Articles On On The Christian Democrats: Could They Be Any 'Ally' For The Nationalists?

We publish here a few items on the Christian Democratic Party. These items appeared at different times. In 2006-7, certain persons proposed that this party was a suitably ally for the nationalists; this case was put precisely because of their 'anti Islamic stand'. The nationalists repudiated that argument.

Christian Democrats Come Out As What They Are On Immigration, Condemn Australia First

A Press Release was issued last week out of the NSW parliamentary office of Fred Nile's Christian Democratic Party (CDP). It was (obviously) released in view of the large article concerning Jim Saleam in the Sydney Morning Herald (January 12). The CDP exposed itself and we should thank them for their honesty.

Dr. Saleam made it very clear in the Herald article that the CDP was a high immigration party, favouring refugee settlement and oblivious to the question of Australia's European identity surviving on this Continent. This criticism was centred around the Camden struggle against the construction of a Moslem school in an Australian community. Australia First leaflets have pointed out that the NSW government plans another 125,000 homes in South-West Sydney and that these immigrants will not be "Moslem", but rather drawn from China, South-East Asia, India etc. Australia First has warned Camden people not to trust Nile because he supports this sort of immigration and is at all points of time, a system man, ready to do 'system deals'. Our party has warned that the Moslem school scheme is an exercise in "culture busting" pending the big change.

The CDP's commentary in its Press Release, "clearly states support for immigration to Australia of all races and colours".

The CDP opposition to Islamic intrusion into Australia is based upon their 'Christian' perspective. Interestingly, they are somewhat silent about Hindu temples, Ba'hai prayer centres and Buddhist schools. Is this because their version of Christianity makes them centre more on Middle Eastern matters? It lines them up on questions relating only to Moslems, Christians and Jews. Why does their 'Christianity' support Zionist Israel and the crook 'war on terror'? Do these perspectives not tie CDP to the system parties? After all, KRudd is himself a "Christian Zionist" (so said the Australian Jewish News). Nile's party always gives its 'second preference' to either Liberal or Labor depending on the candidates (no Nile preferences are now given elsewhere). The CDP is a brew of falsehood.

The stand taken by Australia First against the CDP has drawn the line in the sand.

We have achieved clarity. Any CDP voters, active Christians, or even CDP members taken in by the 'anti Moslem line' - can now prepare to move on.

We reproduced below the whole CDP Press Release.

______________________________________________________ 16th January 2007


The Rev Fred Nile MLC, Hon National and NSW President and founder of the Christian Democratic Party since its formation in 1979 and re organisation in 1997, has issued the following Statement concerning CDP Islamic policies, because of a number of errors in recent media reports. (Prior to 1997 this Christian Party was called "Call to Australia").

1. Islamic Leaflet - "Aussie Values Versus Radical Islam". This was the only CDP leaflet issued prior to the 2007 NSW State Election on 24th March, 2007, that contained any policies concerning Islam.

However, this Islamic leaflet made NO reference to the Ten-Year Moratorium on Muslim immigration policy, which was adopted in March, after 120,000 copies of this Islamic leaflet were printed and distributed in February 2007. This Islamic leaflet however did contain nine policies including two policies related to NSW Schools. Number 4 "Supported NSW school dress policy that all State School children must wear the approved school uniform, not full Muslim headdress". Number 6 "Supported regular Education Department inspections of Muslim Schools and youth groups to prevent the preaching of hate speech by Muslim extremists".

2. Muslim Schools. The concern of CDP members over the growth of Muslim Schools and Mosques has been discussed at CDP Council meetings. However, a formal policy on the future of Muslim Schools has not yet been adopted. CDP has supported resident opposition to the proposed Bass Hill and Camden Muslim Schools.

CDP members have asked the question "Should Muslim schools be allowed in Australia when Muslim authorities prohibit Christian Schools and Churches including the Bible, in Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia?"

3. Resignation of CDP Campaign Media Consultant. This resignation, in February 2007, occurred before the adoption of the Immigration Policy and had nothing to do with the policy, which was adopted after the employment of a new CDP Campaign Media Consultant. 4. 2007 State Election Letterbox Leaflets #1 November 2006, #2 February 2007. These two letterbox leaflets, which were approved by Fred Nile, made NO reference to the Ten-Year Moratorium on Muslim Immigration Policy.

5. 2007 Federal Senate Campaign Leaflet. The Federal Senate Campaign leaflet, produced in October 2007, contained the Muslim Immigration policy which had been adopted by the NSW Federal CDP Campaign Committee, the NSW CDP Management Committee, the NSW CDP State Council (March 2007), the National CDP Council (August 2007), and by other State CDP State Councils, including the National Federal Election Policy Committee based in Perth, WA.

6. CDP Islamic Policies and the Christian Faith. These policies have been adopted because the CDP is a Christian Party, that wants to ensure Australia remains a Christian nation in the face of the world-wide revival of the Muslim religious-political ideology and objectives.

A further statement on the Christian basis of the CDP Muslim policy will be available on request said Rev Fred Nile MLC, Hon National/NSW President. Note: A copy of the official CDP Petition is attached concerning Muslim Immigration and is available from the CDP website which clearly states support for immigration to Australia from all races and colours.

The CDP totally opposes the racist policies of the Australia First Party led by Jim Saleam who has regularly attacked Fred Nile's policies.


Fred Nile's 'Anti Islamic Immigration' Rhetoric Hatched In The Liberal Party??

Jim Saleam

We have long described Fred Nile's Christian Democratic Party as just another way to vote Liberal. And when Fred floated his 'stop Moslem immigration' slogans during the State election, we were certain there was a Liberal Party "kite" high in the sky.

The fact is the Liberal Party can afford it if the public lets off a little steam while they boot out of the country, or gaol, the odd 'terrorist' - and otherwise step up our military functions in Moslem countries (not to really scotch the terrorist networks, but really to serve the oil companies, Israel and other high falutin geopolitical games hatched in America). The Liberal Party doesn't mind it if a few radio commentators or columnists chide Moslems for this or that, or some 'Christians' mutter that Allah isn't really 'God'. That's just the way a deception is played.

What the Liberal Party doesn't want is an Australian home-based 'anti Islamic movement' which mobilises a high degree of anti immigration / anti multicultural sentiment, and which broadens out to question to entire pattern of anti Australian policy implicit in the new cult of 'open borders'. Such a movement could attract double-figure votes and destabilise the regime far more so than the luckless Pauline Hanson ever managed.

Yet, what the Liberal Party fears even more is a movement which demands neutrality in the fight between the Islamic world and Zionism. Such a movement would question the very way Australian politics is conducted. We are not here to fight the Islamic radicals generally and those Islamic impositions on our soil, to serve the state of Zionist Israel, which is actually a large part of why Islamic extremism even exists. No! To do so is to bloc with people in this country who would tie us root and branch to the regime. Through conduits like Fred Nile, his 'Christian-Zionist' religious allies (those who think present-day Israel exists as God's will and must be defended to the end) and others who suffer a narrow vision that sees only Islamic nutters, we would thus be led back to the Liberal Party as useful idiots and system-servers.

Some Australians, an increasing number in fact, can grasp it. It's not a two way gun battle between 'the West' and 'the Moslems'. There is this other player with a game all unto himself. And certainly they can see this game doesn't play out too well on our soil either. The other player wants to harness us to fight his battle for him.

If we maintain our independence and initiative to criticise and expose the utter contradiction between the true Australian traditional and European and Christian and ethical-secular values too, that unique mix which makes up our culture and the Islamist and Islamic medievalist reaction, we can and we will go on to question also the role of those Australian members of the political class which necessarily includes the Zionist faction of Australian Jewry. We will see that this class pursues power to enmesh Australia in a special Middle Eastern game for oil and for position, while it extends everywhere the boundaries of the free market world. Its dispute with Islam is about markets and resources, not over true cultural identities. Its dispute with Islam is only about imposing "Western" (sic) consumer market values on backward peoples. If this is what our political regime is about - why help it?

So were we surprised to learn that Fred Nile had taken on Michael Darby of the Liberal Party as his staffer? Were we surprised he replaced (sic) a 'very Christian' gentle-minded staffer, who in the weeks leading up to the election, baulked at Fred's new anti Islamic rhetoric? The question really is: when did Darby really start doing the advising? Do we not remember that Darby is a creature of the so-called 'right-wing faction' of the Liberals? Which loves Israel? Which recruits utter scum from the former South Lebanon Army as members for its branch-stacks? Darby's history as the tough guy Liberal who understands deceit is well known. Like when he imposed Vietnamese refugees upon the old right-wing because they were good anti-communists?

I love Liberal deceit as a study - and these Darby-Clarke Liberals take the cake. Quite frankly, I'd go kiss Sheikh Hilali if all these good anti communists from god knows where and the Israeli sponsored murderers of the South Lebanon Army - would all 'return to country of origin.

At all times, we must put Australia first, judge each issue, each question, as a thing in itself and arrive at the proper solution.

So, there'll be no salvation for us with Fred Nile. We'll wear just another Liberal Party game. No thanks

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