add the cold water of support for Israel. Some say it still feels a little like warm water. They add the anti Moslem crusade and the water is just tepid. They add one more thing and it passes over to the cold. In the words of the philosophers: quantity turned to quality. It became a different phenomenon. Some APP members insisted as the cold water was being added that it was still what it was 'supposed' to be. From our point of view, we would have wondered what the intent was all the way along.

The severing of the BNP link must leave a bitter taste for a few APP founders. But when one starts on a road, there's seldom a turning-back. To even pretend that the APP is 'nationalist' is to play a game of emporer's new clothes. It has moved well beyond the broadest of the broad parameters of our camp. The severing of the BNP link is just one more sign for anyone who refuses to see.

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