For The APP and The ADL, Anti-Islamic Unity With The Jewish Community Is Now A Reality

It is now sort of official. The Australian Protectionist Party (APP) and the Australian Defence League (ADL) are now in the mainstream. Even better, the Australian Jewish community is in tandem with these patriots as they build the mass patriotic movement against Islamism and for the laws and the flag and the defence of the language. O Hosanna!

If the Executive Council of Australian Jewry is the peak body of the Jewish community and given that it includes the leading representatives of local Zionism, its pronouncement in favour of a civic identity policy for Australia, must be taken as its position.

Just a couple of weeks ago Peter Wertheim, director of the Council, told a parliamentary hearing that Australia had to learn from the "anything goes" multiculturalism of Europe. He said that all migrants should undergo a "confidential assessment of their acceptance of Australian values and laws before granting full citizenship." He was concerned too about Islamic extremists entering the country and with Moslems resident here who were committed to extremist ideas. He implied they should find it tougher going to become citizens. Mr. Wertheim also advocated mandatory English training for migrants.

This position is basically the line of APP and ADL on immigration. And if it isn't the real line, or if it is the line of others who think that APP really is a nationalist party, it is certainly a line they run in public. It is even moreso the impact of their politics, the effect of their politics, as they line up with the Zionists to fight Islamism in Australia.

The ADL's parent, the English Defence League, said not too long ago:

"We, the English Defence League, are a grass roots social movement who represent every walk of life, every race, every creed and every colour; from the working class to middle England. Our unity and strength is our diversity".

The APP is now advertising ADL on its website, just as its reps spoke up for EDL in the past. Note too, this stand means a lot to the APP. Despite the group it blindly followed in Britain (the British National Party) proscribing its members from being in EDL, their Australian ape played pussy-foot for a long time with EDL, so as to get in on the ground floor with the local Aussie franchise. Undoubtedly, the BNP connection will soon be broken, something that will not worry a certain APP impresario who has been in contact with the BNP's rivals (like the British Freedom Party) for some time now. He considers the BNP no longer pro Israel, pro Zionist - enough.

The new Zionist line on civic identity for Australia should warm all those who do not wish to be called extremists, fascists, unacceptable and so on. The mainstream now warms APP and ADL. If you are not a nationalist - then there's your chance.

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