Free Trip To Jerusalem For Aussie Opportunists!

For Aussie opportunists, here's your chance! Don't hold back! In the debates between Australian First Party, other patriots and those so-called Australian 'nationalists' who opt for the 'mainstream', Middle Eastern policy seems to be a key dividing line. The nationalists have maintained that Zionism is a problem, whereas for others it seems they are saying that in dealing with Islamic extremism, it is part of the solution. They now have the opportunity (pardon the pun) - to say it as they feel it.

Well, Geert Wilders, the 'anti-Islamic' parliamentarian from Holland is putting it right out there! He's the meal ticket. He is organising a conference in Jerusalem that they all need to get to.

"Facing Jihad" is a summit of European lawmakers who are united in their shared belief that Islam today poses a "serious threat" to Western civilization. Originally scheduled for December 14-15 in Jerusalem, it has been postponed until after the Israeli elections in February.

It's a little like exorcising the Protocols Of The Learned Imams Of Islam. You get the chance to slide up next to every Zionist reptile who wants to spin you a line - that he's your mate in fighting Moslem extremists.

According to Geert Wilders, "This conference will be the start of an Alliance of European Patriots. This Alliance will serve as the backbone for all organizations and political parties that oppose jihad and Islamization. For this Alliance I seek your support". He added that you will be joined: "by other European parliamentarians who are members of a new European political coalition that intends to address the shared belief that Islamic expansion today poses a serious threat to Western civilization."

Wilders earlier stated that "racists" are not welcome at his conference. I posted his lengthy earlier article on Stormfront. It should be widely read. Who are these "racists"? And is this a call to those opportunists in the half-way house between nationalism and Zionopatriotism to jettison even the image that they might suffer the affliction of ethno-preference?

Originally, the Jerusalem summit was conceived as a platform for bringing together parliamentarians from across Europe and Israel who are united against "Islamic expansion". It will be held in the Knesset building of the Zionist entity. All mod cons.

The conference could do better! And I suspect that is part of the Mossad agenda. We will undoubtedly see Italian opportunist or "nationalist", Gianfranco Fini of National Alliance, in attendance. Then, there's the Flemish Initiative (FI) too, the party of de Winter who also follows the Isreal-is-our-friend line. Why don't we get people who like to post up "links" on their websites to groups like FI etc., to go also? What of the contemporary British National Party?

Let's be honest. There are Australians who also say that "Islam" is the primary enemy of all things European. There are Australian "nationalists" who believe that any criticism of Israel and Zionism is "Nazi", not a note winner - and wrong anyway. So, why should these Aussie "nationalists" not go to Jerusalem?

I believe that if the Aussie opportunists were to contact Geert Wilders directly (see Netherlands parliamentary directory), he could arrange free air tickets and accommodation in Israel. For one, I am prepared to drive any opportunist to the Sydney International Airport, if he wants to go.

As a most unmodern (and I would hope genuine) nationalist, I consider Zionism is more the problem over whatever nuttery Islamic radicalism represents. Part of the solution in defusing Islamic extremism lies in united action to disarm Israel and halt its aggression. I know this view is contested. I am tired of those who do not have the courage of their convictions. Here is the chance to say it openly.

Bon voyage!

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