The Great Australian Griffin Hunt:
When All That Glitters Isn't Gold

Jim Saleam and another

They seek him here, they seek him there. Some would-be nationalists are on a hunt. They are looking for Australia's Nick Griffin. A golden-haired boy, clean, definitely with no criminal history, with no baggage, someone smooth and friendly who can charm the capitalist media into giving us all the good publicity so we can win over those voters. The Griffin Hunters have styled their creature on Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party.

Of course, in Indo-European mythology, the Griffin is a rather magical beast. With the body of a lion and the head and feathers of an eagle, he defeats his enemies in heroic battle. He takes gold to his nest, and if you can follow him to the source, rich indeed you will be. Some rightly say that the Griffin does not exist, but in mythology he is as real as dragons - or dragon slayers.

Since we're getting a grip on myths, one of the dormant (or is it now dominant?) myths is that in the last days of the world before Armageddon, when King Solomon's Temple has been rebuilt upon the Dome of The Rock, all roads lead to Jerusalem and the coming of the long-awaited Hebrew Messiah. Many of these roads will be paved with gold. With that in mind, we must wonder if some of the base metal that lies (g)littering on these paths, gentile Zionist alchemists may transform (they say!) into gold. As Australians, we have a history of cynicism and dare we use the vernacular - enjoy 'taking the piss'. If that offends - stiff droppings! Hopefully nuggets laden with gold? It's our contention really, that it will all go down like lead balloon - or a Led Zeppelin. They had a cult following once - where are they now? This new personality-cult needs a longer life, but it needs a Moses (a Griffin?) to get the herd to the promised land (promised by whom, to whom and for whom?). Can we all get on this promise?

The problem for certain persons is that Nick Griffin is not a Griffin. He's sharp and smart, and has done a fantastic job for the British National Party, professionalising it and modernising it. But a 'cleanskin' he is certainly not (let alone a Clean4Skin). The true Nick is an old fighter. He wised up as a young man in the British National Front of the late 1970s and moved on to be an editor of the journal Nationalism Today. From there he waged the necessary factional struggles that saw many a reactionary purged from the party. He went on to participate in a split in 1986, which now he says may have been unnecessary and undesirable, but it made him the Chairman of the National Front. During this time (1986-89), the National Front pioneered many unusual ideological initiatives, one of which saw him in significant discussions with American Black Nationalists and another which took him to Libya to study the Third Universal Theory. In other words, Nick was no limp-wristed, mainstreaming, cleanskinned, test-tube creation; rather he was a man looking for ways and means to break the British nationalist movement out of political isolation. Perhaps some of these ideas didn't bear fruit then, but in the new British National Party, they certainly have. There's no need to go on about that right now, although we could note that the hard years have taught Nick to hire and fire if he must, and the man-of-unity etc. has had to throw even nice people - out of the party. And he is still prepared to stand with the 'hard men'. Indeed, as late as May Day in Berlin in 2001, Nick shared the platform with Udo Voigt (NPD), Roberto Fiore (Forza Nuova) and David Duke. In other words, Nick doesn't seem like a 'Griffin'.

So really, the Griffin Hunters are not actually searching for a 'Nick Griffin', but for a mythological beast. What they know, or rather think they know about Nick Griffin, might be taken from a brief party biography, or a bit of chatroom gossip and a dash of third-hand information.

When one searches for a mythological beast, don't be surprised if you can't find it. This can lead to desperation. It can even lead to the bestowing of the title 'Griffin' on a false Griffin! Now we've all seen Monty Python's Life of Brian, where one of the crowd says that he should recognise a messiah because he's followed a few. It's even possible that Australia too might see a false Griffin be elevated to 'lead' a grouplet, something which might amuse the real Griffin. We know for a fact that Nick doesn't like receiving letters from idiots praising him up -- particularly from antipodean idiots! It's not that he's being colonial about it; he just doesn't like idiots. We can see why he warned a year or so ago fair dinkum British nationalist youth to stay off web boards.

Some gameplayers have naturally said Jim Saleam might have been putting himself up for a false-Griffin-award. Hardly. However, if some of those who specialised on Stormfront Downunder in defamation, were to look at some of the defamations directed at Nick Griffin, they might even begin to think that Saleam was a cleanskin. Some of the stuff aimed at the real Nick is so appalling that if we were to indulge our conspiratorial frame of mind,we would suspect that the third clerk to the third clerk at Special Branch or MI-5 was behind some of this. In other words, the British nationalists did not go on a Griffin Hunt, they merely looked for a number of leaders who could be trusted to do the job. Do they get nice publicity all the time? Far from it. Are they still called extremists etc. Yes. Neo-nazis? Every once in a while. They just get on with the job, day in day out, serving their people, equiping themselves in the freedom struggle. And their party is far from always offering the 'model' we Australians need, although we're happy to pick up a pointer or two. We need to look closer to home, back into our own history!

So our advice to Griffin Hunters is to give up. Rather than find a Griffin, you might find a Lyrebird who takes shiny objects back to his nest. And please remember, all that glitters is not gold.

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