Combat 18 In Australia? - And It Will Just Get Worse!

It was learned recently that 'Combat 18' (or Combat Adolf Hitler - as it means in the insider parlance), may have arrived in Australia. Reputedly it already had some local followers, dark in the shadows. There is some debate over whether it will launch itself or not, who might support it - and who does not. For a moment recently it was visible - and then it was gone.

Suffice to say, it is all a dangerous provocation and the situation will only get worse.

Combat 18 is an international neo-nazi organisation which lineally descends from the group founded by Charlie Sargent in 1992 in Britain. It was originally a "honey trap" operated by the internal spy agency MI-5. Combat 18 had several tasks: (i) it was to spy on Northern Ireland loyalist paramilitaries (ii) it was to disrupt John Tyndall's British National Party (iii) it was to takeover and neutralise the Blood And Honour Skinhead music scene. These three tasks were carried out.

Ultimately, in 1998, after Charlie Sargent was imprisoned for murdering a Skin supporter, the state control of Combat 18, was revealed. The group splintered. Nonetheless, the group was carried on. Why people (if sincere) would continue a group contaminated by state control, is unfathomable. Yet, it exists now in several countries. The Blood And Honour group reasonably accuses it of still being a black-operation. Undoubtedly so.

For years now, so-called Australian Nazis have operated parts of the rhetoric of Combat 18. They say they are "harder" than the nationalists who do contest elections as part of their overall strategy. They say they are preparing for armed violence. They use the inflamed language of "race war" to disintegrate a real nationalist discussion of race in Australia and so forth. They say the nationalists are a prime immediate target because they stand in the way of a great white mobilisation. That alone resonates with provocation. Was the recent Combat 18 foray just testing the waters?

Right now, our intelligence reveals wild chatter occurs regularly in some quarters about "underground militias", "cells", "white wolves", "wolfpacks" and even of a new "white nationalist party" (the very name used by Combat 18 descendents in Britain a few years ago, a structure designed to shadow, imitate and harass British nationalists). Some people engaged in this chatter have discussed an overseas paramilitary group. Some of Australia's proven informer-provoacteurs from an earlier period have connections to these discussions.

Interestingly too, it was suggested to the nationalists that certain oh-so-respectable would-be nationalists in Australia were encouraging the appearance of Combat 18. Why? Perhaps some who produced the glimpse of provocation have been talking with people who believe in the seeming exact opposite - mainstreaming pseudo nationalism and respectable (sic) politics. Do the mainstreamers wish to use the extremists (sic) to undermine others?

Who are the targets of the C18 or of any related phenomenon? Well, the Australian Skins would be. They are a private lot and have the right to be as they are. Could it be that 'someone' wants to break them up as some sort of preventative measure? Australian nationalists are the political danger that KRudd denounced in a recent key article, so they are on the hit-list. And there are other forces, from the New Right to conservative-patriotic circles, that could also easily be targets; indeed, some trace evidence suggests that they have all had particular difficulties in recent times. Inter-related?

Once we take a jump off the platform of the day-to-day struggle into the murky waters of provocation, anything is possible. Defending Australian nationalism means defending oneself against provocation - whenever and wherever it appears.

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