The Saga Of The Syrian Social Nationalist Party: Another Set Of Falsehoods From The Australian Protectionist Party

Jim Saleam December 14 2009.

The Australian Protectionist Party (APP) leaders, Darrin Hodges and Mark Wilson, were in an absolute frenzy recently on the Australian Identity Forum (read: pommy identity forum).

They said they had located a sinister link between me personally and the Australia First Party directly, with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP). This party was described as pro Islamic and Arab and this meant we were favouring the Islamist cause and were not the Australian nationalists we claim to be.

Well thought out smear - if one doesn't know the history or the facts!

The truth might be worth a quick visit because it shows up the leaders of the APP as liars with an agenda.

Back in 2004. Welf Herfurth and I, in our capacity as organizers of the Sydney Forum, sought out a speaker from the Syrian Social Nationalist Party to provide counter-commentary to the neo-con propaganda about the Middle East, (as is usually imposed upon the public in the mass media). As it was, the businessman speaker could not attend and we were left with a "display" and the party was discussed informally by attendees over the lunchbreak. Not much of a plot there. And in any case, the invitation came from the free-speech Sydney Forum and not from Australia First.

However, in 2006, the Sydney Forum did arrange a speaker from the SSNP, a certain Dr. Melhem, a Christian and an academic accredited to an Australian university. Interestingly, Dr. Melhem told us that the SSNP was one of only two parties in the Middle East with a decided secularist philosophy, that the party was founded by Christians, usually led by Christians, but one which included a large number of Moslems (of various strands of opinion) who like their Christian confederates, left their faith outside of politics. The party had no time for Islamists. Of relevance here, he told us that the party was "pan Syrian", was organized in several countries (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine), had a radical social agenda to uplift the common masses and had been in arms against Israel - which the SSNP labelled as the main trouble-maker in the region.

Now, two facts. Mark Wilson attended that Forum in 2004 and seemed most supportive of the SSNP's overall world view, describing them as the sort of party the Western world could deal with. Darrin Hodges attended the 2006 Forum and seemed disaffected by Dr. Mellhem's remarks. Obviously, by then too, Mark Wilson had also changed his mind.

In early 2007, Darrin Hodges organized a meeting in the Sutherland Shire. The leadership of Australia First was not to be told of it. Attendees included pro Israel members of the Christian Democratic Party - and Arabs who were former members of the South Lebanon Army (SLA). These Arabs were Christians.

So: what is the difference between talking to SSNP members and talking to members of the SLA?

Well, might it be that the SSNP were and are in arms against Israel - and the SLA carried Israeli arms against other Lebanese in Israel's service? Is it that one position is regarded by the APP as very wrong and one as quite fine?

We await what great evidence the APP has of substantive contacts between the SSNP and the Australia First Party since the Sydney Forum in 2006? I suppose I am the common link between the Forum and Australia First. And even if Australia First had some 'contact', what would it mean of any negative nature? In fact (and why do I bother to say it anyway?), inter-party contact has been less than insignificant.

In the anti Islamist crusade which the APP seems to follow, a course which links them up in Australia with the Christian Democrats, the Liberal Party 'conservative faction', certain Christian Zionists and others who are fond of Zionism, any kind words for any Middle Easterner who rejects the New World Order neo-con agenda, signifies that in fact - one is pro Islamic and an Arabophile. That would have to be the propaganda line of those who have a different agenda. Clearly, in their search for the mainstream, the APP reasons that the anti Islamic line will produce the 'pay-off'. They must be strident in their rhetoric and 'pay out' on others who dissent from the neo-con line.

We expect more rubbish over the Sydney Forum's invitation to the SSNP. Quite apart from trying to squeeze smear-juice out of a stone, the APP exposes itself as a peddler of falsehood.

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