What Was Behind The Oz Attack Upon Jean-Marie Le Pen?

In 2007, an article appeared on an Australian website and reputedly it was also distributed via e-mail. It was a criticism of Jean-Marie Le Pen, president of the French National Front (FN) and candidate in 2007 for the French presidency. The article said that Le Pen had muffed up his presidential bid for reasons that exposed him as a "civic patriot" fundamentally indistinguishable from the conservative Sarkozy (who won the poll). It was said that Le Pen employed advertising that featured a (secular dressed) Moroccan girl, implying that secularisation and assimilation was the answer for France's Moslem and Arab populations. As a "civic patriot", it was argued, Le Pen put symbols ahead of French ethnic identity. It was further said that Le Pen was part of the "old" line in European nationalism and that something brand new was coming in that country - and everywhere else, Australia included.

So here, the critics posed as hard liners concerned with the sanctity of the cause. In no real way did they address the obvious point that Sarkozy moved onto Le Pen's traditional ground, promising to bust migrant crime and restore order in society. Sarkozy also paraded himself, a man of whom Le Pen said "had not a drop of Gallic blood in his veins", as a patriot concerned with France's status in the world. It was Le Pen who warned that Sarkozy was a pale "xerox copy" of French nationalism.

Of course, since his election victory, Sarkozy has moved to abolish Freance's traditional provinces in favour of sterile "regions", has argued that the native French should intermarry en masse with non-European migrants, that France should pursue an "Atlanticist policy" of alliance with the US superpower and its wars. That is hardly Le Pen's policy and not surprisingly, the Front National is rebuilding itself.

The problem always is with attacks of this sort against Le Pen, that unless one has French contacts, or knows the history of the French nationalist movement, then - such gibberish can pass.

I have in my possession Le Pen's electoral manifesto Mon Projet Pour France (My Plan For France). The girl certainly appears in the text. But I also see something else. Le Pen condemned the "petrol" wars in the Middle East. He argued that Moslem immigration into France could only be dealt with if France did not pursue the US policy of confrontation with the Moslem world. Rather, he argued that the crisis of piverty, population and emigration, could only be addressed by France taking a lead in the industrial-social development of those countries - such that immigration into Europe would cease and people could return home. Why did Le Pen feature the girl? Because he saw no future for Islamic 'extremism' in North Affrica? Because he was not a chauvinist per se, but a sereious contender concerned for the progress of all peoples? Because he did not favour the clash of civilisations?

Was all this the real reason that Le Pen was criticised by certain Australians?

Decidedly, certain Australians favour the clash of civilisations logic that offers them an alliance with forces who support the US superpower. That means the various satellites of the Australian traitor class can be approached for support.

Elsewhere on this site, I have referred to Australian ideological "revisionists" and political "opportunists". These persons have an interest in undermining the traditional reference points for nationalist movements. Le Pen has offered a lot by way of lessons over time. He has been a fixture. By destroying all reference points, certain Australians elevate themselves as leaders. They also show what they are by their reference points. Were they referring to new Islamophobe groups in Europe as their new allies - Wilders in Holland, De Winter in Belgium, the "Pro" groups in Germany - and of course, the increasingly civic patriot British National Party? Yet, the reader should note the high degree of deviousness these Australians showed in attacking Le Pen. They posed as one thing, so as to achieve Le Pen's 'discrediting', whilst they set out to do something very different. Their methods show them up as utter frauds.

For our part, we prefer Le Pen.

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