Mainstreaming In Italy: The Final Curtain In The Game

The Italian National Alliance party of Gianfranco Fini is to merge with Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia party - to create the People of Freedom party. The fruits of mainstreaming are now very clear. He has brought down the Final Curtain in this deceptive game.

This site has referred previously to the ideological revision and political opportunism of Fini. He took over the old Social Movement and renamed it, gutted it of its social-progressive policies and its pan-European opposition to the American domination of the old Continent. He removed its rough-edge leaders in favour of 'smooth' politicos. He sided with Berlusconi's support for 'integrating' immigrants and ultimately - the criminal war in Iraq. He repudiated the critical anti-Zionism of the Italian nationalists and announced himself a supporter of Israel. He became a type of conservative that ordinary Italians could ostensibly support. And he did nothing but preside our austerity, high immigration and now - the economic crisis of capitalism.

For many Italian nationalists, these policy shifts were predicted years before he even attempted them. They left the National Alliance and reconstituted the Social Movement. Others later reassembled around New Force. Fini would huff and puff about how wrong they were and how irrelevant they were. Of course, this mainstreamer was a traitor; they were right and they now grow into a true National Opposition.

Mainstreamers exist wherever nationalism exists. They are the internal enemy in the movement. In the British case, will we one day witness a truncated British National Party (BNP) merging with the Conservatives? Might we see a craven BNP, once the bar is raised further and further that they conform with the State line on something like the questions of Israel and Islam openly move into crawling support for Zionist aggression and paranoid anti Islamism? Well, we have. Effectively, whatever else they say about anything else, they are a satellite of the establishment. Remember the move of the Flemish Bloc did when it became the Flemish Initiative (the former was banned as "racist") as it went from toady support for the regime over the first war in Iraq and support for Israel into a full blown support for Israeli aggression (the prime cause of Moslem unrest) And we have! They regime banned it and it reembraces the regime in fervent loyalism. What sickness is this?

But it all goes further than the question of Zionism. The National Alliance, the BNP and the Flemish Initiative have become parties that fundamentally agree with elements of State policy. They no longer challenge the globalist economics in charge of their countries. They would tinker with immigration (mainly Islamic) but little more. The words in their programmes can be compared with the words of yesteryear. Sad yes. But treasonous to principle.

If Fini is the successful face of mainstreaming, we will resist it to the end.

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