Aussie Opportunists Embrace Canadian 'Nazi' Anglophile As Ally For A New 'Empire'

The Aussie opportunists have stumbled yet again. This time, one leading player announced that a party had been founded in Canada to push for a new "White Commonwealth of Nations", a suitable ally for their mentors in the British National Party (BNP) and for the local Aussie Anglophiles themselves. But they don't know its history, nor at least, the history of the man who founded it - John Beattie.

First though, some background. As nationalists have said, the "White Commonwealth" idea was one from the old National Front of the 1970's, the party John Tyndall ran and whom the Australian opportunists vehemently denounce as a "bad image" for the 1990's British nationalists - and even decry as a "Nazi". This author and other Australian nationalists opposed the local National Front which then tried to impose a rehashed Empire logic upon the new 1970's Australian movement. Certainly, this idea was one of Tyndall's downsides. After the mainstreamer Nick Griffin was said to have purged him twenty years later , the local opportunists quickly reverted to the old White Commonwealth line. And indeed we challenge any idea of a "White Commonwealth of Nations" as any suitable geopolitical bloc for Australia - even if it was realisable! Officially, it isn't exactly BNP policy either; they go for the "Anglosphere", which is a watered down version of it without the pseudo-imperial pomp. But sychophants usually go the whole hog to prove their loyalty and their worth..

Yet, we travel too far. Lets talk for now about Beattie and his British Canada Party.

In 1966, John Beattie founded the Canadian Nazi Party. In 1968, it became the Canadian National Socialist Party (CNSP) and it organised a number of wild rallies in Toronto and other cities. As a direct result of its activities, the Canadian Jewish Congress lobbied Parliament for the passage of "hate crime laws" which have been the bane of patriotic Canadians ever since. Some time later, it was established that the CNSP was largely a creation of the Canadian Jewish Congress and possibly was constructed with the assistance of Canada's political police agency, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Indeed, around this time, the RCMP was very active on the 'Right' side of politics.

This history is well known to the Canadian nationalists and Paul Fromm is the expert here.

It is very unlikely the Aussie opportunists have any real appreciation of the role played by certain Jewish community groups in the promotion and manipulation of neo-nazism. That one is just too wild and too dangerous. Ironically, they play the game screaming "Nazi" at certain people and groups to prove their mainstreamer and modern credentials. That too is part of the game when the neo-nazis play on the field as manipulated forces.

Perhaps the opportunists will now backtrack on the British Canada Party

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